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  • The posts are getting better and better!!!
    Hey Salgy i'd like a signature, guess who icon_e_smile.gificon_e_biggrin.gif if you can make it , if bot i'll chose someone else
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    alright... L&L2 is finally getting on board with these signatures! had 4 requests today icon_eek.gif

    Whitequeen, just so you know, yours is in the next batch, trying to go in order!

    first up, was frank915 & a request for night crawler:

    link here:http://i.imgur.com/1o88ctd.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/UvsZDFj.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/2v5fBqZ.jpg?1

    next up was Evilmother & a request for mystique... mystique was a tough one to find pictures that were not overtly sexualized... these 2 were about the best i could find that hopefully won't offend anyone... as i always say, if you come across a picture you think would be better, pm me the web address... 90% of the time spent to make these is finding the right picture...

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/ex3g4Tl.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/pFMZgaX.jpg?1

    let me know if you need any changes made, or if you need help getting them in as a signature...

    sigepbullet & whitequeen, you are next on my list!
  • Thanks Salgy!
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    Thank you for everything "Lock and Load"! The "KO KING" returns to the land of the mercenaries.....

    My complaints about the state of MPQ right now and reasons I am returning to being a merc are too many to list here and no one wants to hear me rage.

    So instead I will give my thanks and praise to one of the best alliances I've ever been a part of. Keep in mind the alliance does not use LINE or have a battlechat of any sort so my interaction was really limited to the in-game chat and few people I messaged with. There really is no out of game coordination here which made this alliance even more special. Consistently finishing top 5 in PVE and usually top 25/50 PVP with no hopping/boosting/battlechat is truly an amazing feat. Also just an overall awesome group of human beings all around : )

    Special thanks:

    Malorick- truly a great leader and commander who really cares about the people on his team and rarely asked anything of us other then to " have fun and don't stress". Your adventures and stories here were always the highlight of my event and the best part of MPQ. I'm a follower for life. Thank you boss!

    Salgy- you are a great teammate,friend and NO ONE makes cooler or more fantastic signatures then you. Truly you are artistically blessed.

    OJC80- you welcomed me and supported me all the time and probably kept me around longer then I anticipated with your kind words and friendship.

    But overall my final reasoning is that I am angry. I've been angry since D3 took away environmental tiles. I'm still angry about Spiderman,Sentry,Thorina and even professor X Pre-release nerf.I am angry about the way time slices and ridiculous 8hr shield cooldowns were shoved down my throat. I'm angry as hell that senseless over-nerfs and over-balancing have ruined PVP. I'm angry that D3 refuses to listen to our complaints and fix Pve and the reward structures. So instead of infecting an amazing top 25 alliance with my hostility and bad attitude...... Better to just remove myself from the equation.

    I don't have the desire to quit yet I really would just rather play casual and pick and choose what I do. I won't commit to a game that can't commit to its own player base and reward its loyal customers.
    "Never love something that won't love you back". I guess that sums it up for me.

    Big Jonny1punch aka Jonny Cena is out! ( until someone body-slams the devs to wake em up!)
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    Awesome sigs, Frank and Evilmother! Love the work Salgy!
  • Thanks for the sig, Salgy. Nice work.
  • Malorick wrote:
    Lock and Load are fighting new and more powerful foes in the Hotshot, it's powerful, dangerous, intense, need to fight and fight powerful new force in the MPQ Universe. Many of the MPQ are afraid of that new force since they have build their stable only around one way to win. Then, BANG!! Impressive pyrotechnics blasts from everywhere, lighting up the place for this new edition, the crowd is PUMPED, needless to say as they all shoot to their feet and scream at the top of their lungs to show their appreciation for the LL adventures. The pyro dies out as the theme song of Lock and Load, “War” by Sick Puppie continues to blare through the MPQ Universe. We can still here echo throughout the MPQ universe about that new force that is coming.

    The leader of LL Malorick and by his side his two commanders, Salgy and D2KM. Their entrance began with eerie music, then the lights would go out for a second or two before a reddish orange light would spotlight the stage area. Then, the trio would rise from beneath the stage through a ring of fire before walking through the flames. The pounding beat of the music only added to the overall coolness of the experience—it’s an entrance still talked about. The music, the lights, the fire and the commanders themselves meshed so well together, so awesome.

    The LL Big screen suddenly lights up with a segment from earlier in this week. The screen is filled with a single, relatively pink car where we can see the silhouette of a dog and a donkey driving it and hit a motorcycle rider and fled while laughing at the scene. OH! It’s Philly, a LL member.

    The fans in the arena are sitting on their places as static interrupts their peace and the LL Big screen flickers on and off, when the screen flicks on for the final time we are greeted by the last pvp King of season XI.....Logan, Logan never needed to talk his action was talking for himself. But now we see a different one since the shockwave of the weakened Thor Goddess of Thunder, he look disgust and piss off and for the second time, he talk: “I quit”.

    Logan walks out of the screen, leaving the audience in silence as the LL screen fades to black and the show moves on to.....

    Welcome back to our legendary analysis for Lock and Load where the big guys play! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Lock and Load proudly brings to you, it's Lock and Load adventure and analysis for the last events:

    pvp HotShot rank 25 (17 030 pts)

    And now return to the analysis where Lock and Load will stop at nothing from stealing the show as usual!!.

    1) pve Hotshot -Great thanks to our top-performers, who are:
    Jonny1punch 1 350 +0 (-193 pts)
    D2KM 1 122 +5 (+151 pts)
    Salgy 1 072 +9 (+150 pts)
    Malorick 1 067 +5 (+55 pts)
    OJC80 1 005 +5 (+10 pts)

    Malorick and D2KM look at LL ranking and it’s 26, they look at each other while the crowd start chanting in repetition: “One more Fight!” Malorick and D2Km slaps each other on the chest and says: "Let's do it for the team!" as they heads out for one more fight! They Jump in the action and a win for Malorick (+37) and D2KM (+21) to push LL at ranked 25. Salgy raise their arms, but their celebrations are cut short by the place being plunged into darkness, and a massive Swiss Clock and the sound of a tick tock tick tock being pumped into the place.

    The clock stops after twelve beats, then the noise of roaring Harley Davidson five engines full up the place, the lights of the motorcycles begin to emerge of the stage, two parking on a side of the staging each side, with one motorbikes in the middle. Finally, Philly99 theme hits the place and the lights come back and the crowd erupts for Philly99, standing up on the middle motorcycle with antreas1911, fishcake89, Mjmacka, Darkron on the other motorcycle.

    Philly99, grimacing while looking at his bandage on his broken rib and leaps off his motorcycle and begins to march down the entrance ramp, the fans are going nuts, the loudest pop of the evening so far. The motorcycles begin to make their way off the staging as Philly continues his power march down the entrance and join the commanders and give them the LL high five and he is going to speak:. “They can try to get me down, but you can always count on me to help the alliance. Not a animal or even less a boat can beat us. Lock and Load 4Life!!!” Which the fans respond with an even louder cheer. Philly99 shakes hands with the commanders before leaving them.

    2) Special Award achievement ("Punch out!”) to Jonny1punch who continue to KOing everybody and do anincredible score, well done. We don’t need a army, we have Jonny!
    3) Special Award achievement ("Illuminati") to Jonny1punch, D2KM, Salgy, Malorick, OJC80 who are all in the elite club of 1k with a great score.
    4) Special Award achievement ("Atomic Powerhouse") to OJC80 who beat his personal record and did his first 1k, Excellent work!!!
    5) Special Award achievement ("Strong Right Arms of LL") to D2km who beat his personal record, Great works!!!
    6) Special Award achievement ("Strong Left Arms of LL") to Salgy for his great score not far behind D2KM.
    7) Special Award achievement ("Silent and Deadly") to MjMacka who also step up and his back in our top10.

    As Jonny1Punch's entrance music blares out of the speakers, the audience releases an never ending cheer reaction, louder than any in recent memory. With the audience continuing to display their pleasure toward him, Full of intensity and the usual light hearted edge he holds to his presence the Big Guy steps out from the back. He throws his arms back and roars before doing his usual theatrics with accompanying “boom” off-screen and there is a loud pyrotechnic pop. Our still undefeated new KO King Jonny1Punch. Jonny walk and has stopped right by Philly’s motorcycle and smiles before reaching our commanders and illuminati member for the LL high five. D2Km turns and face Jonny when its his turn and stare each other in the middle of the stage. These two monstrous legends just continue to stare as Salgy and Malorick hold back D2KM not wanting this time to get in the middle of these two men. Jonny doesn’t do anything and neither does D2KM. The stare down is broken by D2Km who give the LL high five to Jonny and point to his crown. It’s clear that he want this back with him.

    We go backstage where Chicken’s standing with Angelo2383 in his dressing room drinking a beer watching their last performance on the last events and celebrating. A lot of noise can be hear behind the door and this is catching the attention of Scoregasms, Reid and Liro that was walking close to it and pick their attention and open the door. Chicken throw them a beer and invite them to celebrate with him and show to them his Illuminati ring. Chicken's still smiling about what he did earlier in that Mind Games event, continue to drink to that and put his red cape as we can see a sign #1 on it and start to shows his pride and joy being out here with LL by starting doing circle around making his cape fly out.

    The five of them hold there beers up and then slam them and drink. We can hear them screaming: "I'll drink to that!" while raising their beer can and Knock a few more back to back.

    Chicken goes to talk but Angelo cuts him off quickly. Angelo: “We are not supposed to return to fight in the next Hotshot events!” Chickens nods his head then replies. "So you think ya can beat me this time? You think you can beat the number one in pvp. Uh-nuh! I don't think so! Sure I like to drinks a few beers. Have a drink, Knock a few back, Get drunk. And I'll tell ya what Angelo. Next event you come with whatever you what, n' I'll come with a nice cold 24 pack of Chickenwisers... N' we'll just see who's walking away with their hands held high!" Scoregasms look at each other LL in the eyes, realizing that they miss the event and we fade off to the stage.

    8) Our top 5 players have played for an average of 1 123 pts.
    9) Our mid-top 5 players have played for an average of 868 pts.
    10) Our mid-bottom 5 players have played for an average of 779 pts.
    11) Our bottom 5 players have played for an average of 636 pts.
    12) We have played for an average per member of 852pts.
    13) Great work to our top improvement performer in pvp, who made the more improvement, who are:
    RubixQube 788 +5 (+170 pts)
    D2KM 1 122 +5 (+151 pts)
    Salgy 1 072 +9 (+150 pts)
    Mjmacka 903 +4 (+116 pts)
    Malorick 1 067 +5 (+55 pts)

    Back to the illimuniti where the fans are cheering wildly for them, while we can see CapceH coming to join them but suddendly those cheers are quite literally shattered by the sound breaking glass. CRASHHH! clink! clink! The crowd explodes as we cannot hear OJC80 theme the place is deafening, louder than the cheers for Philly or Jonny, the fans are going insane as OJC80 marches out from the backstage, a glass sheet shatters in front of him allowing him to make it out onto the staging and that’s it, everyone in the arena is going to have tinnitus.

    OJC80 is marching straight towards the Illuminati and pushing CapceH out of the ramp causing him to fall to the floor, the music is barely audible thanks to the crowd, they are on fire for OJC80. OJC80 finally makes it down to the bottom of the entrance ramp, he wipes his mouth, his eyes are locked directly on all of them, following them constantly, OJC80 gives his signature double birdie salute, which the fans respond with an even louder cheer. He salutes to every LL member in the ring, before throwing off his prospect jacket, we can see that it is one of his old jackets with the Prince of Lock and Load 2 written on the back. The established roster smiles and nods knowing where he has come from to get here. OJC80 raises his Illuminati ring up, he looks directly to the camera and raises a mic..

    "This right here, everything that LL stands for, it's in my hands. I came here through the ranks. Won a triple crown of pve back to back. Malorick ever hungry for the competition extended the offer to run with the A league and I took it. I leap off that boat before it struck the iceberg. If you all think that was one of the smartest moves I could have made then gimme a HELL YEAHH!!!"

    The crowd Roars HELL YEAH back at OJC80.

    "I spent the time solo, then in low tier alliance. I came into Lock and Load, recruited by D2KM due to my pve scores. I have considered myself a pve specialist. To Hell with that. I saw what I wanted. I hit the event hard, covered my **** with shields and hopped to the top. In the end I got what I wanted just like I always do and look at me now."

    The crowd yell their approval. OJC80 is looking at his ring and his LL friends. He waits for the crowd to settle, then taking a more serious tone.

    "There has been big egos to deal with, barking orders, and some mixed messages. Alliances have been used as puppets in unknown schemes but this is about NOW not THEN. Here in Lock and Load alliance we are a family, we care about our members and we are about helping each other. I have survived, grown and flourished with this A league of Champions. Lock and Load 2 is back, healthier than ever and the no stress environment it was meant to be. Number 2 alliances feed Number 1 Alliances, that's how it works. We always recruit from within. I know this and have come through the ranks. Now I would like to introduce to you our latest recruit from within. "

    The Disney castle appears on the Lock and Load screen, white pyro pops from the stage lighting the way for Disney95. He walks out and greets the MPQ universe before coming to join OJC80 with others for the LL high five. War by Sick Puppies blast through the arena, the crowd are on their feet screaming out their appreciation as The Lock and Load family stand together. The camera fades out....

    Credits: Thanks to OJC80 for his speech, your help was appreciated and it was really good while following my storyboard.

    Ps: Don't hesitate to comment/rate/propose new analysis, Don't forget to like the analysis. We want to have a big number of followers so we can continue these reviews so dont be shy to like it if you read them because our followers was low recently :(.

    Best review ever, period. Congrats Malorick, commanders and fellow teammates!
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    The stadium is stunned in silence. Jonny1punch, the most electrifying thing currently in the MPQ universe is thinking of standing down. They are lost.... they need something, someone to put their emotions into words..... with that .....
    OJC80 hits the stage to the roar of the people. Like so often in the past he has came to give a voice to his people. He hits the stage and looks out at the crowd. He turns his back and the D3 logo is hit by the spotlight. In a single action he sums up all the angst and frustration felt in the MPQ universe... icon_e_surprised.gif
    He flips his double bird salute to the logo which explodes into millions of pieces......flames, smoke and debris.... icon_eek.gif how much pyro had he loaded into the sign!!!!
    OJC80 smiles back at his crowd. Raising his mic:
    "If you have some appreciation of what just went down.....GIMME A HELL YEAH!!!!"
    The people hit their feet and roar back at OJC HELL YEAH!!!

    "I have been here before. I have come out when the pain has been there. One after another we get cut up by the changes. I see my team mates suffer and we have lost a few. From my fellow Lock and Load 2 graduate Consumedfire, to most recently Logan. CapceH has been thinking it and even the new guys like Chicken6 are feeling it. While I normally wish you all luck, even though I do not want to see any of you leave, but there is someone back there that I want to say something different to."

    The Jonny1punch logo appears on the screens and the crowds pops. We see footage of the Righteous Uppercut and Jonny destroying his enemies.

    "This guy has been an inspiration." OJC80 looks at his 1000 point ring. "We are almost at the end of the season. I want to share that with this guy. There is a new character out there and I have said this to others before. We are a group of PVE specialists and when it comes to it there is no difference in reward between ranking 3 and ranking 50. Jonny.....run with us for this one. We got you. Nothing asked for. You don't even have to play. We got your alliance cover."

    The crowd goes nuts at the idea of Jonny1punch staying for one more fight.....

    OJC80 makes calming motions and the crowd dies down. "I ain't saying never leave us Jonny. I am just asking one thing. One more fight. Lock and Load, if your with me, let me hear your voice in this forum or if you prefer in our chat. One more fight, One more fight, One more fight....."
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    one more fight, one more fight, one more fight.... icon_e_biggrin.gificon_e_biggrin.gificon_e_biggrin.gif
  • D2KM_
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    Lets do this KO King!!! One more fight, one more fight, one more fight....... icon_cool.gif
  • you are not gonna leave at the end of the season! icon_eek.gif
  • I said in chat and I'll say it again: One more fight! One more fight!

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    new signatures - round 2

    First up we had sigepbullet & a request for gambit:

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/uLnG3hm.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/3ZCo5jZ.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/irOBZlW.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/GeLlNDi.jpg?1

    next up was whitequeen, with an obvious request... now, i don't know how many of you have ever google image searched "emma frost", but 95% of the pictures and fan art out there is borderline porn... this was the toughest request to date... hopefully you can find something in the following that you like!

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/05kBe60.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/XD1UH7a.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/W4vi3vR.jpg?1

    link here: http://i.imgur.com/olYsoaW.jpg?1

    as always, let me know if you want any changes made to them...

    and lastly, i wanted to give a special shout out to evilmother who really helped me out with finding pictures for these 2 requests...
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    Thanks Salgy - much appreciated and thanks for making me feel welcome in the alliance
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    I said in chat and I'll say it again: One more fight! One more fight!


    Nice Angelo. Have you listened to the Locl and Load theme song?
  • ojcAust wrote:
    I said in chat and I'll say it again: One more fight! One more fight!


    Nice Angelo. Have you listened to the Locl and Load theme song?

    Give this song a listen.

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    Frank915. I think we just found your intro music into the Lock and Load Stage icon_e_smile.gif
  • Awesome salgy thanks!!!! And yes finding emma frost decent is wuite hard
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    Congratulations to Evilmother, who was just promoted to commander of Lock & Load 2!
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    Lock and Load - I am wanting to know if you have been playing this game for 500 days or more. Let me know.

    *****ALSO!!!! Lock and Load Facebook page is available. please sign up here https://www.facebook.com/groups/329374670601076/ and allow a day for me to get you in as I have admin on it.