**** Venom (Eddie Brock) ****



  • stochasticism
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    SangFroid wrote:
    What is the max level on a 505 build 4*?

  • IceIX
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    Green doesn't destroy specials, it destroys a random (presumably basic) tile for each special on the board. They are so weak that they don't really matter though. What matters is all the ap you could be spending in better ways.
    Random random, not random basic. Could blow up a Countdown, could blow up a basic.
  • IceIX
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    So...... is Venom a villain for MPQ purposes?
    He is, yes. While he's kind of a bit of an anti-hero, for the most part, Eddie with the symbiote isn't a great person. See: Purse-snatcher killing.
  • Xeonic-Ice
    It would be nice if web and charged tiles counted as both friendly and enemy tiles, making Miles a nice teammate. But I don't think that's the case.
  • Crowl
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    IceIX wrote:
    Green doesn't destroy specials, it destroys a random (presumably basic) tile for each special on the board. They are so weak that they don't really matter though. What matters is all the ap you could be spending in better ways.
    Random random, not random basic. Could blow up a Countdown, could blow up a basic.

    Sadly we all know that the MPQ RNG tends to hate the player so ours will kill basic tiles while the computer's version will kill all our useful tiles. icon_rolleyes.gif

    If you had made this target attack/strike/protect tiles then the low damage would have been ok as it would have been a situational thing, make it basically be a 4* photonic blast rather than a weak nuke with some utility.

    That passive would be lacklustre without the negative side of it, with the negative it is utterly terrible when there are so many more attack tile generators than protect tile generators and I hope the numbers get changed before release. Being cynical I assume it will be unchanged and that this **** cover will be the t100 award.

    Do the devs actually play their own game? The black is so bad that 5/0/5 is probably the best spec and black is only usable in a very niche role or covered at 0 or 5.
  • wymtime
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    I think Venom is the perfect example of a character who will be bad for players to use and a pain for th players to play against in PVE. Having 2 active abilities if he is the only green yellow user on D 5,3,5 is a no brainier. It will force players to avoid special tile users or you will get hit fo 3k damag with his green for 7 AP. You need to deny yellow since that is his most damaging ability.
    In PVE if he is paired with carnage and a good he will be a pain. You might do more damage with Carnages attack tiles, but his green can fire faster.

    I feel don't see a big enough benefit in 5 black compared to 5 green. If you use him against a special tile user 7AP for 3K damage is better than the 15% difference on black. His green is still week considering carnage does better damage for a flat 7AP. HB red for 9AP does over 6K damage. Cmags does more damage per AP with his blue and has board shake capabilities.
  • Arondite
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    Hot trash, bud.
  • AdamMagus
    AdamMagus Posts: 363 Mover and Shaker
    Not a fan of this Venom, yellow is refreshing, bout time we get a damaging yellow

    The best thing to come out of this post is OPs name

    “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  • Captain_Carlman
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    Well, uhhhh... At least his character art looks cool, I guess?
  • simonsez
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    babinro wrote:
    Initial Build:
    5/3/5 without question.
    Edit: FaustianDeal brought to my attention that 3/5/5 is viable simply to lessen the drawback of his black passive
    Why not just lessen it completely and go 5/0/5?
  • Jarvind
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    A) I am thrilled that Venom is getting the higher-tier update he so justly deserves, and
    B) per usual, I don't think he is QUITE as horrific as everyone is making him out to be, and
    C) "lazy" higher-tier versions of characters are exactly that,

    I would posit that:

    A) If the green had been tacked onto his 1* incarnation, and
    B) the instant kill on the 1* black been replaced with the protect tile feature from this version's yellow,

    that would've been a much better character, and would actually compete with the likes of Hulkpuncher and Jean Grey. Hell, I'd even suffer through a seven-dayer for that.
  • Chookamonga
    What on EARTH could they have been thinking when they chose not to include at least a web tile creation ability if not a significant web tile active power??? Upon checking out Miles Morales and hearing about a big bad Venom (well, ostensibly so haha) coming hot on his heels I thought: "Brilliant! They've undoubtedly thought up a way to introduce our new Spidey and his most dangerous foe by giving us some web tile synergy! I bet this will make web tiles viable now in the same fashion that our new Hulk makes Surfer and Thoress more interesting (and maybe resurrects Rags from the trash heap? But I digress)... Wow how cool!"

    Only... Not so much. I concur with much of the foregoing criticism: some interesting power IDEAS here, and perhaps we shouldn't rush to judge until we try them, but green looks like a mess to set up, black makes the character virtually unusable until one obtains several covers, and the pointed emphasis on protect tiles 'strikes' me as... Well, antithetical to the character. Factor in the criminal web tile oversight and I'm perplexed. Perturbed. Plexturb'd hahahaha.
  • JVReal
    JVReal Posts: 1,884 Chairperson of the Boards
    It feels like like a 5/0/5 build until you can save up 5 black covers to go from 0-5 instantly and make him 3/5/5. Except you only have 14 days to go from 0-5 or you've hosed yourself with his passive.

    You know if you're running this Venom, the AI will always have a Storm TU...
  • Polares
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    edited December 2015
    This guy is a perfect example of a bad designed char, one like IM40, and I guess devs think we cover out 4s in a second from 0 to 3 or 5 in a day. 50% more for enemy attack tiles for a 15% reduction in enemy shields?!?!?! Common devs all power should do something good even at 1 cover!!! Having to use this char in an essential node or his PvP just with one black cover is going to be super fun.

    This power should have scaled attack tile damage at the same time shield reduction goes up. And maybe in the last cover reduce it a bit. Something like this:

    1 cover: 10% more for attack tiles 20% shield reduction
    2 cover: 12% more for attack tiles 25% shield reduction
    3 cover: 15% more for attack tiles 40% shield reduction
    4 cover: 18% more for attack tiles 50% shield reduction
    5 cover: 15% more for attack tiles 75% shield reduction

    This way the power gets better with every cover, and its not crazy bad just with one cover!!!

    Then it is really a deception that he doesn't use/produce web tiles.

    When a char is arguably better 5/0/5 than 5/3/5 there is a serious problem in its design.

    Devs please don't launch this char, wait and fix him!

    PS: Then of course shields are completely useless in this game so this power is useless no matter what, because attack tiles are way more useful than shields, but if shields were useful the power would work if it was this way.
  • Ruinate
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    3/5/5 for me. 5 in black to not make it bad and green shakes the same regardless of covers. I don't think I would miss the damage very much. An instant nuke on yellow is very welcome.

    I get the impression that they randomly threw in the protect tile drawback on yellow and then wasted a whole ability just to counteract it. Wish they would have skipped the drawback entirely and given him a different passive. His green is a clone of several greens out there that pretty much work the same way. His design feels lazy.

    That said, I still do think he's decent. His yellow nuke somewhat makes up for his other two abilities. He will never become your main 2 in pvp, but I think he makes a really nice third in Sim/pve (esp Jeanbuster) and I would use the **** out of him against Bullseye.
  • DrLemniscate
    DrLemniscate Posts: 55 Match Maker

    I have this print hanging on one of my walls. Given this precedent, I suggest trashing Venom (Eddie Brock) and instead drafting a Venom (Velociraptor) or Venom (Devil Dino).
  • johnnyzero
    johnnyzero Posts: 97 Match Maker
    I might be missing something, but if you're going to use this guy exclusively for PVE, why not go 535 and just not use him against an enemy that has attack tiles?
  • Captain_Carlman
    Captain_Carlman Posts: 208 Tile Toppler
    I can't wait for the essential node that puts you up against Daken, Blade, and Patch.
  • Phaserhawk
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    First off, flavor wise as an Anti-Spiderman this is really cool as he really negates any thing 3* and 4* Miles can do. Unfortunately 3* spidey isn't much of a threat and 4* doesn't look much like one either.

    As for Venom.

    Lethal Protector.
    This is a pretty darn good skill. There are few and far between damaging yellow skills and this one ranks up at the top.

    Give and Take.
    Ugh, this was so close to being okay. If they would have just changed the wording, it could have been decent. I would have made it where it decreases your own protect tiles while increasing your own attack tiles.
    This fills the roll of give and take, by allowing more damage you will take more damage as your shields suck. It does the exact same thing but better. If the goal is to do more damage to them while opening yourself up to more, instead of increasing enemy attack and decreasing enemy protect, go the other route. Oh well.

    Symbiotic Fury.
    This is interesting. At it's best its the old X-Force, at it's worst it's 13 for 3K dmg. This is a Carnage counter if Carnage ever becomes Meta, but it will see more use in PvE.

    Overall. 5/10

    His health and yellow are his saving grace. Black needs a reword, if they switched it to my suggestion he would go from meh to solid.

    D3, please tweak wording before release. Venom decreases his own teams protect(take) but increases his own teams strike (give)

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    **** Venom (Eddie Brock) ****

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    **** Venom (Eddie Brock) ****

    by Cthulhu » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:27 pm

    Venom (Eddie Brock) icon_venom.png
    4 Star Rarity (Legendary) Wiki Link
    At Max Level: HP: 17212 Tile Damage: 64/11/10/11/82/10/4.0x

    Symbiotic Fury - 13 greentile.png AP
    Venom crashes through the battlefield, human rage fueling their alien power. Deals 110 damage, then destroys a random tile for each enemy special tile on the board (does not generate AP). Costs 1 less for each enemy special tile (min cost 7).
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: 284 damage.
    Level 3: Deals 468 damage.
    Level 4: Deals 825 damage.
    Level 5: Deals 1531 damage.
    Max Level
    Level 3: Deals 922 damage.
    Level 4: Deals 1628 damage.
    Level 5: Deals 3020 damage.Give and Take - Passive blacktile.png
    (PASSIVE) Venom's symbiote powers allow them to stalk their prey, but make Venom vulnerable to fire and sonics. Enemy Protect tiles’ strength are reduced by 15% and enemy Attack tiles’ strength are increased by 50%. Dev note: This does not fire each round, it is a flat modifier on every enemy tile.

    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Protect tiles are reduced by 20% Attack tiles are increased by 25%.
    Level 3: Protect tiles are reduced by 30% and Attack tiles are increased by 25%.
    Level 4: Protect tiles are reduced by 40% Attack tiles are increased by 35%.
    Level 5: Protect tiles are reduced by 75% and Attack tiles are increased by 40%.
  • GurlBYE
    GurlBYE Posts: 1,218 Chairperson of the Boards
    He looks pretty bad, just like the last few 4 star releases.

    Just like the 3 star tier, 4 star is being flooded by characters who don't particularly do anything well.