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    Anynody else remember pranking those first computers in stores by entering a few lines of BASIC code to infinitely loop a line a text? icon_eek.gif

    I took BASIC for a couple of semesters in high school. I remember once during class I was reading a manual and came across a program that would make the computer chirp every time a character was placed on the screen, so I created the program on my computer and then wrote the program that made the cursor draw a square spiral around the screen. The computer made this shrill, high pitched noise that interrupted the whole class. It lasted for about 30 seconds (I didn't know how to stop it). I had to stay after class and explain my actions to a very unhappy teacher.
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    The crowd is pumped. Banners of 365 and Devil Dino have been hung through out the Stadium. They have come to see the mind and the heart of Lock and Load. There Commander Malorick and one of their favourites OJC80. A black sheet of glass completely covers the entrance on the stage. Happy Anniversary has been sprayed across this with white paint. As one the stadium explodes into noise when WAR by Sick Puppies begins to play.

    Suddenly blended into the start of the chorus an armoured vehicles causes the GLASS to SHATTER, as it smashes through the sheet of glass, coming out onto the stage. We see OJC80 driving the armoured Jeep type vehicle. Malorick is manning the 25 pound artillery gun that has been mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Both men are dressed in combat fatigues with helmets and the crowd can tell from their smiles that they are here to celebrate. The vehicle comes to a halt and OJC80 jumps out. He flips his double bird salute and pyro explodes around them. Malorick fires the gun with an explosion flame and smoke that blends into the show onstage.

    Both men give a Lock and Load High Five and head to the ring cheering and clapping with their fans at ring side. They take their time entering the ring, soaking in the cheers from the Lock and Load MPQ universe. They stand in diagonal corners throwing up the salutes and getting the crowd to Roar louder. Malorick asks for a mic and waits for the crowd to settle.....

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages. Lock and Load proudly presents to you its One Year graduates of our game!!!!! It has been an interesting journey, it has BEEN WAR and their will be more battles to come, but this is a night for celebrating!" Malorick throws the mic to OJC80

    "And if you ain't down with what Malorick just said then we got two words for you....."
    As one the stadium roars with OJC80 and Malorick "SUCK IT!!!"
    OJC80 looks back up and smiles. "This should not just be about two men though. Devil Dino covers are a fitting reward for 365 days. Thank you, I like free gifts icon_e_biggrin.gif But Malorick there is another group that I would like to mention."

    Malorick pretends to look surprised, before smiling and asking. "More people having a 1 year bash? Don't keep them waiting OJC, you should bring them out."

    "They are not 365 day players Malorick." OJC grins back. "These men have the achievement that surpasses our 1 year. Malorick my friend allow me to introduce you to the Lock and Load 500."

    HALLOWED BE THY NAME from Iron Maiden tears into the arena as the big screen lights up with a blue Subaru WRX rally car ripping up an off road circuit. The car then drives out onto the stage at high speed before, park brake engaged and wheel at full turn the car drifts across to the other side from the armoured vehicle. A Greek figure emerges to the applause of the crowd. He is wearing the red and white striped jersey of his favourite football team Olympiakas. Andreas throws up the Lock and Load salute as fireworks shoot up in a X shape over him and his car. His music begins to fade.

    YOU"LL NEVER WALK ALONE take up where Iron Maiden leaves off. The anthem of the Liverpool FC brings out Philly99 on his Harley. His revving engine punctuating his teams music. He too is wearing his teams jersey of red and white checks. Philly smiles to Andreas as he parks his Harley beside the WRX and throws his own salute to the crowd. No pyro is needed as the crowd pops for Philly99. His music fades.

    MASTER OF PUPPETS from Metallica blasts into stadium. Flames fire up from the stage and launch into the air as a double kick drum, guitar and bass fire out the classic intro. Through the smoke walks a figure dressed in a Jedi style robe with the hood pulled over his head. As he draws level with two men on stage he throws back his hood and we see Angelo grinning at the other two. His beard is cut into the Jedi style as well. The camera pans to the barrier where Chicken6 is seen jumping up and down yelling at Angelo "Your my Yoda man!!!!" before he smashes down a beer in each hand. Angelo signs the devil horns to the crowd before joining the other two with the Lock and Load salute. The music fades.

    A drum beat picks up. Solid and without complexity. No pyro or flames but spotlights run over the crowd before resting on the entrance. A figure walks into the light. Salmas is dressed in a finely cut suit and looks stoically to the others on stage with him. The man that gives the alliance his solid performances event in and out. As is his style there are no words from Salmas as he walks to the other three on stage and throws up the Lock and Load salute.

    WAR by sick puppies again plays into the arena as the four men walk towards Malorick and OJC80. They hit each corner of the ring throwing up the Lock and Load Salute. Philly99 steps forward and takes the Mic from OJC80.
    "Thanks for the intro. We are the 500 but tonight we are here to support the two of you. Well done on the 1 year mark. Stay the course and you will be joining us soon."
    The six men in the ring give the Lock and Load High Fives as we see the events results from ISO Brotherhood.

    1) PVE ISO-8 Brotherhood -Great thanks to our top-performers, who are:
    Scoregasms 158 147 +0
    Malorick 156 833 +0
    Salgy 136 949 +4
    antreas1911 130 559 +4
    Liro 104 701 +4

    2) Special Award achievement ("Three in a row!) to King of the PVE Scoregasms retains his crown for the third time!
    3) Special Award achievement ("Powering to the Top") to Liro for his Top 5 performance.
    4) Special Award achievement ("Greek Mythology") to Antreas for his great performance in also achieving top 5.
    5) Special Award achievement ("The Greater Good") to D2KM for giving up his spot to Kerberus after accidently removing him from Lock and Load 2.
    6) Special Award achievement ("Xforce Love") to Kerberus for his collection of Xforce team ups acquired while in Lock and Load.

    7) Our top 5 players have played for an average of 137 438 pts that is 382% the max reward.
    8) Our mid-top 5 players have played for an average of 94 628 pts that is 263% the max reward.
    9) We have played for an average per member of 91 772 pts (255% the max reward).
    10) Great work to our top improvement performer in pve, who made the more improvement, who are:
    Salgy 136 949 +4
    antreas1911 130 559 +4
    Liro 104 701 +4
    fishcake89 98 025 +4
    Mjmacka 89 082 +5

    The stage suddenly goes dark as the lights go out. A ROOAARRR is heard, the stage explodes into Pyro from seven different points and the crowd goes nuts as their new King of the PVE Scoregasms comes out. He has the Doom Legion anthem playing and as always is dressed for battle. He doesn't acknowledge the crowd and stares at the ring. He lifts his mic....
    "CUT THE DAMN MUSIC!!!" he shouts.
    Silence decends onto the arena. The crowd is shocked. This is not the normal Scoregasms that the MPQ universe knows. Scoregasm looks menacingly at the men in the ring.
    "So we are celebrating that you can all log in and play the game? One year or 500days. SO WHAT! That is no reason to celebrate. You want a reason!!"
    Scoregasms looks to the crowd....
    "YOU WANT A REASON!! I am that reason. I am the three times PVE winner. I am the GAME, I am your REASON!!! I have taken the beloved commander and thrown him to my feet broken and defeated."

    OJC80 ever defending his commander rushing to the side of the ring but is stopped by a calm Angelo. Philly99 passes him the mic, never breaking his eye contact with Scoregasms. As he steps back we see he is wrapping his right hand with a metal chain. The tension is building.

    "Listen young one."
    Angelo speaks in a calming tone. "No one here is looking to take away from you what you have done. A three time winner is amazing. Both Malorick and OJC80 understand this as they have been where you are. This is a PEACEFUL celebration of their achievements. They have in turn honoured us too. You have not been forgotten.." Angelo points to the result board. "You are on top. 1st place and the Special Achievement. Had you but waited your name was next to be mentioned.."

    "WAITED!" Scoregasms roars back. "I am not WAITING for anyone. Malorick is done. His victories are in the past. OJC80 hit a triple win, but in a lesser Alliance. He has never won here! Always beaten by Malorick."

    "But not always by you Score."
    OJC80 smiles into the second mic he has collected. "You seem to be forgetting that yourself, Salgy and I formed a group to take down the King. Yet I see you walk alone to the Doom Legion music."

    "I AM THE DOOM LEGION!" Scoregasms replies. "I am the one who got the job done."

    WAR plays again and out comes Salgy. He walks past Scoregams without a glance and makes his way to the ring with the 7 other men.
    "Enough." Salgy speaks. "You are not the only one to have beaten Malorick. He has brought out the best in us by throwing out the challenge and we as a group, not an individual, have risen to meet that challenge. Scoregasms you are better for the challenge, and your victories only back that up..."

    "You bring up a good point Salgy."
    Scoregasms cuts off Salgy. "I did win and there was a stipulation. I want Malorick out of this Alliance."

    Andreas walks forward and takes the mic. "Look Scoregasms we can see that you are not quite thinking this through. Your stipulation was an add on. Thrown out and accepted with battle lust in the air. We are a group, and are stronger standing together. We are not about to throw each other out due to some silly gamble. That is about as wise as Greek man turning down the offer to work."

    "ENOUGH!!" Scoregasms roars. "What is this. What are you all doing!!! I WON. He LOST! LOSER LEAVES!!!"

    The Imperial March plays through the stadium. The classic music from Star Wars heralds D2KM and the Spotlight finds him walking through the crowd, making his way to the ring. The crowd pops as he greets his fans on the way, hugging one lady who has an "I LOVE D2KM" sign. Clearly one of the fan favourites, he enters the ring and Andreas gives him the mic.

    "We are a team Scoregasms." D2KM takes up where Andreas left off. "We stand together and work together. If one falls we help them out, not tear them down. That logic leads to alliances falling apart. I should know as I have been there."

    Scoregasms, walks to the ring and enters. He gets into D2KM's face. "You score 100K in an event and you think you can talk to me like that!!! You haven't earned the right. I can beat all of you here. I do it time and time again. You are not good enough to run against me SO STAND DOWN D2KM!"

    OJC80 steps between the two, making them stand back from each other. "All right." he says to Scoregasms as D2KM looks barely in control of his emotions. "I have a way to settle this. Double or nothing. If you win then Malorick goes, and so do we. If you lose then you spend some chill out time in Lock and Load 2."

    Scoregasms screams out. Then he stops because he sees OJC80 smiling back at him.....

    "I didn't say this was for Thick as Thieves." OJC80 grins back. Everyone looks at Scoregasms as he becomes aware that he has agreed to something without knowing what it is. "Scoregasms, you just made the same mistake as Malorick. You can beat us in Thick as Thieves, I have no doubt. But can you beat us all in the Season XIII...."

    "NO!" Scoregasms roars at OJC80. "NO damn you! I don't care. It doesn't count. Malorick goes now!! I won. I did it. He lost." Scoregasms is losing it in ring and steps up to OJC80 ready to attack. Silently Salmas reaches out. He grabs Scoregasms by the trunks and neck. Uncerimoniously he tosses him from the ring. The 7 other men grin and high five as Scoregasms rises to his knees. Looking up he sees 8 men in front of him. United and strong and knows that there would be ten events in which he would have to beat them all. D2KM, Malorick, Salgy his commanders that are achieving 1000 + points per PVP. OJC80 who hits the 1000 when the reward hits his hunger. The 500 club of Angelo, Adreas, Philly99 and Salmas, legends of the alliance with the rosters to back them up. His shoulders slump as he knows his victory over this group is unlikely.

    OJC80 smiles at Scoregasms. "You don't look yourself these days Scoregasms. You won man and congrats to that, but we are not here to destroy each other. With the commanders approval I think you need some time to find what is important to you again. To be the Scoregasms that we know, the brother that we love. Try new things, experiment with your PVE scaling and when you find yourself, your spot is here."

    D2KM nods, Salgy smiles and Malorick throws up the Lock and Load Salute. Scoregasms rises to his feet and snarls back at the men in the ring. "I will be back, better and more powerful than ever." With that he turns and walks away from his team heading for Lock and Load 2.

    Malorick smiles. "I will be here waiting my friend." He hits the Lock and Lock high five with the men in the ring as they stand united once more.
    WAR by Sick Puppies plays and the camera pans to the big screen. Showing is a simple message about our episode. THE GOLDIE AWARDS.

    Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate/propose new analysis, Don't forget to like the analysis. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these reviews so dont be shy to like it if you read them because our followers was low recently icon_e_sad.gif.
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    Okay team. I have hit the wall in the Heavy metal event. Basically at 400points and everything is xforce 200 - 270 with a maxed 3* and IM40 200 - 290.
    Druss hit this wall first up and has hit a post http://www.d3pforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26893
    I feel as a team we should be over there and giving his post the thumbs up to get the attention of D3 forum guys. They need to know that this experiment is a total failure and they need to revert back to an older matchmaking system.
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    ojcAust wrote:
    Okay team. I have hit the wall in the Heavy metal event. Basically at 400points and everything is xforce 200 - 270 with a maxed 3* and IM40 200 - 290.
    Druss hit this wall first up and has hit a post http://www.d3pforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26893
    I feel as a team we should be over there and giving his post the thumbs up to get the attention of D3 forum guys. They need to know that this experiment is a total failure and they need to revert back to an older matchmaking system.

    Done & done... You know this "heavy metal" pvp reminds me a lot of "category 5" pvp they "tested" in between seasons XI & XII that everyone hated... Hopefully we can get the devs to reverse this, the changes to the progression rewards are meaningless now, no one can get to them... Top in my bracket is at 647
  • I got to climb decently 2 times - first from 0 to 300, getting hit in the process, but with several defensive wins, so it was even. Then late last night i got from 300-land to 670 with a big push, but x-force/strong IM40/166 or 270 was the standard. I used x-force/290 IM40/Hood with the occasional boost or rainbow boot, on a hard fight against Gipsy Danger worth 38 points.

    But now I can't find decent score fights, I've been skipping a lot and the same people keep showing up, with marginally different values, ranging between 18-22 points each.
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    Salgy wrote:
    ojcAust wrote:
    Okay team. I have hit the wall in the Heavy metal event. Basically at 400points and everything is xforce 200 - 270 with a maxed 3* and IM40 200 - 290.
    Druss hit this wall first up and has hit a post http://www.d3pforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26893
    I feel as a team we should be over there and giving his post the thumbs up to get the attention of D3 forum guys. They need to know that this experiment is a total failure and they need to revert back to an older matchmaking system.

    Done & done... You know this "heavy metal" pvp reminds me a lot of "category 5" pvp they "tested" in between seasons XI & XII that everyone hated... Hopefully we can get the devs to reverse this, the changes to the progression rewards are meaningless now, no one can get to them... Top in my bracket is at 647

    Team I am really impressed with the support you have shown. Druss has one of the top rated comments in that thread. We all have really come together and helped out one of your own. It helps that we will all benefit if they reverse this matchmaking system. Using rosters as a system is just punishing the veterans. TIME TO ROLL IT BACK D3. Heck multiple boosted characters was better than this.
  • Hi All,

    Here I am, registered in dp3.

  • Guys, here's my 2 cents on the last PvP and how I got to 1k:
    - Early start: I started as soon as the 1st slice opened and climbed to 300-ish, mostly facing 2* and 3* (not 166, though) until 200, then I got a couple of tough fights, but still worth decent points (between 25-30).
    - Shield and wait: after I got to 300-ish, I started to get attacked a lot for that range of point. Since it was way too soon in the PvP, with 2 whole days ahead, I shielded for a whole day, saving the trouble of climbing again AND scoring some defensive wins.
    - Post first shield: After the 1-day shield expired, I went on playing regularly for a while, winning my games and losing some retaliations, but every once in a while I got those great defensive wins, which kept me from losing too much. At this time I got to 500-ish points and shielded for 3 hours, just to let the heat die down a bit.
    - Hard Push/Shield: After sitting on 500-ish for a while, I thought it was time to push to the top, since my bracket had zero 1k players and the #1 was on top with low 900. After picking some decent fights to start, I was able to climb steadly to 840 without retaliations, so I shielded (another 1-day) before my luck ran out - a minute after I shielded I got attacked at least 8 times in 5 minutes. The PvP still had 11 hrs to go, so I had time to try to hit 950, my initial goal.
    - Final Push: With 1hr30m to go, I broke my shield after lining some 25-30 point fights and won those. Sitting @ 957, I thought I could reach 1k, so I went for it - found myself a nice 30 pointer and won that, reaching the 1k with the first fight I could get (a 19-pointer) and that was that - first to reach the 1k club!

    Teams: I went with X-force (270)/IM40( 290 - finally some use for him)/Hood (140) for most of the PvP, with and occasional LCap on some of the tough fights, but I preferred Hood because IM40's red was dishing 7k damage, and Hood speed that iso a lot. Also, on my fights against X-F/TGT/IM40, SS always got the red off the board, speeding up IM40 considerably.

    Hope this can help, guys! Thanks for the support, specially Malorick and Salgy - your last season input and tips were very helpful!
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    Similar to Angelo on my climb to the 1000. It was brutal. I would climb to 400 to be ripped back to 250 points. In the end I stuck the head down and motored to 500points. Used my first shield here, 8 hrs. Then is was shield hopping switching between 3hr and 8hr. biggest climb I had was my third hop. Went from 650 into the 882. Picked up some very thankful defense wins. Was about to break in the dying moments for as last shield had me on 998!!! icon_evil.gif but along came someone who attempted to down my maxed IM40, Xforce 210 and Hood 135 (full covered). 2 points and I was an even 1000. Missed who it was from as I wanted to thank them via a PM icon_lol.gif
    I primarily targeted XF/Hood as like the speed that you can get through them before shielding in. However there was a maxed Cage IF combo (Devastingly Good), XF and IF, with of course the old stable XF and 4thor. Like Angelo I was also looking for an IM40 that was a higher level than at least the non XF. SS lead into IM40 red and 9 times out of 10 the buddy to XF was dead.
    icon_e_ugeek.gif So it is possible, but I would say I used an extra 3 and 8 hr shield to get there. The boost nerf is actually a benefit in greater number of defensive wins, but that was mixed in with a huge amount of shielded losses.
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    LL adventures comes on the air with a video highlighting the brawl that happen between the two pve Beasts Scoregasms and Malorick at the end of last pve event and where we saw Scoregasms leaving to LL2.

    The theme song of LL, “War” by Sick Puppies begins blaring throughout the MPQ Universe, the pyro goes off as the fans are on their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs to show their appreciation for the next edition of the LL analysis. The crowd are pumped up as we are brought to the Legendary LL adventures.

    Welcome back to our legendary analysis for Lock and Load where the big guys play! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Lock and Load proudly brings to you, it's Lock and Load adventure and analysis for the last events:

    pvp Balance of Power rank …. KRRISSHHH.. thisshig rrrerrk …. Beeeeeep……

    We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties due to the long Easter holidays, we missed the Balance of Power results because of the Eastern Bunny, sorry about that. A request was sent to try to retrieve it but maybe each member will have to do it if we want these stats, will see. KRRISSHHH.. thisshig rrrerrk …. Beeeeeep……

    Pvp Heavy Metal rank 21 (16 294 pts)

    The place erupts as the music of LL Commander blares over the speakers. The man, the myth, the legend D2KM comes dancing from behind the curtain in his own unique way and drops down on his knees on the stage as his pyros go off. D2KM gets back up and makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with the fans as he makes his way down.

    D2KM is handed a microphone from a member of the production crew. The authority of LL is about to make his address but before he is able to the MPQ universe interrupt in a chorus of 'D2KM' chants. D2KM puts his hands up as if to say 'Oh, Stop It.' and allows them to die down before beginning.

    D2KM: Welcome to LL adventures! It sure feels good to be here in Lock and Load.

    There is a huge pop in the stands and the camera pans out to pick up a variety of signs been held up including among others, 'Malorick fear Scoregasms', 'Why Scoregasms Why?', 'Jonny1Punch Sold Out!!' and a very random, 'Antreas LL Greek God'. D2KM smiles at his cheap pop before continuing.

    D2KM: Last event I warned Scoregasms that there would be severe consequences for his act and need to find himself and which better place of inside LL2. He will be able to help EvilMother and regroup them to be a solid sister alliance for LL. Last event show of unity is what make LL strong even if we have lost a huge player, we are able to regroup stronger than ever. And this event is a good proof of it even with that new matchmaking structure LL made it to top25.

    The fans start a 'Yes!' chant in response to the commander.

    D2KM: I was sure that was gonna to step up on this event and I did it. So anyway where was I... Oh the new matchmaking structure. I sensed the frustration in the team when we see that wall so early but ..

    Before D2KM can say another word he is interrupted by...

    Fans cheer as the Angelo music MASTER OF PUPPETS from Metallica rains over the place and Angelo files out through the curtain causing the cheers to only grow in volume. You can see his excitement knows no bounds as he jumps up and down and go just in front of our D2KM proud to lead LL in that pvp and be the first to attain the Illuminati club (1k).

    He grabs a microphone and gets right in front of D2KM seemingly not happy, before he was about to pokes him right in the chest but D2KM step back just in time because he remember the dangerous effect of the finger of Doom as Angelo begins talking him down.

    Angelo: Oyeme vato, cause you know what? Your time to talk is over. You come to our brand and talk and talk about us like you know anything about us, you continue to switch between Ll1 and LL2, pues sabes que? It’s about time you learn the truth. We were doing great without you I was able to replace you and be part of the Illuminati. Salgy, CapceH were PVP King, Malorick, Chicken, MjMacka, OJC80 have all show that they can be in the Illuminati club. We are a big family and we are pushing ourself to the top of the card for the team. You are not carrying us anymore your are part of a Awesome team. I pushed our team and motivated them in that painful and expensive event and show them it was possible to attain 1k.

    The rest of the Illuminati,Malorick, CapceH, Ojc80 start walking to join them as Angelo countinues.

    Well That’s what we’re here to put an end to, to give us a fair chance. No more Johnny1punch, no more Ackerlight, no more Logan.1909 to steal the spotlight and soon no more D2KM. Because the name on the Crown is changing, and there aint nothing “D2KM” Can do bout it. And that’s why we come out when we want, we can do it. And now it’s my time to be King of the pvp so give me my crown now!

    Malorick looks on at Angelo and he goes as he points at him and speak.

    Malorick: Whether you like how I did it to stay the King of pve or not I am your King of the King. I am the PVE Beasts of this team, and as the authority of this team you need to respect your King. Your King is speaking right now so listen to me. I lost my pve crown for too long so that pvp crown is mine now.

    Malorick smirks as he about to take the pvp crown from Angelo but out of nowhere, D2KM slides behind him and take him right back down with a surprising defensive win for +5 that put D2KM just right back at the first position.

    D2KM quickly slides out of and grabs his crown and back his way up the ramp, looking proud of himselves as both Angelo and Malorick look on, unable to believe what just happened.

    And now return to the analysis where Lock and Load will stop at nothing from stealing the show as usual!!.

    1) Pvp Heavy Metal -Great thanks to our top-performers, who are:
    D2KM 1058
    Malorick 1058
    Angelo2383 1040
    CapceH 1004
    OJC80 1000

    2) New king of pvp to D2KM who made it for the first pvp of this season by capturing the crown in a controversial way and with a tie that give the victory to the last one who did the most recent score, well done!
    3) Special Award achievement ("Illuminati") to D2KM, Malorick, Angelo, CapceH, Ojc80who made it to the top 5 with a score over 1k. Amazing work!!!
    4) Special Award achievement ("Cosmic Boy ") to CapceH who didn’t stop even if it was his last pvp with us and show us than even d3p cannot stop it of doing 1k. Congrats for all your recent big scores with us, it was an amazing season!!!
    5) Special Award achievement ("Borrowed Blade") to Salgy who miss the top5 but did a score over 900, congrats.
    6) Special Award achievement ("Brother in Arms") to Salma who continue to follow his brother not far behind to the top with a great score.
    7) Special Award achievement ("Chill Out!") to chicken6 and RubixQube that start also strong for this season with an excellent score.
    8) Our top 5 players have played for an average of 1 032
    9) Our mid-top 5 players have played for an average of 863.
    10) We have played for an average per member of 815.

    D2KM goes, and he gets the pvp crown, and he looks also shocked that he won it. As CapceH gets ready to leave LL he jumps on D2KM giving him a huge of a lifetime seeing his friend win the crown. D2KM goes and exits the stage with CapceH, and out comes salma who hugs him as well. The three men celebrate. Salgy is shown getting up from this, and he looks on at them and makes his way towards them, and he meets up with D2KM on top of the ramp. Salgy goes, and shakes the hand of D2KM, and he heads to the back. The final image of this scene is the three men celebrating with the camera panning to D2KM the new PVP King.

    WAR by Sick Puppies plays and the camera pans to the big screen. Showing is a simple message about our next episode. THE GOLDIE LOCK AWARDS.

    Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate/propose new analysis, Don't forget to like the analysis. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these reviews so dont be shy to like it if you read them.
  • I laughed out very loud at that "...and a very random, 'Antreas LL Greek God'." icon_lol.gif

    Great review such as ever, Malorick! I got so close to the crown just to see it slip through my fingers - but my time will come! icon_twisted.gif
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    Signature time!

    first up was ToxicAgent and his request for venom... i will have to say, venom images just fit my style of signature art... i had a hard time narrowing this down to 3 or 4 like i normally try to do... Toxic, if you want any changes, or help implementing these, let me know

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/G01QW04.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/QqOWwIt.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/XLf5ScC.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/f9Jx4DX.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/xk6gk4h.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/6RKenEz.jpg?1
  • Thanks Salgy these are great sigs no doubt..and this is really cool alliance..thanks for let me be part of you guys ..so lets go and grind some nodes icon_e_smile.gificon_e_wink.gificon_razz.gif
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    Man i keep trying to thumbs up your posts salgy but it wont let me... keeps telling me that its too soon to thumbs up but there is already a thumbs up icon_rolleyes.gif

    Anyway, just wanted to say great work on those sigs buddy!! Venom ones look awesome!
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    next up we had IamTheDanger with a professor x request... this was a toughy, unless you like a particular actor portrayal...

    standard disclaimers: any changes, let me know... need help implementing, let me know...

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/5qOd3Vk.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/aXzPp8U.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/CShMfoj.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/LUTlYrp.jpg?1

    and the last one here is for nostalgic reasons... just in case you weren't ready to give up your current signature
    link here: http://i.imgur.com/dXXhQJP.jpg?1
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    last request (so far...) for the day, was by no means a recent request, i owed consumedfire these for months now... welcome back buddy... we missed you!

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/iYcjK4N.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/bwcBhIz.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/gDub2PW.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/ZjJuRUx.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/uUBBoSk.jpg?2

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/89Xd8D3.jpg?1

    standard disclaimers: blah, blah, blah changes... blah, blah, blah implementing
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    You are truly awesome at what you do!
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    antreas - almost missed this in the chat... but here you go...

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/RAk6UqG.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/MYN4hYU.jpg?1

    and lastly:
    link here: http://i.imgur.com/MxZ1tB5.jpg?1
    *** i am keeping the actual art file open in case you want something else written, or my translation is way off... let me know...

    standard disclaimers: blah, blah, blah...
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    Even though the third one had some greek words (man how you did that) i picked the second which is more awesome than awesome. Perfect, i like black and white.
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    Even though the third one had some greek words (man how you did that) i picked the second which is more awesome than awesome. Perfect, i like black and white.

    the one you picked was my favorite too... the red from the & as the only "real" color on it... really makes it pop