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  • hurcules
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    I have maxed SG, and test her in a match. I can confirmed that her green ability generates AP by destroying tiles. And at level 5, there are 4 green CD on the board once you collect enough green AP to fire the ability.
    What alliance are you in dannyshan? I'll look you up.

    Also, does the green skill damage once on casting, or on each count down tick?
  • I am also very curious about her green ability. Does each destoryed tile trigger strike tiles once (total triggering 4 times) or they collective does dmg like attack tiles?
  • Kolence
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    I've played with her a few matches in LR. Each turn, passive tile destruction gathers AP and does damage. Then each CD resolving does damage too. So, it can trigger attack tiles 7 times at max - 3 for passive and 4 for CD's.
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    From what I gather from the loaner mission in the first sub, green destroys + grants AP all at the same time so the total attack is only affected once by strike tiles (had Gamora's tiles up, think Super Nova style red tile clear for damage that doesn't multi-dip strike tiles). If the CD tile reaches 0 it does damage (over 1k per with the loaner SG, this appears to multi-dip like World Rupture).
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    My only complaint: in the Interview they said that to reflect her "unbeatable" character they would give her "more HP"... but she's just another old 6.8k HP character! That's not even particularly high for females. There are as many females in 3* land with more HP as there are with less! 6.8k is literally "average" health.
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    edited January 2015
    This is how it works: (Ability is casted, opponent had his turns.)

    Random tiles are destoyed all at once. (strike tile dip #1)
    Potential cascade matches (potential dips)
    1 CD tile resolves (dip #2)
    1 CD tile resolves (dip #3)
    1 CD tile resolves (dip #4)
    1 CD tile resolves (dip #5) (at cover 5)

    (additional cascade chances when last turn of CD)
  • Hulk11
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    Anyone noticing she's not close to unbeatable, the first node with her at lvl 200, she got downed by ares. Not impressed. Sorta expected this, but she's worse than I thought. Purple was good but, dooms is better cause you don't need 9 yellow to use it
  • She's working well for me. She'll be much more useful when she's not required for every fight and you can bring her out against certain opponents, which goes for most of other characters.
  • I think a character is good or not is NOT depends on the final 13 cover

    but isnt he useful in the progressing state like 8-9 cover

    good example is Luke cage. He is good after he have 8 cover no matter is red black or yellow

    talking about max min cover is meaningless

    Gamora do good output of red in her 166 but she is totally useless in any states before 166. You wont waste anything in her
  • jojeda654
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    Hulk11 wrote:
    Anyone noticing she's not close to unbeatable

    Ugh, yeah! Just like Elektra. Unkillable? Puh-leeze! And don't get me started on Hulk! Just more proof the devs are incompetent fools.

    Seriously though, the descriptions usually refer to either the outfit or storyline the art is based on. You really shouldn't expect it to mean the character won't die. SG has the same health as Patch. If she lost to a buffed Ares, chances are Patch would have too, especially if it was an Onslaught.
  • Regarding pairings or when she's featured: seems like BP or Daken are best if trying to max damage on squirrel rupture.

    Patch doesn't really work with the shared green, unless leveled purple is amazing. Even still Doom's going to be better with Patch.
  • Phaserhawk
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    So all in all she's average, with a strong green, I'm just trying to determine the better option of going 3/5/5 or 5/5/3. Yellow ending turn isn't fun, but she creates some serious protect tiles, vs. a purple with **** to amazing damage depending on the board. Optimizing her for PvE seems like 3/5/5 would be the way to go, PvP I honestly beleive 5 in yellow is the better option for early game sustain as she can really save you a lot of damage and its' really easy to get the full use of shield early game since most opponents will have 80% or more health, but as you get into high level PvP the only thing worth a darn would be her purple since X-Force would be using all the green. In the end i'll go the full damage route 3/5/5 and just spec her for PvE which suprisinly she fits well, she can really take out an enemy Daken.
  • loroku
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    I agree her powers are a bit... underwhelming, though.

    Her yellow is both kind of amazing and kind of meh. If you can get it quickly enough that someone is still above 80% health (and don't immediately get matched away) she can not only stop all match damage, but pretty much block entire low-level abilities. She took an Ares red down to -1 to the team for me, which was pretty impressive. (It doesn't hit hard anyway, but it was still pretty cool.) On the other hand, it ends the TURN, which makes it really meh. It's also hard to get out quickly, depending on the board and what else you're going for / denying. And late-game it's kind of bad, since it will give you so much less but still end the turn.

    Pink is really sad unless you're up against Daken or Patch or someone like that. Very situational.

    Haven't seen green in action but it reads like a mini World Rupture that's a little more team-friendly, although it could screw up the board for you as well. Maybe if you pair her with Sentry or someone else with massive strike tiles it would go well? Not sure exactly how the damage works on it yet. Also there are so many other good greens it's hard to imagine she brings anything to the table that can really compete.
  • ability stats plz
  • Honu141
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    Pylgrim wrote:
    ...they would give her "more HP"... but she's just another old 6.8k HP character!

    Sadly, that might be her "more HP" boost. Without it, she would likely have fallen to Hood's 5100 HP.
  • icon_lol.gif This what most people said about Sentry when he was first introduced. I'm sure you are right this time, so let the rest of us get her covers. I'm sure you will not regret it in the very near future. icon_twisted.gif

    P.S. I also thought it was funny how someone blamed SG for getting killed by Ares, and not their own gameplay or the power of Ares. Did we not just see how good Ares is scaled up in the last heroic PVE?
  • famousfoxking
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    I also thought it was funny how someone blamed SG for getting killed by Ares, and not their own gameplay or the power of Ares.

    My kid woke up with an ear infection this morning, I'm pretty sure that was Squirrel Girl's fault.
  • Trisul
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    My cat scratched my finger this morning. Squirrel Girl icon_evil.gif .
  • turul
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    The ability is badly designed for multiple reasons.

    - The 80% or more HP bonus is given to player on every battle, usually 70% of the fight-time, player can cast with bonus.
    - AI has less chance for this bonus, since player usually starts fight with 80% or below HP, or just tank with the hero below 80%.
    - Ending the turn prematurely weakens the AI.

    There is no point for having bonus, since it is "always" available for the player.

    I would suggest modifying this ability bonus:

    Bonus shields when opponent max HP > SquirrelGirl max HP
    (this also better describes bigger they are, since it doesnt get casted with bonus against lvl 1 opponents)
  • CrookedKnight
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    3/5/5 166 build courtesy Colognoisseur:

    The Bigger They Are (3): Protect tiles are strength 88 against a damaged enemy, strength 139 if the enemy has 80% health. Still ends the turn.
    Level 4: Boosts the 80% health tiles to strength 173.

    Nuts From Above (5): 2416 base damage, 539 damage per enemy protect/attack/strike tile (up to 8)

    Furry Friends (5): Four three-turn Green countdown tiles that deal 1583 damage when they resolve. No change to the passive component of the power.