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    Lerysh wrote:
    Why wouldn't it be True Healing? It only targets Rags, like every other true healing ability out there. Only heals the user.
    Nah, it says "burst of heal", which is their terminology for temporary health.

    Regarding the changes, I don't think it's the end of the world like most people do. I'm in favor of a balanced meta-game, and I think this puts us one step closer, by stopping super-powered 4* Thor and infinite combos. I'm a bit sad about the MNMags nerf, since he's always been one of my favorites, but at least you still get to pick tiles, which is fun.

    The only part I have an issue with is dropping Ragnarok's update in the middle of a PvE where he's on many of the nodes. His higher levels and new powers will likely make it harder -- though it's possible with his high-costed green and red not making green tiles that he won't be able to loop his powers quite as well. So we'll see.
  • SUPERTOM wrote:
    Hope you guys have thick-skin. You're going to get a ton of flack for this, especially from those who bought covers or relied on these combos (such as my beloved C.Storm + MnMags icon_cry.gif). However, some of these nerfs were definitely needed and the changes made are at the very least reasonable (though 4or blueflag.png seems to be a little much). I appreciate that some of these exploits have been addressed.

    Also, I had something really sarcastic to say about the Rags change mid-event, but the more I think about it, the more I look forward to not eating a Godlike Power every single turn.

    And I'm guessing you weren't around in the early days when his powers were 2ap and Rags and Venom could basically do an infinite loop of Godlike, Thunder, stun, godlike, thunder, stun....until you're phone went to sleep or your threw it across the room. Whichever came first.

    Sad about Mystique as I maxed her quickly just so she could help feed XF Black but I'm ok with everything else. 4or blue was rediculous and it gave anyone with a few hundred bucks to spare an easy climb to the top in PVP. I'm guessing anyone doing a Blue to Red combo was doing about 6k overkill each time anyway. Don't be sad that it will only do 7,650 damage now.

    Which is not enough to kill Xforce.

    PVP back to being No Xforce, no point. MPQ. No Xforce, no point.
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    let see where we stand after this update
    player base upset to the point of quitting check
    top tier character nerfed check
    inta-nerf any possible alternate respec check
    top tier combo nerfed check
    mid/low tier combo nerfed check
    low tier combo destroyed check
    a bunch of changes to adjust for negative heavy update..... ??? rags got a new power

    this generates new revenue by doing what? Also when you need to nerf a character right after release that shows how much thought goes into character generation and balancing

    Not much different than most of the "best" character nerfs before, people quit or threaten to. However, most of their nerfs before were to 3*'s -- those cost quite a bit less real-world money to buy than 4*'s.

    Perhaps the Devs are just bored of making this game, and are taunting the user base to quit so they can move onto the next thing?

    All we ever see are nerfs, where are the buffs? Nerfs never get un-done it appears (so long Sentry.....forever), so maybe they are worried if they buff something and it is to strong, they won't be able to un-do it (hello X-force!).
  • People are actually upvoting the OP.
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    Ok - Some valid nerfs and some lesser needed - but when are the buffs coming?

    If you touched MnMags, at least upgrade the blue power a little, too
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    I think this thread is a good reason why they need to make MORE regular balance changes. If you make them all the time, people aren't as upset by things getting tweaked. Balance is a good thing.

    Though for new characters, there should be a promise that the stats won't be touched for the first month, or something like that. To help the early adopters.
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    SnowcaTT wrote:
    Poor 2* transitioners. I think lots of the recommendations on how to beat DPD was MMN+Storm - gone goes that. And why? I think I saw winfinite one time in PVP, because it invites IMMEDIATE attacks there. It works a bit in PVE - maybe if scaling wasn't so crazy folks wouldn't use it? Maybe only Mystique was the problem....except I rarely if ever see her out there "fueling X-force" or doing anything else. Nope, it's likely because it was pointed out how broken this would be with Charles. Hey, why fix Charles - might as well nerf both the other parts of that!

    The saddest part of the MMN change from a 2* perspective is that it makes the game more boring. Storm/Mags/Optional Hawkere was undoubtedly strong (though not actually that important in DPD), but it provided a synergistic reason not to just abuse the simply overpowered Ares and OBW ad nauseum (sprinkling in the slightly less overpowered Thor and Daken when needed), while simultaneously providing an escape valve for truly ridiculous nodes.

    Poor Modern Hawkeye.
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    I generally agree with polarity's comments and am more than a little confused by many of these changes.

    (1) Thor blue nerf makes perfect sense, 12 charged always seemed like more than overkill. This is a reasonable change

    (2) Thor yellow nerf makes no sense. It was quite hard to get 5 charged tiles from that ability, and even if one did it, it still didn't produce the match ending damage that power surge did. Seems like overkill, especially after solving the real problem, which is power surge.

    (3) MNMags nerf is sad. That power was so much fun to play, so I am sad to see its utility drastically reduced (it will now basically generate one critical tile rather than two). This weakens stormneto significantly as well as the winfinite combo (maybe they were also concerned about xavier?). Also, the description isn't clear, can the red tiles be created on top of blue tiles? if so, this is terrible. There will be no way to know which tiles will convert to red, so you might place tiles for a critical match, and end up with nothing when a pre-existing blue turns to red. all in all I would like to have seen this "problem" solved in a different way. (I personally didn't feel like winfinite was a huge problem. It was like stormneto in that it let characters hit above their weight, but had its own risks and wasn't so much fun to play that it was endangering game balance. gamebreaking strategies need to be nerfed when the define the meta, like cmags, or sentry bombing, or thorverine. No high end pvp player was relying on winfinite).

    (4) Mystique changes. Overkill if MNmags is also being nerfed. And also overkill within itself in that it both increased cost and reduced effectiveness. This is definitely a pattern with the nerfs. Just like sentry, it is unnecessary to fix the same problem twice through different means. Mystique wasn't a gamebreaking character outside of this one combo. now she is a little bit less useful for no reason.

    (5) Rags. What a mess! Green is terrible. just as expensive as thor, for less damage, plus uncontrollable board shake (that can be good or bad), PLUS self damage. And it doesn't come with nearly as good a battery as thor has. Way to take an interesting, spammable but nor over-powered ability and turn it into a waste of space. Red now generates blue, which makes it less useful overall. And the blue power is possible even worse than the green. It seems like the progression is supposed to be red --> blue x2 --> green. But green isn't nearly as good a nuke as many other green powers, blue isn't a great batter power since it creates so few charged tiles, which will be scattered across the board and not necessary easy to use, and red was always a bit underwhelming even when it make green tiles. It feels like they they wanted to make some interesting changes to rags, realized their first plan was broken, and then rushed this junk out the door. But at least he will be as annoying as ever as an opponent (just in a slightly different way as he spams self-heal rather than center column destruction).
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    turul wrote:
    Ok - Some valid nerfs and some lesser needed - but when are the buffs coming?
    Seems never. I'm was waiting for buff Ragnarok, but they did him worse than before icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
    Devs seems not play their game or testing on 19-20 lvl in prologue icon_lol.gif
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    Please re-think the changes to Mystique's blue, it's a minor change but there is no real reason to change it, the real problem was Magneto.
  • turul wrote:
    Ok - Some valid nerfs and some lesser needed - but when are the buffs coming?

    If you touched MnMags, at least upgrade the blue power a little, too

    This would be nice. MNMs Blue power SUCKS.... like really really sucks. The reason he's part of all these "blue fuel combos" is that's all he's good for, because he can't fuel himself.
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    Who would buy covers for anyone after this, new character or not. I bought half my 4thor covers release week and I'm pissed. I can only imagine how someone who bought up IF to 166 feels. If it were me I'd be on their doorstep getting my money back right now.
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    Maybe we need petition for not release Ragnarok? They still need working on him icon_rolleyes.gif
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    ark123 wrote:
    People are actually upvoting the OP.
    Please don't downvote the original post -- if it gets to -5 then it will be hidden, meaning people visiting the topic will either have to click to see it, or they'll miss that link and not know what's going on.

    If you don't like the changes, just post your opinion here.
  • turul wrote:
    Ok - Some valid nerfs and some lesser needed - but when are the buffs coming?

    If you touched MnMags, at least upgrade the blue power a little, too


    2* Magneto is a massive (bigger than that "yes" up there) pile of ridiculous suck. I would never use him. Not ever.

    Well, there was this one time where he made Storm and Hawkeye really strong, but aside from that...

    How about making his powers at least a tad bit useful? He literally does two good things: makes blue where you need it, and waits an absurdly long time to erase the whole board. Otherwise, he's Bagneto.

    So if you're going to strip-mine the usefulness from his solitary good skill, you might try beefing up his other skills. Even if you just allowed us to place the countdown tile. I mean, I hate the countdown tile, but if you'd only remove that little bit of code that makes SURE the damn thing always lands on the edge of the board, maybe it would actually hit occasionally.
  • Why would you change Rags in the middle of an event in which he is a heavily featured enemy? This is bound to screw up everyone's scaling. And I didn't mind the changes to Prof. X prior to the Event taking place, but they have now really lowered his importance even more by changing the characters with whom he was going to be most compatible and waited until the MIDDLE of the event to do so. I mean, Prof. X's usefulness just took a nosedive.
  • KrazyKeylime
    with Ai cascades being what they are are we going to love getting hit by a lvl 200+ green hit from Rags , oh don't worry his allies take 600 damage
  • Unknown
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    Smite - Old - 10 AP
    The gathering lightning strikes Mjolnir as Thor brings the hammer down onto her enemy. Deals 630 damage to the enemy and an additional 137 damage for each Charged tile on the board.
    Level 2 - Deals 886 damage plus 183 per charged tile.
    Level 3 - Deals 968 damage plus 219 per charged tile. Make 2 charged tiles.
    Level 4 - Deals 1388 damage plus 320 per charged tile. Make 3 charged tiles.
    Level 5 - Deals 1717 damage plus 365 per charged tile. Make 4 charged tiles.
    MAX Level 5: Deals 3409 damage plus 725 per charged tile. Makes 4 charged tiles.

    Smite - New - 10 AP
    The gathering lightning strikes Mjolnir as Thor brings the hammer down onto her enemy. Deals 630 damage to the enemy and an additional 137 damage for each Charged tile on the board.
    Level 2 - Deals 886 damage plus 183 per charged tile.
    Level 3 - Deals 1023 damage plus 219 per charged tile. Makes 1 charged tile.
    Level 4 - Deals 1324 damage plus 292 per charged tile. Makes 2 charged tiles.
    Level 5 - Deals 2027 damage plus 365 per charged tile. Makes 3 charged tiles.
    MAX Level 5: Deals 4025 damage plus 725 per charged tile. Makes 3 charged tiles.

    I see you upticked the base damage there, presumably to make up for the lost charge tile, but she lost more than 1 charge tile, she lost seven. I'd really like to see this power in the 600 damage per AP range before calculating charge tiles. Slowing down charge tile output is going to slow down Goddess quite a bit, no reason to handicap her damage output to a middle tier 3* as well. Even if you account for 9 AP makes 5 charge tiles is 3625 damage, that's still sub 4* level damage. 19 AP now gets you a whopping 7650 damage, which is 400 damage per AP. 3* Thor does 645 damage per AP with greenflag.png . What the hell?

    I understand Power Surge had to be changed. I do. But Power Surge -> Smite's overall damage should not suffer because of the need for less charge tiles. 50% increase seems right, or else make this power cost 6 and not 10.
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    Why are you nerfing MnMags when it affects the 2* -> 3* transition player much more than top-tier play?
    mHawkeye has now been taken down a peg from semi-useful to even less useful.
    cStorm has become less effective since gathering 11 blue takes a bit of time.
    Now I'm even more angry for ever dropping any money on this game.
  • Otherwise, he's Bagneto.

    Pretty sure that one is going to stick. Sorry Bagneto, off to the bag pile with you.