Cable (Nathan Summers) (10/12/18)



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    Quebbster said:
    Any idea when he will enter latest legends pool?

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November.
    Awesome movie.
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    Xalthim said:
    MaxPowers said:
    Will he have a feeder and if so will it be Deadpool?

    Please say yes
    Needs to have Teen Jean feeder as he's her boy!
    I'm not a huge comic reader, but I don't think this is technically correct.  Isn't he the son of Madeline Prior who was a clone of Jean?  I would think Scott would be the more obvious feeder as he's for sure the dad (and the last name).  
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    Looking at what D3 has done in the past, is Domino being named a feeder just too obvious a move?
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    Would love to know about a potential feeder, since I got Cable up to 12 covers yesterday. Lots of pulls left, but Loki is champed to enough levels now. 

    After leveling Cable and playing in Sim, he seems quite good and fun. Not game breaking as has been mentioned. He requires more setup than most may like. I do like it his blue to green strategy, but probably not so much on shield hops. 

    Pretty sure I'll default him to 3 yellow, but there's no issue with going 3 in green for a different user like Thor. With Okoye on the team, there's certainly a cutoff where she adds much more damage to Thor's vs. Cable, since she doesn't add damage to what the other enemies take. 
    He worked very well with Jessica Jones, mostly due to the little color conflict. Had surprising success when along with Thanos. Blue gets you green AP faster than usual with Thanos, and just be sure to have a yellow match ready when playing Come and Get Me. That will instantly fortify this CD making it almost certain to go off. Some decent strength strikes from Cable's yellow add nicely to that team damage.

    Not surprisingly he plays great so far with Gambit. Just focus on blue and yellow matches early on. If you get Gambit's repeater fortified it becomes AP generation you can rely on. Once Cable's blue is ready, play it when you have a green match on the board. With that stun and charged green tiles, Gambit fires red to gain 6 green AP on the first shot, which hopefully puts you half way or more toward Cable's big green. 

    He's not going to be that good on PvP defense, yet not too much worse than most.  

    EDIT:  I had more draws, so I champed him. Cable's blue-green mechanic is valuable to my roster since the only other 5* champ I have for this color 'combo' is Archangel. He's fun, and can be very efficient on the right board, but usually just a bit above average. 

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    I'm kind of disappointed to have him at 4/0/0 so far, but I've been running him anyhow, because that blue can get out of hand really, really fast, especially when all the green is getting fed to boosted Gwenpool.