Weekly Buffed Characters (Updated 3/23/19)



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    Why do you predict sandman to be boosted again so soon?  Thanks for all your hard work!
    Looking through this, I forgot that Sandman was boosted two weeks ago for the "Class of 2017" boost list during anniversary time, so I included him. 

    The actual boost list has been announced (the OP is now updated as well) and Sandman is on there which means either 1) the "Class of 2017" boosts won't throw off the buff rotation, 2) Demiurge forgot Sandman was boosted two weeks ago too, or 3) Demiurge is just using my boosted predictions now. :smile: 

    The last one is most likely not true, since I wasn't even close on the 3* boost list -- for some reason all of the characters except Blade were incorrect, even though they are due to be boosted.  In fact, 3* Luke Cage is now going to hit the next cycle; all other 3*s were boosted except for poor Mr. Cage.
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    or 3) Demiurge is just using my boosted predictions now. :smile: 

    thanks, this made me laugh :)
    Do you take requests? I'd like a Nova + Star Lord week ;)

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    Why oh why do they have a 3* featured in pvp the same week their 4* counter part is buffed?  Only have 2 buffed 4* this week,  one of whom is starlord that I can't use because it's 3* starlords event. Same thing happened awhile ago with blade. 

    They seriously couldn't have waited until after 4* starlord is buffed to have the 3* event? 
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    Just wanted to swing by and thank you for keeping this updated. 👍🏻👍🏻
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    Thanks again for the updated posts.  This list has been really helpful in making decisions champing my remaining 4*s :smile: .  One thing however, unless it's a typo, Sept. 6-13 actually has Agent Venom as boosted rather than Kingpin.

    (9/6/18 - 9/13/18) *New Update*
    • 4-Star: Venom (Agent Venom), Nova, Sam Wilson (Captain America), Spider-Woman, Yondu
    • 3-Star: Elektra (Assassin), Hawkeye (Hawkguy), Human Torch (Classic), She-Hulk, Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
    • 2-Star: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Storm (Classic)
    • 1-Star: Iron Man (Model 35), Juggernaut