Your WORST MPQ moment of the day (REALITY thread)



  • Ares76Ares76 Posts: 169 Tile Toppler
    Ares76 said:
    Had to buy my first roster slot for 2,000 HP today:-(

    It hurts. 

    Gonna sell some max-champed 3 star where the dupe had more than 70 saved covers when I'm in need of slot #302. 
    My current roster is 150 ( I could probably cut to 100 without victory or placement loss ) and increases by 25 a year , so I’m guessing I have 6 years until I hit that wall . 
    I knew that you would comment exactly like this before I posted :D

    But you already know that most players have another opinion on that. 

    Of course both can play like they want. 
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 5,530 Chairperson of the Boards
    I have seen players with over 500 roster slots. So, if they can handle it, I don't think they will reduce it to 1000 to or 1500 per slot. They have already reduced it from 3000 to 2000. So, that's the best they can do.
  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 1,098 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 9 January 2022, 12:26
    I lost to Devil Dinosaur, Spider-Ham, and Howard the Duck in the Daredevil node of the Simulator using Kitty and Grocket today. I’m not sure how or why or if it would ever happen again if I tried. But I do remember a lot of cascades, biting, and talking pigs. Shang-Chi and Valkyrie avenged their deaths. 
  • sambrookjmsambrookjm Posts: 1,954 Chairperson of the Boards
    Was having fun with Vulture/Domino/Valkyrie in the Balancing Act PvE.  Not the most efficient team, but fun nevertheless.  Vulture could usually get airborne on the third or fourth turn.  I was cruising along right up until I hit the final node on the chain, with 5-star Doom.  Without thinking, I just hit "FIGHT!" and started the match.

    Suddenly, all those black matches were worth 2 AP, and healing up Doom for more damage than the black matches were doing.  Three Fallen Favors later, he finally goes down after Vulture's green goes off a number of times.

    I switch to Grocket/Polaris for the next couple of matches...which took about a minute each.
  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 1,098 Chairperson of the Boards
    I entered the Brand PvP before my first cup of coffee and somehow ended up in Slice 5. I guess I will go for 75 wins instead of 1200 pts. 
  • Captain_Trips88Captain_Trips88 Posts: 145 Tile Toppler
    Definitely 'first world problems here' but got Okoye cover for daily reward, naturally my 5/2/1 became 6/2/1
  • dianeticsdianetics Posts: 328 Mover and Shaker
    Wasn’t paying attention during my daily pack openings and character levelling.

    Used shards to give Valkyrie and extra champ level.  I really need to stop doing this before she gets too big.

    PS. Hey devs Feature Request.

    Allow is to hide character in our roster like in the steam client where they are in their own separate list. If they are hidden we don’t get cover notifications or anything 
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,179 Chairperson of the Boards
    Opening 50 heroics using the 'claim 50' button. Got 0 4*s. The RNG bruh....
  • TheEyeDoctorsWifeTheEyeDoctorsWife Posts: 435 Mover and Shaker
    DeNappa said:
    Opening 50 heroics using the 'claim 50' button. Got 0 4*s. The RNG bruh....
    On the bright side I opened 5 and got four 4* and a 3*, including Doc Ock and Ikaris
  • Srheer0Srheer0 Posts: 423 Mover and Shaker
    DeNappa said:
    Opening 50 heroics using the 'claim 50' button. Got 0 4*s. The RNG bruh....

    Imagine opening 50 standard tokens and getting like 2 2stars. Rest 1star.

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