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  • Deadpool is CStorm's best friend - they have complementary covers, Deadpool can tank for her (and then at least partially heal), and he makes her a lot more viable when she's boosted in a PVE. Throw in Hood (to take both the passives) and you've got a super-effective PVE team.
  • Kolence
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    His other two powers, however, are awful.

    Attacking an enemies health bar directly fits great with Deadpool's character (his knowing he is in a comic book). But as the damage is a percentage of the enemy's current health, it can never finish an enemy off, and becomes less and less powerful add the match progresses. Far better would be a set damage (like every other damage power in the game), or even a base damage plus a percentage of the remaining health, if the R&D department has their hearts set on that.

    And his healing power is WAY too situational. In the comics, Deadpool has his brains blown out, melts, is shot up countless times, and mutilated and injured in countless other ways. While his "Life of the Party" fits the feel of his character, it is to situational and under-powered.

    My alliance members agree with this. Please make Deadpool better!
    What do you all think? Obviously, this is all my own personal opinion; if there is something I'm missing, and you like his powers, I'd like to hear. Thanks!
    I agree with you about his blackflag.png . I believe it wouldn't be too much if it had a self healing every time you match black tiles (similar to 2* Wolvie's) for ~2% health (similar to Daken's) in addition to what it does now.
    I like his redflag.png the way it is. With some strike tiles out, it can KO enemies just fine. But that "attacks the enemies' health bar directly" part feels like it was meant to be a special type of mechanic for Deadpool that the Devs abandoned or something. As it is, the only thing by which it differes from any other attack is that it adds a mark over the health bar. Unless it affects somehow the amount of DP points? icon_e_confused.gif
  • HailMary
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    DP's redflag.png is a top-tier ability. His purpleflag.png might be a bit overcosted, but has great damage-per-AP, and is on the rarest of ability colors.

    I would like to see his blackflag.png become a bit less situational, though, with a lowering of the damage threshold and/or adding a passive heal-on-black-match aspect, a la AWolv.
  • ErikPeter
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    Life of the Party is a great defensive ability. You think you're going to finish off OBW or Hood before they get a chance to hose you, and the Deadpool jumps in and takes the hit. The heal could be a lot stronger, though.

    Yeah I really don't think he's close to "broken", as no better 3* has been added since his release.
  • MaskedMan
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    I agree that Deadpools' red ability is TOO strong rather than needing to be fixed. If you don't see that you need to think outside one battle a bit more. No one can do that kind of damage for 6 AP. NO ONE. So you can't take down a 10,000 HP Hulk with 2 stokes. Gee how sadly underpowered. At least Whales costs quite a few APs so you have to work for it. Moreover you can't have 1 character that does the work of the entire team.

    The more important thing than that (and the one which makes it unbalanced (IMO) is that if you FACE Deadpool as an opponent they is almost no way to get out of the combat without huge HP losses which means break out the heals or drop those characters for this play session. Normally I can get through 2 or 3 fights before I have to heal or replace, but not if I am facing Deadpool. For which reason at high levels I just skip teams with him. To me that is the definition of unbalanced.
  • Dude. Deadpool's red does almost 3k damage for 6AP. That's nuts. Sure, it falls of towards the end of the match, but by the time it's doing less than 2k (which is still solid for 6AP!) you can kill the entire enemy team with one cast of Whales, which does over 4k AOE for 14AP on purple with a total damage effectiveness of 870 Damage per AP. There's only one skill in the entire game that does more straight-up (Supernova; technically WR blows everything up, but it needs strike tiles). Again, on purple. The fact that his black is meh isn't a huge knock against him at that point, and even then it's still quite useful - it'll help protect weaker support characters like Hood or Falcon - support characters who are very nasty if they stick around. Deadpool is great. You're really underrating him.
  • Pwuz_
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    Ok, here's my idea for "fixing" Deadpool's Black.

    Give him a heal like A.Wolvie when HE matches black (sorry doesn't work if someone is tanking for him). Bonus ability, still jumps out in front when attacks as he does now...but without the healing tile.

    There I've fixed Deadpool.

    Now back to managing the Ebola Crisis & ISIS.
  • Worst possible move in the game. Hate it more then anything else. No one likes this move. Could we at least make it an option for him to step in or not? It has to change.
  • Spencer75
    I love this move
  • I am indifferent.

    (Not to troll, I really never ever use Deadpool)
  • NorthernPolarity
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    Odirty117 wrote:
    Worst possible move in the game. Hate it more then anything else. No one likes this move. Could we at least make it an option for him to step in or not? It has to change.

    What a troll, how is this even in the same league as web bandages or reprieve.
  • Square
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    It's a great move on defense. Pair Deadpool up with the Hood, and an attacking player can't pull off a finishing move on Hood till Deadpool is taken out. It can be a very annoying pair.
  • ronin_san
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    It works well with OBW, too. If you go sausage fest, and let Colossus tank too, then they try to out-bro themselves while she heals them to full.
  • thedarkphoenix
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    I feel like this move is under rated alot, I guess its just the fact that whales does such a good amount of aoe damage for a active purple that its hard to pass up. But having to take out deadpool 1st before anyone can be devastating.
  • Not gonna lie, this was kind of a rant cause Deadpool decided to suicide himself to X force when I was about to use whales and take top 5. I actually enjoy this move. It is really good when paired with spiderman as well.
  • rawl316
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    Is it possible to purchase these?
  • avs962
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    rawl316 wrote:
    Is it possible to purchase these?

    Nope, you can only earn them daily by winning with Deadpool.
  • only by payment of chimichangas. be careful when inserting them into your phone however, as to not waste too much sauce.
  • Dragon_Nexus
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    Purchasing them would completely undermine the joke.
  • Phaserhawk
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    I do wish they would build up overtime as well. Nothing much, say 5 DP points per hour plus your 1 win of the day to get them.