Joining / Creating An Alliance

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Joining / Creating An Alliance

Don't want to be a lone wolf? Well then you might want to consider an Alliance! You can either join an existing Alliance or create a brand new one instead.

Why be in an Alliance? There are a variety of reasons!
  1. Unlocks the Card Request feature.
  2. Grants you access to the Alliance Store.
  3. Helps an Alliance climb the Rankings.
  4. General sense of comradery, friendship. and teamwork.

Joining An Alliance

1. Create Alliance
This is where you go to Create a new Alliance. We'll talk more about this further down below.

2. Search Alliance
If you know the exact name of the Alliance you're looking for, you can use this Search bar to locate it quickly.

3. Alliance Overview
There are 6 components that make up an Alliance Overview: Badge, Name, Privacy, Availability, Size, and Trophy Requirement.

Show off the personality of your Alliance with one of 35 available badges to choose from.

The name your Alliance will be identified as.

Sometimes you want fresh and new players, and other times you want it to just be exclusive to your friends. Setting the privacy to either Public or Private will allow you to control exactly who gets to join the Alliance.

If there are still open slots in the Alliance, then this will show as Open. Otherwise, it will show as Closed.

The maximum member size of an Alliance is 50, and this shows you exactly how many slots are available still.

Trophy Requirement
If you're looking to find players with a certain amount of experience, then you can set a minimum Trophy requirement necessary to join.

4. Alliance Faction
Quickly see which Faction an Alliance is a part of. Blue signifies G.I. Joe, and Red signifies Cobra.

Being In An Alliance

Once you're in an Alliance, several features will now become available to you. One feature, which we mention in the Using the Main Interface article, is the Alliance chat. The other two features are the Alliance Store and the ability to Request/Donate Cards.
Alliance Store
The Alliance store contains special cargo that's purchasable only with Valor (G.I. Joe) or Venom (Cobra).
  • Alliance Cargo: Epic
  • Alliance Cargo: Rare
These are single item cargos that are guaranteed to get you a card of the corresponding rarity. Now you might be wondering how you earn Valor and Venom.

Request / Donate Cards
Donating cards is how you earn either Valor or Venom, although when you initially join an Alliance, you'll be restricted from requesting cards for 2 hours. The higher the rarity of the card you donate, the more you'll earn:
  • Common: 1 Valor / Venom
  • Rare: 10 Valor / Venom
  • Epic: 20 Valor / Venom
  • Legendary: N/A
Please Note: If you leave the Alliance, then you will also lose the Valor / Venom you have accumulated, so be sure to spend them before leaving.

Creating an Alliance

In addition to everything listed above, Leaders can also choose to add a description to their Alliance.
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