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    And the next batch of 5 seasons, before the anniversary.

    Season 79 (reality stone): 
    score 159,795 - rank 77

    Season 80 (soul stone):
    score 156,334 - rank 81

    Season 81 (mind stone):
    score 143,252 - rank 95

    Season 82 (space stone):
    score 146,348 - rank 87

    Season 83 (power stone):
    score 142,126 - rank 99

  • Kolence
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    Pandas of Doom is looking to expand to hybrid play. 
    About half the team already plays both pvp and pve at T50/T100 level, with the rest playing pvp only or being new or taking a break or slacking... :) 
    Looking for pve players who can dabble in pvp a bit, too. 
    Also looking for pvp players to help round out the 2nd pvp-only team, where pandas that don't care about pve can continue on playing. 
    For pve, a minimum score should be full progression. 
    For pvp, about 6k per season. Even less on the hybrid side, maybe 4k, as our top pvp scorers are all playing pve too. 
    The goal is to have as little shuffling or mercing as possible, once everything settles, cause pandas are kinda lazy like that... 
    We clear bosses fully and easily, so that shouldn't be a problem even on two fronts. 
    For communication, we've been mostly using the game chat, but there's a discord server too. That's not required, but it would be good to have. 
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    Hello, how can I contact the alliance to be recruited, I was in the alliance before