*** The Hulk (Indestructible) ***



  • OnyxSnake
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    Sounds like a good tactic just gotta wait for Hulk to get unvaulted to try this out.
  • teknofyl
    Hulk needs an overhaul to make him relevant. Specifically, his Red needs to be completely redone. Something along the lines of patch's BR that hits pretty hard and dumps strikes for both sides, with enemy strikes being on green and friendly strikes being on some non-Hulk color. Maybe at 5 covers it automatically kicks out an Anger tile, just for fun. That would fix him pretty good.
  • Red should really be a passive that increased Anger damage depending on Hulk's health. And if we're sticking to theme, it should increase damage to the party as well as opponents.
  • Personally I think Hulk's red should be like Moonstone's red, only it does more damage for the more greens that's on the board. This will make all 3 skills coincide with eachother. Thunderclap is green, anger makes green, and smash looks for the green that's on the board. This will make him relevant again. However he is still Xforce food.

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  • I thrived this out with my lvl 70 hulk and my weak lvl 50 patch wolverine and it's really awesome just sometimes hulk may get knocked out although I can still level him up untill 123
  • chaos01
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    Forgive my ignorance, but, what is hulk bombing? Level 5 anger with patch producing strike tiles?
  • NorthernPolarity
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    chaos01 wrote:
    Forgive my ignorance, but, what is hulk bombing? Level 5 anger with patch producing strike tiles?

    Yup. Patch green into Hulk 5 green anger for massive AoE damage and more green.
  • Going to hulk bomb high level Iron fist!
  • Make sure Hulk is ahead of Patch so that he tanks red and green.

    Get 9 green. Cast Berserker's rage.

    Then make a match that would put Hulk out there.

    His anger will deal damage with all of Patch's strike tiles to the entire enemy team.

    It will be proc'd a lot because of all the strike tiles you gave them.

    It damages Hulk heavily and will cost a health pack every 1 to 2 matches for Hulk, but it can beat, literally, any team in the game.
  • MarvelMan
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    Often people will use the loaner char in PVP to make sure that a leveled one doesnt tank for Hulk, and so that they dont have to waste a health pack on them.
  • morph3us
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    Would people say Patch green at 4 to 5 covers for Hulk bombing?
  • chaos01
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    Thanks for the replies. Next question: if one had a level 127 hulk at 5/3/3 and a level 135 patch at 4/3/5 would you recommend 2 black covers or is it better to wait because this is a specialized hoping team? I have about 5 other three stars in the 127-145 range.
  • Vhailorx
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    5 green for patch and 5 black for hulk is basically essential for this strategy. Also, hulk should tank as many colors as possible.

    5 green for patch means more strike tiles, which is good! And 5 black for hulk means aoe damage each time anger procs.
  • I also like to boost green and crit damage. It works, but it can also go horribly wrong.... The AI will get crazy cascades that will kill Hulk then you are boned. But it's the only way a 3* team can get to 1k.
  • 5 Green on Patch is great. BUT... he does commit suicide sometimes with it. You give the enemy 1200 in strike tiles, put Hulk out front, are all psyched up and ready, and then cascade of doom kills your whole team. It happens. Just be aware it happens. Hulk Bombing is a very healthpack.png intensive process.

    When I was building my XF I was running a 4/4/5 Patch with my 5/3/5 Hulk and it worked really really well. 1 spare enemystrike.png in case one gets destroyed (it takes 3 to make Hulk Angry), more damage on TBTI if Hulk goes down, regen Patch. I liked it.

    In PvE you can run a 5/3/5 Patch, 5/3/5 Hulk, and a 5/3/5 Daredevil and for the low low cost of 9 green 10 purple you can basically win. Berserker Rage, Radar Sense 3 enemystrike.png away for 2000 damage, Angry Hulk, Berserker Rage again, match a chain, win.
  • What I like about this is that it's one of the rare true combinations off character personalities that makes sense. Put Wolverine in the same room as Hulk and you're guaranteed Logan will get under Hulk's skin faster than you can say "Hulk smash!"
  • DaveR4470
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    And here I thought that "Hulk bombing" was what happens after Hulk has too many of Deadpool's tacos and gets into an elevator with you....
  • how much hp does hulk have at lv166? I don't think you need to give the enemy team 6 strike tiles in order to trigger his anger. maybe having some purple matches avaliable beforehand and remove two or three enemy's strike tiles works better?
  • IamTheBiggs
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    MarvelMan wrote:
    Often people will use the loaner char in PVP to make sure that a leveled one doesnt tank for Hulk, and so that they dont have to waste a health pack on them.

    Who would make a decent "third" toon for this pairing, outside of the loaner toon? Daken maybe?
  • Kolence
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    Daken or Captain Marvel work really well for me.