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Recruitment closed. Looking for active mid/high tier MPQ addicts willing to compete in all alliance events. Preferred perspective members with deep and established rosters able to compete in all events active on forum also a plus. MSG Max why you would be an asset to the Pandas of Doom! and apply in-game.


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    Starting this thread for alliance communications until they add some in-game equivalency.
  • I see what you did there.

    Hullo alliance members, how you getting on with jugs smashing into your faces?
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    Oh it is quite delightful. I've taken to tanking a bit to see if i can get their levels to drop but with limited rosters you have less guys to chew through and has had minimal effect.
  • I cleared it quickly so it's done. I seem to be top 5. Rubber banding is in force though. So much pain for the next Thor covers. And the 2* is a reward that can't be used in the heroic cycle. Cute.
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    Is everybody going to play the heroes only tournament? I'm curious to see where we can place if close to max result.
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    Yeah i am lurking in my bracket took a beating over night. push shield push shield should do the trick. Its annoying that as commander i can't see what everyone is doing.
  • Sitting around 558 points (about 9th). Took a beating in my last push so going to restore my health packs before making another push.

    Working on Jugs to place high. Damn that they outlaw most of my good characters. I'm down to Storm, Wolvie, New Thor and IM. Have to run and heal with OBW ever 2-3 rounds. Bah
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 845 Critical Contributor
    Well I pushed to 3 or 4 hundred last night and left a weaker team, then today pushed to 800 (second or third time ever - must be less frantic competition in that period) and left a tank team again because I started seeing 3 x lvl 100-141. Tonight will push to ~600 or higher if possible and shield last 3h. That is usually enough for top 5 or less depending on bracket I guess.
  • yeah, i'm probably only getting a green thor in juggs, my mmr started out whacked, so i just farmed iso and got a rag/im40 yesterday instead. running im40 (89) thor (20 -> 110) and m.storm (50) and it's pretty easy, but boring. just don't let him get red.

    i'll do my push soon. sitting around 300, normally i wait till 5h to go and push to 650+ and shield. lately i've been hitting top 5 with 40minutes to spare, which is annoying. I thought commanders were able to see everyone's contribution... maybe that's not in yet? if you need I can SS for proof or whatever, i just want to finish in the top 100 for the card honestly. I REALLY like panther to go with obw/mstorm.
  • Agreed. Looks like top 100 is all we need to hit, unless we are desperate for HP. Not much difference in the upper reward ranks. I do already see an issue long term with alliances though. All alliances are different sizes, which means larger alliances won't have to work as hard to place. The top team has 17 team members, which is hard to compete with.
  • alliances cap at 20 i think, so sooner or later, everyone's going to have to go that route, but it really depends on how often they do alliance rewards. this is basically a test run. i mean, if anyone offers to buy a spot and has an 85 obw team, they can only help. and if a 141 type team wants to join, i can throw in for a spot... but i want to see how often they'll be running these things first, if anyone's seen ice mention it.
  • Only got up to 600. Might make one last push if I get bumped out of top 10.
  • i had to go an extra hour to get top 10 (kept getting attacked, way more than normal). i'm at #7 with 770... i guess my bracket is pretty competitive. I threw up a shield, so if you see me in your target list, go for it. I took SS's if proof is needed, we're currently sitting at #43 on the alliance rank - it'd be great to finish inside the top 50 to get the extra HP, but as long as we're top 100, i'm happy.
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 845 Critical Contributor
    Shielded at #3 with 733 pts a few minutes after 3h left and team was #42 then. Now the first 9 players are all shielded, I got bumped to 754 pts, team got about 200 pts more but droped to #43. Hope we stay in top 50 too.
  • 1:33 left and we're #43. #48 is over 400 points below us, so i'm feeling good about top 50. meanwhile my jug map reset so all the level 230 villians are level 40 now... ****? we might get 8 inches of snow here (no VA, in march!) so hopefully i can farm 2 resets tomorrow on that, get the second free booster, and hopefully a top 20 (or top 10). it might be wishful thinking, but i'll try.
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    Top 50 is looking good and that is all we really needed. Was nice of all the ultra competitive guys to bunch up into a few alliances making top 50 much easier I would imagine.

    Don't worry about SS our point total looks about right.

    Also had fantasy Baseball draft tonight all kinds of nerd going on here!
  • has anyone gotten the alliance rewards yet? i'm still waiting (restarted client etc too, got individual ones a while ago). 793 was only enough for 11th place in my bracket :/ kinda of mad i missed a black black panther by exactly 1 point.

    anyways, congrats and gj all. 5k points is pretty respectable for an 8-man.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Ok well top 50 rewards finally rolled out its official. GJ all
  • Nicely done. Wish we could see placements after the matches are over.

    Placed top 50 in alliance and top 10 in individual. Another 5 of those and black panther will be usable icon_e_smile.gif
  • Finally made it over the 2*, 85 lvl mark. Been playing Wolvie, Storm, OBW and Thor forever. Just got Punisher to Lvl 90 (max 102 right now). Don't know why I've seen some posts down on him - he's been very effective for me. Good damage, and if you leverage Thor's yellow - keeps him fed in Green.
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