3.0 Release Notes *Updated (11/13/18)



  • ElfNeedsFoodElfNeedsFood Posts: 742 Critical Contributor
    @Brigby How long with the crystal sale that came along with the 3.0 launch last?

  • LaeuftbeidirLaeuftbeidir Posts: 1,812 Chairperson of the Boards
    Regarding the bugs, this was the.. Well, least worst Update so far! ("best" would not be accurate. But the direction is good)
  • TheBigBadTheBigBad Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Matthew said:
    “As far as Booster Crafting is concerned, the Mana Orb Pricing will remain the same at the moment. Since the Standard side of Booster Crafting has 4 price points, the oldest 4 non-Origin Sets will receive the cheapest price tag of the four.”

    What exactly does does this mean? The wording here is confusing.

    Brigby said:
    Hi Everyone. I spoke with the team, and when it comes to the Booster Crafting prices, it appears that the mention of 4 price points was merely a mistake. It will remain at the current 3 price points: Latest Set, Standard, and Legacy/Origins

    @brigby Thanks for clarifying the number of price points.  How about clarifying the pricing for the sets -- especially after GRN becomes craftable (at the highest price point) and M19 drops to the next price point?  Will any other sets change in price?

    "the oldest 4 non-Origin Sets" are always the same regardless (BFZ, OGW, SOI, EMN).  Is it supposed to be the oldest 4 non-Origin Standard Sets that will receive the cheapest price tag?  I wouldn't mind :smiley: as then it would be IXL, RIX, DOM and M19.

    However, is it the oldest sets after the 4 newest sets that will receive the cheapest price tag?  So, only IXL.  I wouldn't mind this either :smile:

    Or no other price changes after GRN becomes craftable -- which would be disappointing :disappointed:
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