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    Yeah ill be working on it all today wasn't expecting to be down two. Dark didn't notify me he was considering leaving or anything.
  • Working on it! Game much less fun with broken chat
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    Hey eeeeeee!

    You'll probably get first in PVE because of my schedule this weekend (and because I don't think you sleep), but I'm not going to make it easy for you. Keep grinding; I'm right on your heels. icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Ok were back after a short hiatus with the leader board errors

    Season VIII

    Another strong finish from an interesting season full of new character releases including the much ballyhooed ladythor first PvP event.


    Matt takes top honors this season and SIn edges out me and babs for bronze!

    Good job everyone!
  • Sleepy, I owe you 1 power ballad. Will pay up at non specified place in the future.

    GL Pandas.

  • Does anyone know a good strategy for ranking high in Versus events? I find it hard to get any higher than the 50 range. I want to get those higher covers, but my health doesn't last long enough for me to climb all that way.
  • I want to know you strategy. I can barely break into top 100
  • babinro
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    My Versus strategy involves quick pushes supported by X-Force as a true healer.

    I personally do later joins (read: 3hrs - 5hrs before event end times)...but technically the strategy could work any time you join. When joining can pick on higher point targets with almost no fear of retaliation. This works because their retaliation against you would only net them like 5 points where your victory was probably worth 25+.

    I'll use the 3x +1 green/black AP for every match.

    I tend to climb the early ranks with my weaker teams, saving big guns for later. In my case...this often means teams like the following:
    - X-Force / (Featured) / She-Hulk
    - X-Force / (Featured) / Black Panther
    - X-Force / (Featured) / Captain America
    - X-Force / (Featured) / Nick Fury
    - X-Force / (Featured) / Mags
    - X-Force / (Featured) / 4* Thor

    Ultimately finishing off with - X-Force / (Featured) / Hood

    When facing against an enemy Hulk...I bring in Cap for the stun.
    When facing enemy Hood you bring in Hood of course.

    Don't completely obsess over the most points no matter what. If something is worth 30 points but contains Daken (whose almost guaranteed to drain your health)....then pick the match worth 25 points. Easy to defeat enemy characters are people like: Captain America, Black Panther, Hulk, Punisher, GSBW, 3* Thor.

    Don't be afraid to heal X-Force in prologue healing if you need to.

    When I get to around 800 points this is when the PvP gets tense. It's when you want to waste the absolute minimum amount of time possible. I bring in XF+Hood or XF/Thor and even use some +1 all AP boosts if you 'feel' like you'll be attacked soon.

    I tend to disregard my first defensive loss when doing that final push. The second time I get hit it's sometimes by 2 people at once. This is when you shield. It'll only get worse from here. If you feel the need to hop you can usually safely get away with a 2 match hop after 30 minutes of shielding.

    As you can success relies entirely around X-Force.
    This should help Mord but not Longshot.

    The game has changed too much since I've had a roster like Longshot's to offer any truly useful advice.

    Note: If you'd rather not join late this strategy still works fine...just employ it on your final push. Simply farm as high as you can the day before. Get hit a bunch over night so your position settles and you're untouched by morning. Then employ this push strategy.
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    Will look to rejoin at end of season or if filled will just merc it either way gl all
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    Just wanted to thank all of the Pandas for having me.

    I've been part of the alliance since Season 2 and have decided to try out another alliance to experience the dreaded top tier of play. I like the idea of obtaining rewards much easier and not having the added responsibilities of a commander to get in the way of just having fun with the game.

    I appreciate everyone's effort in helping me transition from ** to *** to **** and I hope I helped quite a few Panda's along the way as well. No hard feelings on my end but I'll understand if you have some fun making my life a nightmare in PvP.

    I'll miss you guys and may even come crawling back (if you'll have me) should I find myself unhappy with this change or too burned out to meet the new expectations.

    Best of luck to all of you and thanks much for having me icon_e_smile.gif

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    Good luck with the grindfest babinro all good pity to see you go enjoy the new alliance
  • Sleepy72
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    Good luck with the grindfest babinro all good pity to see you go enjoy the new alliance
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    Alright guys I have almost penned this msg several times now but now I think I am finally done at least playing even remotely competitively. So its been good run and special thanks to those who have been with us for the long haul. If anyone wants to take over as commander talk to nedaj or E. Alright thanks again everyone!
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    Sad to see you go but I totally understand. I might be at this point as well, it's a lot of time for ONE game.
  • My time to leave the Pandas has come, too. I wanted to leave this behind as a testimonial. Pandas of Doom is a great team. They have taken so many players like me from 2* and through the 3 and 4* transition. If you get a chance, join up. We had a great run, almost 10 full seasons of top100 pve and pvp - very few other groups can say that. Hope we'll get to play together again soon. Any Panda is a friend of mine. Good luck, guys.
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    As above being a part of pandas took me from 2* to 4* over the last 6 or 7 seasons has been a great alliance to be a part of now I too like many others have changed how they wish to play this game and have chosen to move on or quit I wish pandas all the best thanks for having me and good luck to you all
  • Pandas,
    You guys experienced the same thing we did not long ago. We were top 40 pvp but lost a bunch of people to top alliances. I still have about 10-12 strong heads and I see you have eight or so. Commanders, let's chat in line to possibly join teams. I will lay out my proposal there so that we can enjoy top 100 again.

    Alliance : Last Guardians
    User name : MarioBros
    Line ID: oneupexpress (may show up as MarioBros)

    I can see you took in inexperienced guys to seem more full. Let's make a deal so that we can get 2x Iso on squirrel girl event.
    Check out my Alliance in-game
  • I'm interested in getting active again if it's just pvp. I'm day 408 with a fairly full 3* rostr. Lmk as I'm looking for a home the next few seasons starting with 11. 15 char over 95 (all 3* minus xforce)
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    Just got back in to pvp would love to help your pvp cause I aplied in game and will look to give at least 800 pvp per event regardless of reward
  • Hi there Pandas!

    If you are still looking for alliance members for pvp I would like to volunteer my services. I'm a regular player and aim for around 700 in every pvp event but for one reason or another have never managed to find a competitive alliance before. If you are interested and want to check my roster my username in game is Biggc1 and my current alliance is called Hairy Avengers. Thanks for reading!