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  • Emma1410
    Hie!! This is Emma.. have been playing for a quite while now.. saw this forum and just registered.
  • Wartogh
    Hi there! Posting so maybe I can be granted the right to create threads?

    Anyway, I just wanted to call the attention of the moderators or the admins of this forum to this thread on the Steam Comunity of the game Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon: ... 856606154/

    People have been asking for more than one year now for D3 to put EDF:IA on sales. Now there is another sales happening and again EDF:IA isn't getting an discount... The last one was on June 2015! I have 6 friends who are waiting the game to go on sale to buy it, and as you can see on that thread I linked here, there are a lot of people also waiting for this! Please, make it happen icon_e_smile.gif
  • Bigred5442
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    Hello all, been playing mtgpq since before bfz. Just looking to be able to start posting in the forum's.
  • Muskman
    Hello all. I've been playing since day 1 or thereabouts. Really love the game. Head of a coalition. I think my favorite PW is Ob Nixilis. Forbidden Knowledge at LVL 4 is a killer. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • FoodReef
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    Hi there,

    I've been playing since August and absolutely love the game. I'm joining up on the forums now to try and join a better coalition. I'm not much of a paper Magic player, but I am an avid Hearthstone player (specifically arena, infinite player).

    Looking forward to what the future brings to MTG:PQ icon_razz.gif

    So I've been trying to post this question and im sure I'm not posting in the correct forum but I need to start somewhere I guess! So, question is...

    Why can "WE" not choose what support to destroy? I have that when I get a spell that wipes out an opponents support, it just goes and destroys a random support!!! We should be able to choose the support that our spell destroys! Am i wronge? It's a absolute WASTE if we can not!

    Please help spread this issue so they will fix. Magic the actual cars game and the other mobile game Magic2015 we can choose what support we want to take out of the battlefield. It's messed up that there computer gets to make the choice for us! Thanks
  • StormStealer
    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum but not to MPQ and joined to try and help bolster my dwindling alliance.
  • gillkonam
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    Howdy all!
  • BGon
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    Posting for full access
  • Acaine
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    Day 1102 on MPQ and NOW i registered...
  • luobo
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    first post after 1002 days of play..
  • lightning13
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    Just posting to be able to use the PM feature
  • nightlyric
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    Please make me a real Boy!


  • Andre_Leca_89
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    Hello MPQ world I've been playing for a couple of months and glad to be apart of this community
  • Andre_Leca_89
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    How long is it going to take
  • Dukenukem488
    I've been playing mtgpq now for several months and i am hooked. There isn't a whole lot of direct answers to questions on the Web however and I'm having trouble trying to figure out exactly how coalition tournaments work. Speaking with my fellow members I've been getting conflicted answers to my problem.

    •if we are attacking the bosses, what is the best strategy? Only attacking for the higher level bosses to maximize points or attacking all Bosses as soon as you can so to use up all of your attempt points but not getting maximum coalition points and thus weakening the boss percentage regardless.

    The answer seems simple to me, "always attack the biggest opponents only", any help or direction to a previous thread with answers would be appreciated.

  • Handoverfist
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    Posting to have access to PM. Thanks!
  • PommesBratzek
    Just posting to be able to send PMs.
  • the goat
    Hello its the goat here from yh1j
  • killer439
    Hello , I am new here icon_e_smile.gif