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    Malcrof wrote:
    Why not just use web tiles like IW's bubbles, make him a mini IW. He can web someone out of the way of an attack.

    Well it does make sense but that power is too darn annoying for me to approve of.
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    I understand how the lack of "damage" powers may be unsatisfying. I dislike his current yellowflag.png , while his blueflag.png and purpleflag.png fit him very well, thematically.

    What i suggest is to buff his blueflag.png by adding a % increase damage taken by the webbed/stunned characters and make his yellowflag.png a "pull and toss" damage type of power... we see him doing this a lot: tossing things at enemies or bringing them closer for a punch/kick/throw. To add some flavor to it (making it unique), i imagine something like:

    Lv1 Pull and toss, dealing X damage
    Lv2 Pull and toss, dealing X+ damage
    Lv3 Pull and toss towards another enemy, dealing X++ damage AND damaging a secondary targed for Y
    Lv4 Same as above, increasing damage
    Lv5 Pull and toss towards enemies, dealing damage to all enemies (like a Thor greenflag.png , dealing more damage to target and follow-up damage to rest of enemy team)
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    I think of a power which he launched a series of webs to destroy random tiles culminating with a flying after a brim hanging in its web inflicting damage and stunning for one turn . blueflag.png

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... 126&type=1

    already in power spider sense I imagine that it should be as follows: at the beginning of turn if the enemy has an AP X number on the board of the red, green or black , spider man puts a protective tile at level 3 for forward beyond the protective tile also a countdown on the colossus tile molds , however , instead of reducing the damage if the enemy throw a power while the tile is active the spider man practices a perfect dodge escape of receiving damage. the colors mentioned are justified by the fact that they are the colors that usually cause more harm to the powers being cast . purpleflag.png

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... 493&type=1
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    I really like Falkbeer's idea, it totally makes sense as well. I also like summers idea. They could even do both, cause summers idea he wouldn't have a damaging power so I'd have to favor Falkbeer's green power idea. I think it'd be an improvement to see either tho
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    Poor Spider could use an offensive upgrade, even if it was passive. Something unique like doing more damage to stunned targets would work well and make sense. Or possibly add something similar to OBW's added damage with Espionage.
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    The problem with making any changes to Spidey is there are likely people that use Spidey for his current abilities and have no problem with him, and his powers are in keeping with his theme. He's used web bandages several times in a pinch, and while if it'd been me making up the powers, I wouldn't have chosen that, (or yellow) for him, but it's already in place and has been for quite some time.

    Instead, we need a 4 star legendary Spidey, and a new 2 star to replace the retired "bag man".

    I'd say have his 2 star have the same blue and purple powers, with a red power that does extra damage while friendly protect tiles are on the field, (or even at 4-5 covers, include a bonus for enemy protect tiles as well).

    4 star Spidey should be Red, Blue, Black. Im not familiar enough with the game to dare suggest legendary powers, and it's kind of sad that it's too late to introduce "Superior Spider-Man" as a 4 star.

    Finally, have Bagman reintroduced as a 1 star character, so new players can actually obtain and use spidey when starting play.
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    My idea for a redesign
    All Tied Up
    Power cost 5
    Stunts for one turn and creates a yellow web tile
    Level 2: stuns for two turns if two or more web tiles are present, creates an additional web tile if one is present
    Level 3: stuns for two turns if one or more web tiles are present
    Level 4: creates an additional web tile (stacks with level 2 for a Max of three from one all tied up)
    Level 5: stuns for three turns if two or more web tiles are present

    Slightly increased efficiency with the second casting at level 5 likely causing a 3 turn stun and making the ai much less likely to waste 5 ap on a one turn stun over and over when using spiderman.

    Spider Sense
    Creates a random non-yellow protect on purple match tile if strength 42 (skill at 3, level 166) / 70 (skill at 5, level 166), Max of 6 protect tiles
    Level 2: produces 1 additonal protect tile if 2 or more web tiles are out, Max 8 protect tiles
    Level 3: strength increase, maximum of 10 Protect tiles
    Level 4: produces one additional protect tile if three or more web tiles are out (a total of 3 with level 2)
    Level 5: strength increase, Max of 12 protect tiles

    I intended the new structure to be a little less opaque than current version of purple in terms of tile strength as having to memorize how much each web tile would increase a protect tiles strength seemed unnecessary. Landing on all colors except the designated web tile color is a significant buff so the actual of individual and total tiles has been reduced.

    Yellow 1
    11 ap
    Destroy 5 random normal tiles and 5 random friendly protect tiles, gaining ap but dealing no damage for each.. Removes all web tiles
    Level 2: destroys up to 6 random normal tiles and 6 protect titles
    Level 3: stuns enemy party for one turn if three or more web tiles are removed
    Level 4: destroys up to 7 normal tiles and 7 random protect tiles
    Level 5: Destroys additional random tiles equal to the number of web tiles removed, up to 5

    I'll say upfront that I much prefer this one. Its fairly agressive while still being support in nature. Combines storms board rumble/absorption with daken style friendly tile harvesting. Numbers likely need a little tweaking but its the sort of bomb that justifies all the setup it takes to get it to full strength.


    Yellow 2
    10 yellow
    Remove all web tiles. Place a yellow countdown tile with turns equal to the number of web tiles removed plus 1(Max of 7 turns). Passive: Each turn this tile is out the lowest health ally gets a burst of 1500 health (level 166, skill level 4)
    Level 2: strength increase
    Level 3: increases base turn count to 2. (Max increased to 8)
    Level 4: strength increase
    Level 5: Passive gains: convert a random normal tile to a blue charged tile.

    If burst healing has to stay, than something like this seems like the best course. Sort of like invisiblity in helping the weakest stay alive but nowhere as strong. The passive upgrade at 5 helps feed back into the next cycle of stuns and web building.

    Edit 1: added a small explanation for each skill.
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    Like the concept, but spidey needs an offensive power or an outlet for that ap. Maybe a Web throw that is single target but becomes team damage if the target is stunned.
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    i hate the web tiles concept. just put those away and give him straightforward powers.
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    Ditch the web heal. Generate protect tiles whenever a purple is matched ala Bullseye. Consume them if number exceeds the 5 cover value, say, 5 protect tiles. As a result, he takes no damage from an enemy ability use, but is back to zero protect tiles.

    Make a web swing or a web sling, that flings a sewer lid or something.

    Webs should do more than just stun. If it's concussive webbing ala Ben Reilly, then they can do slight damage. Spidey is missing damage badly.
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    Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the discussion...I didn't read all the posts. Does anyone have an opinion on the best current buildup of classic Spider-Man? I currently have 5 yellowflag.png 5 blueflag.png 3 purpleflag.png but I've just received another purpleflag.png . I see the poll from a couple years ago but I think his abilities have changed some. I think I want the purpleflag.png but not sure which power to drop. Thanks for your advice.
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    coolchip10 wrote:
    Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the discussion...I didn't read all the posts. Does anyone have an opinion on the best current buildup of classic Spider-Man? I currently have 5 yellowflag.png 5 blueflag.png 3 purpleflag.png but I've just received another purpleflag.png . I see the poll from a couple years ago but I think his abilities have changed some. I think I want the purpleflag.png but not sure which power to drop. Thanks for your advice.

    3 yellowflag.png 5 blueflag.png 5 purpleflag.png is his best build.
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    Thanks that's what I thought.
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    I have been having fun running him with a 4/4/5 px and punisher. His cheap blue puts out tiles quickly while locking out the enemy. I get shields that I can buff while gaining ap to go invis. And then added in punisher for a quick black and green, which makes a nice strike tile to buff. It has worked out quite well. Though after using Beast in the current pve, I might swap him in there when I max out blue.
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    I just got Spidey in a useable state and am kind of horrified by him... Healing? No offense? Who is this guy? 'Nuff said!
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    I was curious, would it be overcomplicated/op to have his Yellow trigger a damage attack if he has less than 3 web tiles in play? Basically, this would reflect Spidey being more evasive and counter based as a fighter, so you choose between either matching away his web tiles to deny his heal strength, or let them sit to avoid taking extra damage. This would give Spidey classic that "offensive" option so many players want to see, while not changing his existing function for those that may use him as is, it would just be a little icing.

    It could even be a reward for speccing deeper into Yellow, with the initial 3 covers being as is, then cover 4 being "If there are less than 2 web tiles in play, do X damage," and Cover 5 being "If there are less than 3 web tiles in play, do X damage"
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    My suggestion to fix Spider-Man 9 (Classic)

    Hi all, new to posting, but I've been in the game for something like 280 days. I used Spidey all the time when I was making the switch to 3* chars, but of course haven't used him in months now. His Stunning and Protect Tile abilities are great, get rid of the healing. Spidey as a healer? never really made sense in the first place.

    Fix: replace healing with what I'm calling Web Barrage, Spider-Man shoots out a barrage of webs; The ability works like Storm's green lightning skill: it does some damage, destroys tiles, and gains AP. Could move Spidey way up as a support char, almost as good as Falcon perhaps.
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    Unfortunately, with a long term character, it's not likely to completely change an ability like that, because there's always going to be a handful of people out there that like it as is.

    I still maintain he should get some damage tied to his protect tiles attached to the yellow being triggered, based on status of web tiles, but eh, what do I really know. icon_razz.gif