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  • DrDevilDinosaur
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    hi my friend showed me this game and its got devil dinosaur who is my favourite character. I started reading the new moongirl comic but I also really like the old devil dinosaur comics too. can someone tell me how do I get him on my team?
  • Just joined the forums to participate in dicsussions and become a more active community member for MtGPQ! And of course talk deck strategy.
  • Drac
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    Just posting so I can pm and be a real member. I play MTGPQ as Drac369. Been playing magic and D&D for years and found this app about a year ago when I started playing casually. Now I play everyday
  • Grice
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    Hello all, glad to be here icon_e_smile.gif
  • Abogmar
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    Here i AM!
  • Hello, im new here!
  • PajdaCZ
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    Hey, Michael here, playing for a few months now, mostly my Lil with the Zombivia deck. Had a small break before SOI was introduced, but playing daily since and I want to be a bit active on the forums as well! icon_e_smile.gif
  • Jayarieldrillowup
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    Hi all.

    And yes I truly mean what my signature here reads.
  • hi I'm noisjman, a player for almost 3 years... I'm from the Netherlands and I'm trying to find some info here about a few characters icon_e_smile.gif
  • redcrit.pnggreencrit.pngbluecrit.png Hello! I'm a gamer from Oregon. Play well and have fun.
  • Yvette
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    icon_e_geek.gif Love MPQ!!!!!!!
  • Ste
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    Hello new to the site and looking to make posts
  • jobs
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    Hi all, looking to have some fun playing.
  • Addix
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    Hi, I am new here!
  • pivee
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    hello~~ ive been playing this game for a few months and i would like to post some stuff icon_e_smile.gif
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    New here! Looking to get some tips...
  • hello world!
  • JONofWAR
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    posting this so I can be a cool kid
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    Hi there, hello