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    signature time!

    had a special request from long time L&Ler, Mjmacka... he wanted a kingpin signature... unfortunately, there are not a lot of good pictures out there, so if anyone finds a better one, let me know!

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/LSPnXey.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/677dzUg.jpg?1

    and lastly... i dont normally use the in game cover art for signatures, i think it is a sign of laziness on my part (plus there are some god awful covers out there *cough*daken*cough*)... but this one looked pretty cool:

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/T5X4pMz.jpg?1

    as always, mjmacka, let me know if i need to make any changes

    and anyone else who wants one, let me know too!
  • Hello, are you recruiting as of now?

    Interested on a nice alliance for Season XV, just went through your alliance page and your rosters, also your chat, it seems pretty well organized and fun.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Epicmarvel currently
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    Testing. That second one looks great.
  • Hello, i'm interested in your alliance, I've sent a pending request to LL3

    Ahmad Lions
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    Still one spot available for ll1. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Malorick wrote:
    Still one spot available for ll1. Let me know if you are interested.

    I have a pending approval to join LL2. I read a lot of your posts and I am a good fit.
  • Thank y'all for those player's guides in the OP! Quite helpful. I'm a fairly new player but very active and I'm quickly growing my roster and started on 3*. I'm interested in joining your alliance if space is still available.

  • Hey Lock and Loaders!

    I'm here to announce that I'm stepping down from Lock and Load, effective immediately.

    I appreciate all the time I spent here and believe LL will remain a great alliance, no matter what. I'd like to thank the commanders and fellow L&Loaders for the grinds, the hops, the achievements and all the other things we've done together, individually or as a team. I just want to focus more on PvP and don't want to burden the team on PvE, which I can't play properly anymore.

    Special mention to you guys who helped me through a rough patch in RL and everyone who reached out - Thanks a lot!

    Any Lock and Loader will always be a friendly on my book, and I'll never snipe! (other than Hunter, of course... Lol)

    Good luck and may the cascades be with you!
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    Even if I am more busy and have keep a pause in posting in our forum thread Lock and Load is still doing good in pve and pvp and we have opening in our family.

    If you are looking for something new and exciting? Want to be a part of a fun, friendly, strong, no stress or drama alliance with like minded people? Well you are in luck because Lock and Load are currently recruiting. We have immediate opening. We are looking for friendly, active members. Come join the Lock & Load family!

    - Tired of carrying your alliance only to miss out on rewards?
    - Do you play daily?
    - Are you looking to improve your roster, knowledge, and earn top rewards?
    - Are you looking for a permanent, long-term home, where you feel valued and important?

    If you excel in pvp but dont like the pve grind please apply!! Or if you are a pve grind machine but are having issues with pvp, please apply!! We are a friendly bunch and will work with you icon_e_biggrin.gif

    We are looking for: friendly, consistent & competitive members who can contribute to our success. We are a top 25 pve and top 25 pvp alliance in ll1 and ll2 is top50 pve and top125 pvp alliance. Don't be intimidated by our ranking we are all working and helping each other so we can have good reward together and this in pvp and pve.

    We use the in game chat, and no other chat apps are needed, but we do require a forum account for "official" communication or a LINE account.

    We understand that sometimes real life gets in the way of playing and all we ask is that you communicate any circumstances that may keep you from keeping up with the alliance expectations.

    Please contact me here or on LINE Malorick

    We look forward to hearing from you
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    I may be showing how much of a "noob" I am to this game, even after playing for almost a year now, but I have to ask if I am missing something

    Is there a way to have my roster on PVP stay uneffected by changes I make to it in PVE?

    I use different covers for the current PVE versus what I set up on PVP and when I go to earn PVE points, I get hammered in PVP

    Any suggestions - or is this just how it works?

    What a pain in the **** with different covers maxed in different events...
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    Sorry guys, servers are down and I was depending on these last three hours to get a reasonable score in Falcon PVP. Not looking good!
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    Wow. Almost a month without a post in the group chat.... Things are too quiet here.
    Malorick you must be getting close to your 500 days as I am on 490 icon_e_smile.gif
    Lock and load 3 is coasting along well. We have two open spots if anyone is suffering from burn out and needing a rest. Offer is always open to our supreme leader Malorick as that man is a machine icon_e_wink.gif

    Damn ... Just saw a tumble weed roll on by icon_e_smile.gif Throwing up a post to bring the group forward as I have directed my new guys here to read first page info.
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    Damn ... Just saw a tumble weed roll on by Throwing up a post to bring the group forward as I have directed my new guys here to read first page info.

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    L&L quiet time... shhhhsh!
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    Could not have said that better Marvel icon_lol.gif
  • Speak softly and carry the beatstick
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    Cos I can and group page on page 4 doesn't sit well with me.....

    Galactus, yeah you big, you mean and your very purple. I think Lock and Load has 2 million left to kick your butt back to the outer regions. Adios amigo! icon_eek.gificon_e_biggrin.gificon_lol.gif
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    The stadium is dark. Dust has fallen onto empty chairs.....

    A flick appears on one of the overhead monitors..... something is going to happen.....

    Word is spreading. Will they come?
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    The crowd has arrived. They sit. They wait. The darkness has them. Anxiety levels are at an all time high. The silence only increases their desire for what once was and what promises to be. Their need becomes consuming.

    A flicker appears on the big screen. They blink. Was it imagined? Is this real? A murmur courses them. They are unified and there passion gives life to the story.


    The crowd hits their feet and stadium shakes from the as the crowd roar as one. YESSS!!!!!! The PRYO explodes and light the stadium. There is no spare room, every seat is sold. They have came and now they want to believe again.

    The big screen flares to life and Lock and Load 3 is shown on the Big Screen. The Alliance created by D2KM and OJC for the casual game is shown. Three thrones are shown are the alliance commanders. The centre seat remains empty, Wraithwarden is shown on the left and RickRap sits in the throne to the right. Kerberus is seen at the rear of the group. Wraithwarden gestures to one of her rising stars and Pork_Hunt steps forward, pointing to the camera he motions towards himself while screaming "JUST BRING IT!!"

    GLASS SHATTERS!!!! The crowd roar louder as they know what the glass means, but the screen flickers to Lock and Load 2. Imoko is seen at the front of the alliance with Dr Nitroman and Gredler flanking either side. The 17 others are seen with the eagerness for carnage visable. Evil mother steps forward silently and gestures with his thumb across his throat.

    GLASS SHATTERS!!! Lock and L PVE is shown on the screen as the crowd roars its approval of the newest creation. The PVE specialists are assembled behind their commanders Grymmjya, Kazekiru, Kimmiko and jokester77. SandJ and jamben77 step forward and raise their arms into the arm. As the sharply bring them down a light flares brightly filling the screen before it flickers off....

    The sudden darkness only seems to increase the crowd roaring. They are compelling, willing, wanting more. The crowd begin chanting, banging their feet. "WE WANT MORE!" is thundering through the stadium. The screen flickers on and off......"WE WANT MORE!!" continues. The crowd unify and their chants and come in a continual wave, "WE WANT MORE!!". Their feet stomp upon the stadium beneath them as the stadium begin to vibrate with the stomping.

    "WE WANT MORE!!!"

    The LOCK and LOAD logo lights from all screens in the building. The stadium again lights up as the laser light cut red lines across the crowd. Cannons of white pryo explode from the stage illuminating the stadium. The main screen EXPLODES!!! The sound of Shattering Glass bring out OJC. The roars become deafening. Throats become raw and voices waiver as the crowd bellows for one of the show stoppers. OJC walks to the centre of the stage and stops. He closes his eyes and listens to the crowd. He smiles in appreciation for the cheers, the chants and the roars following towards him.

    The lights come up as he walks down the ramp. He high fives some of the smaller fans on his way to the centre platform. Signs read from King of Kings, We love D2KM, HELL YEAH, to older fans still hoping for returns with Scoregasms Won and Salgy the new leader!

    OJC hits the platform and gestures for his mic. He crowd quietens as he stands there grinning. He stares to the crowd as he walks a circle looking at each side. "If your all happy to be here gimme a HELL YEAH." Instantly the crowd thunder in unison back at him "HELL YEAH!!!!" He smiles. "I am touched that you all remember. Let's see if I can't get some more love and bring out some other memories."

    He points to the stage and Freak on a Leash by KORN begins to play. The crowd roar for one of the all time favorites of Lock and Load. The laser lights begin their sweep of the crowd before concentrating on the center of the stage. D2KM, our Cyclops fanatic, leaps through the beams of laser light. He runs to one end of the stage and breaths in the atmosphere and the women scream and men roar. He turns, and runs tot he other side repeating the process. He smiles and walks to the platform where he and OJC shake hands. OJC passes the mic.

    "Finally!!!" D2KM begins. "D2KM has come back to Lock and Load. And Lock and Load has come back to the MPQ universe!!" The crowd begin to settle, their adrenaline still coursing through their veins. "I know I have done it all to you again. I was here then moved and left. My friend OJC came and picked up the pieces one more. But I am back, and I know you all missed me." screams of I love you come from different areas of the crowd at D2KM. "Real life takes me away and then the addiction brings me back. Just when I think I can leave they release classic Cyclops. These people tease worse then me." D2KM jokes as OJC chuckles mouthing REALLY to D2KM. He continues ignoring OJC.

    "I am not here to quit, just to let you all know that we are back and will be riding this for a while. But it not just our show." He hands the mic back to OJC. OJC takes a stand in the center of the platform.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Lock and Load proudly presents to you, its King of Kings with the General of the Alliance!!! The legend Malorick, and the other commanders Mjacka and Inder. Your Lock and Loads Commanders!!!! And if you ain't down with that we got two words for you......."

    As one with the crowd, D2KM and OJC roar out "SUCK IT!!!!"

    WAR by Sick Puppies hits the air as the Commanders come out. They throw the Lock and Load salute to the crowd as D2KM and OJC watch from the Platform. The King of Kings takes his mic. "Thank you OJC. Lock and Load lives here and will not just be silence. The story may not be as long as before but it will continue."

    The rest of Lock and load come out behind their commanders and throw up the L&L salute. But two spots are left. The anthem for Liverpool FC begins and the revving of a Harley can be heard. Philly999 rides out to the applause of the crowd. Philly joins the team in a Lock and Load salute.

    Malorick smiles. "Welcome back old friend. But we are not done with our surprises just yet. D2KM, brace yourself."

    The figure walks out from the back to fill the final place, the lighting concealing him from easily being seen. D2KM steps forward and mouths Oh My god! as the light settles onto the returning Ackerlight.

    "Brace yourself MPQ Universe." OJC talks to the crowd. "This is just the start of our tales again. There will be more to come. Real life may slow down the tales, but there was enough motivation for another tale to be told."
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    OJC, you made my day!! icon_lol.gif
    You want to be a part of the legend? (post updated regularly)