5* tier list for PvP and PvE



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    Not sure if anyone mentioned, but lately my goto for SCL10, challenge node (especially lvl650) is ShangChi+1/2Thor+5Riri. with proper supports+2 green AP boost, i start with 12 or 7 green. I can stunlock the team as SC finish off the team with 5+ combo pt. Works even against stun-proof character. Just focus on him first with SC.

    In fact, this combo will literally beat any PvP team, including lately, Chasm+iHulk+5SheHulk combo. Have SC in middle, to tank the initial dmg. 1/2Thor will nullify iHulk after round 1, as he destroys green and gives green to Riri for stunlock. I usally start with 2 green AP boost. if it's Mthor+Polaris+BRB, I usually will start with 4 green AP boost. 2 green boost works too.