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    I am also still having problems. Connection failures are keeping me from logging in and then kick me out in the middle of fights when I do manage to squeeze onto the servers. Between the server/connection problems when AvU began and the last 24 hrs of trying to get BACK in, I haven't been able to do more than a couple rounds. SOOoo frustrated...

    To everybody in LL2, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to contribute more. icon_e_sad.gif

    Be sure to lodge a ticket with D3 through the help function Marvel. You are not alone and the server issue is effecting a lot of people. Best to make D3 aware of your situation.
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    Having issues - game is coming up with error message that my save game file is corrupted.

    Just beat ultron & did a PvE clear then re-booted. nothing showing points wise & also lost all tokens & iso gained.

    Have put ticket to D3 but as weekend not good!

    I was liking the Ultron event as well, annoyingly shut out of game throughout levels 3,4 & 5 as well.
  • Druss
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    still awaiting reply from D3 from ticket

    Game wont even allow me in at the moment - just get blue screen notifying me that save file is corrupted

    Sorry guys! Very frustrating
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    Completely understand Druss. Hope that you are able to get back soon. Keep us all posted in here.
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    Just to let you know guys everything is doing fine with me, I know that you are missing our adventures but unfortunatly I am really busy and not have them for them yet like mentionned in our chat. But they will be back for sure I enjoy doing them even if I found that we have a lot of followers (confirmed by personnal pm) but not that many use the like button on it.

    Even if I am more busy in real life than normally I continue to play almost with my usual level to help our alliance as you can see with my score. As a commander I will always try to show by example and do my best and what is best for the alliance. The exception is this current pve, may be you have already noticed but now it's your chance to be King of pve since I am not playing it optimaly and I dont have time for the final grind. Take your chance it will not happen often icon_e_wink.gif.

    Keep going, you are doing great guys, you are awesome.
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    signature time!

    special request from hunter121 for a captain america signature banner... here were 2 images that i really liked and stopped after that! Hunter, let me know if you want any changes, or need help using these!

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/13XL7Oc.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/tEtLOVs.jpg?1

    any one else who would like one, just let me know!
  • Thanks Salgy - both are great. Awesome job!
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    Thought i would share this with you all:
    Hey all,
    Just weighing in on the issue Alliances are experiencing where the main Avengers vs Ultron sub-chapter is closed after Round 8 is done. We initially designed it this way because when you reach the point target in Round 8, you’ve beaten Ultron. This wasn’t intended to promote inter-Alliance combat, but it has and that’s not fun. Thanks for the feedback about this. We’re looking at fixing this issue in the future, but won’t have a fix in time for Run 2.

    After this run of Avengers vs Ultron finishes tonight at midnight, if you got locked out of progression rewards because your alliance finished the event early, please contact support from in-game. We're looking into ways to make it up to you.


    Original location: Here

    if you were close to the next progression reward, and didn't get the opportunity to obtain it, contact support!
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    I've lost access to all events again after the last update. Sorry guys.
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    Looks like I lost Ultron and the PVP and PVE events - damn you demiurge
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    I just posted ANOTHER scathing ticket about these issues. Gotta love a game you not only can't play but bones you in the process.
  • Cs doesn't work good ..i have lost my 18 tokens from deadpool event and send ticket 20 days ago and still nothing from them..and i dont een think they will fix this ..its shame for them
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    had different experience

    although it has taken 5 days to restore my corrupted save game file, CS are asking me to list what I reckon I lost.

    Tried to convince them that its 13 covers of Hulk-Buster, Kingpin & Prof X ! but in the end I went for truthful (although it is quite difficult to reconstruct a week of play accurately - some guesswork involved).

    Although, haven't actually received anything yet though, but only sent the guesstimated list to them a short while ago.

    Anyway, just wanted to post to say thank for having me guys & good luck.
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    The Crowd waits........SILENCE. They need the next fix from Lock and Load. By Sheer Will Power they demand the show to begin.

    A faint light comes from the centre of the stage diffused through a large pane of glass. The big screens show the camera image as it zooms towards the light. Two figures are seen through the glass, shrouded in shadow. The smaller of the two walks forward and begins spraying a thick gel onto the back of the glass. He simply writes the number 3 before returning back to his original starting spot. The second of the figures reaches out with a remote in his hands and presses a button......

    "LOCK AND LOAD 3!!!!" is announced in a booming voice through the stadium. A female voice cuts through the silence......"I stay out too late, Got nothing in my brain, That's what people say, um-um, That's what people say, um-um".....Taylor swift is being played into the Lock and Load stadium to a very mixed reaction. These reactions, are clearly reflected by the two figures on screen. The smaller clearly is baffled and slowly looks towards the larger....who is completely dancing his heart out. We are seeing all the classic moves as one hand cups his ear and the other holds his leg hopping on the spot.....into the running man.....the lawn mower.....the dice throw....the robot......OH MY GOD THE WORM!!!!

    The other figure reaches down and picks up the remote that had fallen to the ground and cuts the music. Our dancing friend stands up with a gesture of appearing sheepish. The smaller motions with his hand and figures rush forward. It is hard to see in the dark but they seem to be either carrying large bundles or packs on their back. They stop in four blocks of five and wait. 16 small orange glows appear from each figure on the outside of the groups surrounding the one centre figure. The larger figure behind the glass takes the remote back and signals.

    "LOCK AND LOAD 3!!!!" is again announced in a booming voice through the stadium. 16 flame throwers fire jets of flame into the air as the remote is pressed again...... "Hot in, So hot in Here! So hot in, Hot, Oh." Nelly's Hot in Here blasts through the stadium and the dancer begins to bust out some funkier moves. The flame throwers, illuminate the 16 ladies in cut off fatigues, and the four men in the middle of the groups holding M60 Machine Guns. The flames begin tracking patterns in jets of flame with the music. As the chorus begins "It's getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes..." the four men pull back on the loading levers and fire into the sky. Phosphorus tracker rounds streak yellow/white light up the sky, blending and merging with the jets of flame.

    The crowds roars in approval as the flames and rounds light the stadium. This is the show they have wanted. The larger figure is still funking out and even the smaller is now popping to the music. The music hits the end and the 20 figures return behind the glass. The two figures stop dancing and the smaller shows something to the other. The camera zooms in and we see it is a single button detonator. Without fanfare the smaller thumbs the button......

    GLASS SHATTERS....as the explosive gel that the 3 was written in explodes outwards. The Crowd is shocked then go nuts as glass shattering can only mean one thing.....

    "LOCK AND LOAD 3!!!!" is again announced in a booming voice through the stadium as a hooded figure slowly makes his way through the broken glass. Green lights glow lighting spots across the stage as eerie music begins to play. One light follows the figure as he makes his way to a mic set up on the edge of the stage. This mic is sculpted in a skull and cross bones.

    "Superstitious, Fear and Jealousy." sounds from the speakers and the metal fans lose the minds. Spotlights hit the band at the end of the stage and Rob Zombie throws back his hood. He reaches out and grabs his mic. "Dead I am the one, exterminating son, Slipping through the trees, strangling the breeze." Rob Zombie begins Dragula as the stadium begins to shake from the crowd turning it into one giant mosh pit. "Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry, While they slowly turn, conquering the worm.." As Rob leads into his chorus the two shadowed figures run forward and the horizontal laser lights begin sweeping through the crowd..

    D2KM and OJC80 hit the stage to the thunderous applause of the fans. They head to either end of the stage. OJC80 hits the Lock and Load High Five with Rob Zombie before heading to his end. He throws his double bird salute. D2KM is at the other end, head cocked back, breathing in the atmosphere. They smile as the fans roar out their appreciation. D2KM struts his way to the middle as OJC80 walks past Rob throwing the devil horns in appreciation. The two meet and the middle and soak in the atmosphere as the crowd gets louder and louder.

    OJC80 and D2KM are still in the middle of the stage. They smile and throw up the Lock and Load Salute. This triggers the fireworks to explode and the flame cannons to launch sheets of flame skyward. The pyro and flames begins at the ends of the stage and works its way towards the middle where the two still stand, blasting in time with the music. The launching fireworks stop before hitting the two and are then replaced by two fountains of pyro. A continuous stream shoots up from the stage on either side of D2KM and OJC80. These streams begin to angle in towards each other and cover the two completely from view in a cascade of pyro.
    "Dig through the ditches, And burn through the witches, I slam in the back or my, DRAGULA!!!". Rob Zombie finishes then he and his band head to the back. At the same time D2KM and OJC80 roar the smoke form their lungs pumping the crowd up even further. They walk out and each grab a mic. D2KM begins.....

    "Finally D2KM has come back to the Lock and Load Universe." He **** an eyebrow as the crowd mimics his words. "Here in front of his millions and millions of fans. But he is not alone, oh no. Let me introduce to you the newest member, nay, the newest commander to the ranks of Lock and Load 3.....OJC80!!!!" The crowd is stunned for a moment. The recruit of Lock and Load 2 who fought to be a member of the elite in Lock and Load is now a commander in Lock and Load 3.....the moment passes and the crowd roars its approval for the two men.

    D2KM again lifts his mic. "Burn out, the never ending grind, the game versus real life. Not all of us can do it, and when it comes to making a choice real life has to win as the game is only temporary. So where is the line, where is the point that you break and leave?" The crowd grows silent as they are captivated by D2KM's words. "I have walked away and come back, and gone to leave again when a voice called out to me......Sanctuary. I heard that voice as I wrote my farewells and packed my bags. What do you mean Sanctuary I asked this voice. It replied, where we can go and still live our life, play for the fun of the game but spend time with loved ones and friends. Lock and Load 3."

    D2KM extends his hand and points to OJC80. "Allow me to introduce to you that voice. OJC80! He handed me the idea and I have turned it into an alliance where we play for fun without the grind. So a message to our veterans. If you are suffering from burn out and need some R&R, lets us know. We can sub you out for a breather. You do not have to hate the game, rest then come back harder and faster. Now over to my newest commander."

    OJC lifts his mic. "If your liking what you just heard from D2KM then gimme a hell yeah!!" HELL YEAH!!! is thundered back at him. "I have won the PVE crown from my starting alliance three times in a row, I came up through the ranks to Load and Load. I have run second to Malorick. I had been in the formation of the Doom Legion made to push the top performers. There have been multiple top 5 in PVE. I have hit the 1000 club in PVP and run with legends. This MPQ is a drug and I am it's addict. I know that I could not walk away, but as a father to two young kids and somehow a still tolerate wife I knew that I could not keep it up. Waking to an alarm at crazy o'clock just to complete a clear. Ducking out at a friends BBQ to successfully shield hop. Forum crawling about new events and characters. Know your drug and know your limitations. Friends I suggested to D2KM this casual group, and I am thankful he made it happen. So for now I am retiring from Hardcore competition, but will still be here. As a commander, if you need to talk to me, pm me or post it in the forum. I am still here to support but need a rest."

    D2KM turns to his friend. "D2KM Says, Know Your Damn Role, Commander. Welcome home." He gives OJC80 a friendly bear hug and the camera fades to the roar of the crowd.

    .....The King of Kings notices that the Lock and Load Universe is stirring for two of his former members......he smiles.....he waits......Malorick is coming.....
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    As OJC and D2KM walk off the stage together, the stadium is plunged into darkness…

    Malorick’s smile quickly fades… the crowd hushes… they are unsure what is going on… suddenly “I Walk Alone” by Saliva comes roaring over the loudspeakers… and in the faint light of the stadium a shadowy figure appears on the main stage… hushed whispers can be heard throughout the Lock & Load universe… who is this shadowy figure?!? As the music hits the chorus, “…I walk for miles inside this pit of danger…” one lone spotlight shines down from the ceiling, illuminating this figure on stage… the crowds eyes struggle to adjust to the glaring light from spotlight, and the first person to recognize who has come to the stage is Malorick… his jaw drops as he reaches for a mic…

    “What are you doing here?!?” Malorick demands, “what could you possibly want?!?”

    “Malorick, Malorick, Malorick” the shadowy figure replies “I am here to wipe that grin off your face”

    “And just how do you plan on doing that salgy?!?” Malorick asks “all your friends are gone… they’re ‘resting’, they’ve moved on…retired… this grin is here to stay… you better get used to it”

    “Malorick, Malorick, Malorick, it may be true that you have tried to break me… it may be true that the ‘retirement’ of Scoregasms and OJC may not have been forced… I have a surprise for you… while you have been plotting my demise… I’ve been busy… I’ve been conducting interviews”

    Malorick looks confused… he says, “Interviews?!? For what?!? The Doom Legion is done, it’s over, you are the only one left my friend, and without your precious enforcers, you don’t scare me! Sounds like you have been wasting your time…”

    The spot light cuts out and the stadium is once again plunged into darkness… a bolt of lightning crackles down from the rafters, hitting the stage, illuminating the stadium… the Lock and Load anthem, “War” by Sick Puppies starts up, the stadium lights come on and there on the main stage is salgy, dressed in a suit & tie, with 2 guys on either side of him...

    “Malorick, I would like to introduce you to the newest members of the Doom Legion… Meet the new class of Lock & Load… meet the ones that will take you down…I’d like to introduce you to Hunter, Wayne, Stynk & Kegs… the New Doom Legion… and we will take you down… mark my words”

    Malorick glares down on the stage where salgy and his new Doom Legion are standing around high fiving… and the smile returns to his face… there is a glint in his eye… Malorick looks genuinely happy about this turn of events… like he was the one behind the whole thing… like he has been pulling the strings the whole time… Malorick the puppet master… what is he plotting?!?
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    I am going to be running a little bit lite on PVP points due attempting to maintain my PVE score and because things are crazy at work.

    Sometimes MPQ seems like a job.
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    Welcome back to our legendary analysis for Lock and Load where the big guys play!Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Lock and Load proudly brings to you, it's analysis for the last events:

    pvp Lethal Intent rank 30 (15 733 pts)
    pvp Blue Shift rank 23 (15 827 pts)
    pvp Identity Theft rank 37 (13 538 pts)
    pvp First Avenger rank 63 (11 317 pts)
    pvp Earth's Mightiest rank 6 (10 702 pts)
    pve Oscorp Heroic rank 13 (725 144 pts)

    pvp Predator and prey rank 4 (16 667 pts)
    pvp Red Shift rank 15 (16 916 pts)

    KRRISSHHH.. thisshig rrrerrk …. Beeeeeep……

    We Are Experiencing Server problem, the detailed statistics will be display later, sorry about that. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the statistics, and apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered. KRRISSHHH.. thisshig rrrerrk …. Beeeeeep……

    Malorick look at the leaderboard and shake his head and cannot beleive it, and then look at Salgy with a smile and raise his mic to speak.


    Is it not ironic that today your are talking about the Doom Legion...For today will be anything but doom. In fact it will be divine...seraphic...as we reach empyrean day all of you will find tonight Life changing. I have righted some wrongs, I have made my intentions clear, and now I capture the one thing I've been after since my emergence in Lock and Load, The Undisputed King of Season 13, King of the Kings, triple crowned champion, pve, pvp and Season. The LL Family in MPQ has been my home all my life and you know this Salgy since you was with me since that time and throughout it I have brought my followers there so they may bask in the walls erected to house the enlightened ways of Lock and Load. You may think that I was quiet recently celebrating all my success and our success but I was working hard to keep LL at the level that we are and to even go beyond that. And this with all the recent changes/problems in the MPQ universe. I have personally extend that invitation to all of you who yearn for enlightenment.

    Malorick looks angry towards the camera as he continues.

    From now on my name will no longer be ignored, instead hallowed, I will no longer sit idly by as the undeserving take my spot. My will shall be done and whether the entire roster opposes it or not, there is nothing to stop it. I take my place...I achieve my destiny...I have now everything that what should have been mine for months... I am the King of The Kings. But even a King need more competition to stay on top and this is what I was doing during my retreat of the forum I have bring my own guys to be our new royal beater and push me to my limits. Let’s me to introduce you them, my Four Horseman.

    Malorick gets a genuine smile on his face. When we can see Hunter121, Stynknugget, Waynerz666 and Keg moving slowly from Salgy toward Maloric.

    Oh! you where thinking that you where the man behind them, when I worked so hard to get them on board to elevate my play and our ranking since OJC80, ConsumedFire and Scoregasms are not here anymore. No I was the mastermind behind their move with us, they are as strong as you and me and this is not easy task to found people as good in pve and pvp. You need to be dedicated and have a warrior soul like us.

    Hunter121, Stynknugget, Waynerz666 and Keg move toward Malorick before turning on Salgy and doing a four fingers signal to him. Malorick gets the LL High Five to them while they stay at his side while keeping the Four fingers hand gesture.

    Me and my Four Hourseman have already show you what we are able to do when I let Hunter show his true capability inside LL1 during the last pve Oscorp Heroic where he won his first Crown and may be only one but we will see if I would let him to do this again, but this is another story. My pawns was already placed a long time ago while you were thinking doing your interview with them, Hunter was patiently waiting for my call in ll2 to unveil his true potential and he didn’t deceive us with his first crown in pve. Same thing when I let them show their potential in the first pvp Predator and Prey where Kegs won his first crown with. Congrats guys!

    Malorick give Hunter and Keg the LL High five and the four Horseman are celebrating together before Malorick begin to speaks..

    My Kingdom has arrived, and as it is in my group of witnesses so will it be out throughout all of you as I shall better you all as I have them. You will learn to accept my benevolence, as I am here only to give you all what you seek, and I shall forgive all of you for what you've done to me in the past just as you will forgive me for having to resort to such uncivilized means to accomplish this feat. This is not some form of temptation like all those false idols before me who have lead you astray with their miscreant ways only to abandon you all once they had received what they wanted. I don’t No...I...Malorick, King of Kings, am truly here to give you all the best because we are The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be alliance in the MPQ Universe and we are ...

    Malorick lift his mic in a OJC80 style and we can hear the crowd respond with a loud :


    We can see Maloric standing tall, his arms folded across his chest and as the crowd cheers a smile breaks across his face before he continues.

    And your are part of it Salgy you, me and D2KM did great thing for LL and have bring them from nowhere to the top and turned this in an AWESOME alliance where we care and understand our people, we are a big family without the stress that the other alliance are putting in their member to produce result. I am proud and thankful to D2KM and OJC80 to continue this with LL3 even if they have already spent a lot of our budget with their special guest and amazing entrance. C’mon guys you are blowing our budget like you think you are in LL1.

    There are some in this industry who do things for the sake of doing them, they may take out a superstar for absolutely no reason and allow all of you to speculate, giving them reason in your fantasy driven lives while the reality is there is no point to their actions. I am here to assure you all that Everything I do, I do for a reason. Whenever I do something out of character I explain the reasoning afterwards, and there was one action overlooked that some may have considered just a heinous act. When the reality is like all my questionable actions, they were done for a reason and this is for the best of LL. So to those questioning what I was be doing after my response to jonny1punch open challenge. I'm not going to come out here like some imbecile and state that I am somehow more serious than the time I said I was serious, I am here to state that my target are those falsely idolized by you and the MPQ Universe. I eradicated Scoregasm a few weeks ago, shut-up the big mouth of Jonny1Punch recently and we beat We R groot in pve not for amusement, but because of their status... These men are False idols, They are Falsely revered as Kings of this industry...Well I am here to state that I am the One True King, your King of The Kings and here in Lock and Load we have the best, we are Legendary.

    And when this pve is over, once the season has passed without change, once the weeks turn to months turn to years...you will all recognize that this LL kingdom and all the power and glory that come with it ...including all the crowd...shall be mine forever...and ever...

    With Malorick and the Four Hourseman celebrating in center of the stage -- now doing so with a few bottles of beer graciously supplied by the audience, chicken6 style -- the feed heads elsewhere.

    Salgy: Now hold on a second there Malorick. I will do everything I can to stop you, you are doing great thing for LL but your time is over. I am tired of being the MVP of LL, don’t count me out, I show you that I can do it too whenever I want to. I got back my pvp Crown in the Red Shift pvp by beating you and now I have a surprise for you.

    The LL Big screen comes to life and we are brought to the home of the King of pve season 12. When Scoregasms appears in shot, the MPQ fans in attendance begin to cheer and 'The Beasts' begins to speak.

    You and Me put their bodies and careers on the line in one of the most brutal pve matches ever witnessed in the MPQ Universe. That night did not end in the way which I wanted or imagined but let's be honest there was only ever going to be one winner. Malorick your a crazy son of a ****, everybody knows that but now your are able to keep the same rythm in pvp, pve and Ultron as well, well that is bordering on insanity. I wouldn't have done that and I don't think that any other man walking this planet would have either.

    Scoregasms shakes his head emphasizing his point.

    Scoregasms: But that is the mentality of Malorick and he has been saying that all of the time, 'win at all costs'. So I congratulate you on your recent success and all your victory but just how much did his leap of faith cost him? It undoubtedly has taken month off of his career if it has not ended it already, only time will tell. Are you the next D2KM or even my friend OJC80. The question is now, 'where does that leave ole Scoregasms?

    The Beasts puts his hands on his chin as if deep in thought.

    Scoregasms: I have no rightful claim to shot at crown for the Ennemy of state pve. Hunter has already laid claim to that opportunity and I'll admit myself that Hunter is ahead of me in that regard considering he was victorious in the last pve. So when I resigned with LL1 today I was stumped, what the hell is Scoregasms going to do on the Grandest Alliance of them all and it wasn't until I watched LL this past week when it hit me and everything seemed to fall into place.

    Scoregasms has a wry little smile.

    Scoregasms: I watched LL1 last week and what caught my attention was all these new strong guys in pve. This Enemy of state pve, is interesting the winner earns a the new Iron Man Hulkbuster and you know something that pve crown would look damn good around ole Scoregams head. Last month at season 12, Scoregasms made the impossible, I broke the streak, your Streak and I dominate the pve scene after it but I get kick out to LL2 and now in LL3 resourcing myself. This event at Ennemy of the state, I will do a exception and go one better because Scoregasms is officially entering for the LL pve crown.

    With that huge announcement made the LL Big screen fades out and we head off to somewhere else.

    Malorick covers his mouth in a clearly oversold example of utter shock, followed by a sudden burst of realization.

    Hunter (cutting in)

    Oh snap! You hear that, Boss? The Beasts is coming, and he means business.
  • Hello, played for 1 month, super active, looking for an active Alliance. Always top 50 in every PVE event and atleast 400 points in PVP. IGN: CapeCrusader
    Invite is pending
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    ....the camera cuts to D2KM and OJC watching the epic show down between Malorick, Salgy and Scoregasms. Both men look at each other shaking their heads.

    "So what do you think this all means?" D2KM asks his friend.

    "Well for one thing..." OJC smiles showing a credit card. "I should either give Malorick back his credit card or lighten up on the fun a tad."

    Both men stop as Rob Zombie walks past with a bottle of Tequila. "You two are OUT OF CONTROL." Rob states before staggering past the two.

    "Yeah..." D2KM pulls a face. "Maybe a back stage party with the flamethrower dancers plus Rob Zombie and Band is a little too much to put on his card."

    Laughing OJC pats his friends shoulder. "Especially after I charged that intro to it. I think I need to say a few words to my friend out there before he digs a hole to deep to come back out of." He turns and walks off......

    THE crowd is waiting.....

    They watched the screens and know who is coming. GLASS SHATTERS and the crowd hit their feet. OJC comes out to the roar of his fans. He walks out to the middle of the stage, no salutes, no postures. The crowd quietens and listens.

    "I want you all to look at that leaderboard." OJC gestures to the Enemy of the State leaderboard. Maloricks score shows 242000 points, in second place. Scoregasms is in first on 252000. "If everyone in the stadium wants me to call out Malorick, then GIMME A HELL YEAH!"

    HELL YEAH!!! the crowd roars back.

    War by Sick Puppies plays and out comes Malorick. Similar to OJC, there is no pyro, no lights. Malorick comes to stand before OJC, he goes to talk when OJC cuts him off....

    "Nah uh. Before you say anything just listen. For such a long time you have been the brains of this group. This show was your idea. The factions, the competition, the fun. I would lie if I said I did not enjoy being a part of this. However. We are at a cross roads Malorick. You have gone and put yourself into one hell of a situation. You lost. You came out here and announced to the MPQ universe that you were the best and spoke of destiny"

    OJC points at the leaderboard. "You went too far, and others just showed you that your not invincible. Malorick it is time to start having fun again. You recruited great players and have others wanting to be a part of this. Our words capture We are Groots interest, and hell why wouldn't they. The legend that is Jonny1Punch wants to again be part of the group. And what are your responses to these things.....threats? Monologues?"

    OJC pauses, dramatic effect in place icon_e_smile.gif "I know you are the brain, the mind, but again it seems that I am the heart. Malorick it is time for you to stop playing the GAME and start just playing the game. You are the Commander of Commanders, and yes you are the King of Kings in my eyes. But I think you need to just have some fun. Enjoy your group. Salgy is with you 100% and the others are there too. D2KM and I are still here as you can see. But I think it is time to stop being the villian and return to being the leader of this family. What do you say?"

    He stops and looks at Malorick in the eye. He awaits the reply.....
  • Um.. Apologize for interruption. I wonder if I can join your alliance.

    I'm Thai, ergo I'm not native English speaker so I would like to excuse myself in advance if there're any concordant matters occurred due to my limited linguistic skill. I have played for about 2 weeks and participated in both PVP and PVE daily.

    Invite is currently pending in LL3. Thank you for your consideration.