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    Is that what Hugh Jackman looks like in a squirrel mask?
  • I searched her on my Marvel Unlimited account and there's a whooping FIVE comics where she's a sidekick or something. All scattered between 1999 and 2011.
    Squirrel who? icon_e_smile.gif
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    loroku wrote:
    Is that what Hugh Jackman looks like in a squirrel mask?

    No, it's what Hugh Jackman looks like without his human mask.
  • i think i'm gonna puke...
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    turul wrote:
    dat feel when enemy OBW will make her CD tiles last longer icon_e_smile.gif
    I think it's our first CD-skill that benefits from both friendly Intimidation and enemy Anti-Gravity Device, no? Most CD skills that exist can only benefit from either, usually friendly Intimidation. Only 3 skills that I can remember of benefit from enemy AGD: Shapeshift, Immovable Object and Jab, Jab, Cross.

    Truly amused at how many entitled fanboys (I can't help but assume all those are nothing but fanboys) are angry at not getting their/fan-favourite characters ahead of Squirrel Girl. Heh, I was never interested in her much but I'm starting to like her based on how much the character can stir a community. Aren't you too angry over shield cooldowns to waste your rage on this? icon_razz.gif

    I applaud the devs for introducing a fresh, entertaining female character into the game, which is also noteworthily not a highly attractive female. I will turn on my speakers and headphones to listen to how she plays icon_e_smile.gif Her colours are nice, hope she's good (for given value of good, 4or/XF exist, yadda yadda), even though the yellow skill looks unassuming, maybe it's growing to be very interesting at higher levels.

    Since the ability fires every turn wouldn't intimidation make you lose two activations? Seems like a thing you wouldn't want to do. It does benefit from enemy atg though, and I'm fine with that. Makes people think before they fire off atg, make them weigh risk vs reward. I love those kind of power interactions.
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    Just viewing her skills she won't be terrible, her Yellow has the potential to get Captain America strength protect tiles, her purple will probably end up doing 2-3K intial damage and about 300 for each tile destroyed and her green looks to do about triple the damage of World Rupture in just the tile portion, not to mention they will act just like it, however it appears to be single target and not AoE. If the CD timer goes down to 2 or 1 and knowing you will have strike tile interaction, it could be a decent 1 shot skill. Say she gets 6 tiles and you have a Sentry maxed Sacrifice tile out, you could end up doing about 6-7 K single target.

    Will her values be that high? To me she appears to be a strong midle tier champ, what does make her valuable is her color combination as we have not had that yet, she appears to be a defensive damager where say like Spiderman is a defensive support. Where I see her getting some value is if that purple ends up getting a huge damage upgrade at level 5 then all of a sudden you could have a 5-7K type skill for 9 purple she becomes very valuable.

    In the end while Squirrel Girl isn't what I would have hoped for I have a feeling she's going to end up being a good character, thats just the gut feeling I have.
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    Why are people saying she will pair well with ally Daken? At least for now her purple works with enemy protect, attack, or strike tiles.
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    eidehua wrote:
    Why are people saying she will pair well with ally Daken? At least for now her purple works with enemy protect, attack, or strike tiles.
    They're talking about her green outlet. Assuming it works as we anticipate, you're triple-dipping the strike tiles each turn, on top of what you've already matched.
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    Where is Slapstick...come on devs!!!
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    She looks like she might be very useful in Survival Nodes. There you'll easily be able to get max value of her shields (especially if you pair her with Falcon) and her Green leverages the base of strike tiles you build up over time. She won't be top tier (but, then again, she's Squirrel Girl) but she might surprise some people (because, hey, she's Squirrel Girl).
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    So why is it a talking raccoon and a dancing tree weren't a problem at all, but Squirrel Girl is making people apoplectic?
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    SnowcaTT wrote:
    Like when last character (Cage) was released, I ask: who?

    Might as well add - this is 60th character...last slot that will cost 750hp...when will the roster spot pricing be fixed???

    Cage is a legit hero tht has been around since the 70's and has a cult following. He's been in a couple groups (Heroes for Hire, Avengers) and was buddies with Iron Fist - who is pretty cool and has a modern following.

    Not the same category as this "hero"
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    Deadpooool wrote:
    Squirrel Girl has beaten Thanos. Therefore ALL of your arguments against her are invalid.


    I've read that was a parody in a holiday issue, and not marvel canon.
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    500 iso it is. Will hold on to her to see what rewards for next PvE are and if it's not worth playing she's going straight to the recycling bin. I hope she is popular and used a lot, she will be pretty easy to take down.

    Hey, she's a valid marvel charecter with a fan base, and part of the new modern marvel, so go for it D3. It will eleviate some stress of me competing for rewards I want. When SG rewards come up, I can chill and take a break from the game. A win - win
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    Whatever happened to the name Dark Reign, this is the series of comics they were supposed to work off of. Now it's just working directly towards marvels current comic series? Why, there's so many comics available that it's pointless to limit to only current comics being released. Of the last 3, 2 have been based on new comics, but overall old characters, these aren't even new releases as far a character like thor was. I can get that much, but this is just silly. I'm not just referring to this characters silliness, but the way they went about this was just that it's a new comic that came out. Sorta seems low and lacking any creativity.
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    Oh thank god. I was getting burnt out, so this gives me an excuse to take a break. For those who are fans, enjoy! Personally I cannot stand the character the way Marvel has treated her. She would have been a great comic relief character if they hadn't made her beat the most powerful villains in the game IN CANON.
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    locked wrote:
    I think it's our first CD-skill that benefits from both friendly Intimidation and enemy Anti-Gravity Device and Snarky Remark

    Fixed that for you, locked!! icon_lol.gif

    Great observation, though - I do hope it works the way you suggested. And, 100% agreed on the rest of your post as well.
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  • she looks nasty n even her name sounds nasty.
    apowhatever.. i bet even marvel won't dare make her a movie.
    fanbase? on U.S prolly
    fact : the rest of the world only know spidey, capt.america, iron man, xmen cs (all the classic chars) as marvel brand.
    Wanna get some new or old customers (back) playing the game, stick on classic chars. nuff said.