Crash of the Titans Cycle 4: Peggy Carter



  • BlackWidowerBlackWidower Posts: 230 Tile Toppler
    Level 152 1/4/2. Tried without boosts first time. Lost.

    Second time used: 100% All, 50% RY, 50% BP and won easily.
    Had a really good board though. Got Miles Morales Red.
  • irwandoirwando Posts: 263 Mover and Shaker
    There was this buzzing sound. My 272 5/3/5 Peggy swatted it twice with red and not much else exciting happened.

    greenflag.pngicon_quake.png for me, now 2/2/5
  • waywrethwaywreth Posts: 285 Mover and Shaker
    Beat this first try with L172 4/4/ Peggy. +2 R/Y, +50% R/Y, +100% all. Strategy: Deny black/blue, collect red.
    She never fired a power, I used blue once and red twice.

    Banked token for a shot at Dr. Strange.
  • Marty17Marty17 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 503 Critical Contributor
    DeNappa wrote:
    My Peggy is 1/0/2, level 90. I'm not gonna try icon_mrgreen.gif.

    Mine is 1/1/2 at lvl74 (I can easily level her to 94 her cap) but I reckon I have no shot in defeating wasp_icon.png so I didn't bother trying this one.
  • jffdouganjffdougan Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    My 1/1/4 won with some hefty boost use. 800 hp left, mostly because Janet got a sting off toward the end and managed to flip the knife to a shield and back.

    I'll open the token late next week or early the week after, when Dr Strange hits Latest tokens. Hopefully it's Banner and not Bolt who's cycling out.
  • catcusvadercatcusvader Age Unconfirmed Posts: 93 Match Maker
    Beat it on the 3rd try no boots 3/1/2 lvl 110

    Had to deny blue finished with 254 hp. During the second try I figure why not use some boosts so I spent 100HP for all color Power boost. (and of course I lost).

    Got a blueflag.pngicon_jeangrey.png
  • metallionmetallion Posts: 276 Mover and Shaker
    Lvl 120 3/1/3 Peggy cleared on 3rd/4th try (can't remember). +2 R/Y, +50% R/Y, +100% All. Pretty decent I would say, considering my red isn't doing all that much damage to her, and on the final round Wasp didn't even get her passive off, which was the bane of my 2nd round as plenty of countdowns dropped on black and red leading to me both not being able to use skills against her and her stunning me all the time. So much for random
  • SirLanikSirLanik Age Unconfirmed Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    SirLanik wrote:

    Very likely that it will be some Peggy/Captain America related enemy.

    Well I was super wrong. Wasp does fall into a really similar category as Peggy though, on screen and in game- more skilled than those around her but under utilized, and in game better in a team than solo.

    Beat this crash on try 5, though if I had used boosts on my first try probably would have done it in one.

    Level 131, 1/0/4, +crit, +50% r/y, +50% u/p, had 4200 hp left when I won. Obviously deny black and blue, and just do as much damage as you can.

    Got a very nice 13th cover for my xforce wolverine.
  • OzarkBoatswainOzarkBoatswain Posts: 657 Critical Contributor
    Level 149, 3/3/5. I did it on my third try.

    Wasp is not a pushover and things can go disastrously if she gets enough blue. That said, Peggy's strong enough that she is powerful even in her worst situation, which is 1 on 1.

    I got Bruce Banner's The Other Guy, now 1/0/1.
  • strykestryke Age Unconfirmed Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Got her down to 4,513 with my lvl 90 1/-/2 Peggy with a reasonably kind board so I think that's probably the best I can expect to get on this one.
  • beyonderbubbeyonderbub Posts: 655 Critical Contributor
    Level 180; 3/3/5 peggy took two tries; followed the exact advice on here about denying blue then black; collecting red; I was able to get one peggy blue off and finished her with matches and 2 reds and was easier with a better board the 2nd time around. The first time I failed I was able to bring her down to around 100 health but she just barely edged me out and beat me to the kill stroke.
  • fmftintfmftint Posts: 3,653 Chairperson of the Boards
    fmftint wrote:
    I'm thinking SL for her opponent, his yellow, while not 1:1, off sets hers.
    I was wrong, although I believe SL would've been more fun. My champ Peggy rolled Wasp in 5 turns
  • monsieurmojomonsieurmojo Posts: 370 Mover and Shaker
    Count another 1-cover red amongst the "ain't gonna happens". 1/3/2 level 131, all the boosts, I got her down to 1,000 health twice, on extremely favorable boards. More red is the key here.
  • jgomes32jgomes32 Posts: 381 Mover and Shaker
    Got it on the first try with a 2/0/2 level 106 Peggy. Damage boost all, Red/Yellow and Blue/Purple.
  • RoboDuckRoboDuck Age Unconfirmed Posts: 142 Tile Toppler
    edited October 2016
    Beat it 1st try. Level 115, 5/1/2, boosts +2 all, +2 Y/R, 100% match damage. Deny blue & black. Fired off Red twice, piece of cake.
  • VohnkarVohnkar Age Unconfirmed Posts: 158 Tile Toppler
    Peggy at 3/0/1. Leveled her to 111 to see if I was able to beat this one. Best try was having wasp at 1k hps. I only needed 3 more reds and she would have died. 4 turns later I was still trying to deny her colors while no reds available to match. She finally shooted one of his 1k+ dmg skills and I died.

    I had all dmg boost + color boosts.

    After some more tries I give up. It's too dificult for my Peggy, I would need a perfect table and some luck. In 6 months or so, maybe I can do it again icon_razz.gif
  • chaos01chaos01 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 316 Mover and Shaker
    My 3/3/2 150 Peggy took it first time. +2 all, +2ry, 100% match. Punched her three times had 5000 health left.
  • Moon RoachMoon Roach Posts: 2,863 Chairperson of the Boards
    Level 271 3/5/5 won first try, no boosts, with only a few irritations from buzzing and stings.

    Got a Wasp black from the token, which was coincidental or spooky, depending on how you look at it.

    My Wasp is now 3/3/4, but I can't bring myself to throw ISO at her. Maybe when it's her turn...
  • superhosuperho Age Unconfirmed Posts: 17
    Peggy 3/1/1 - had to level her to 115, boosted Y+R, +2AP, 100% damage

    Was a cakewalk, but I had a very favourable board - tons of red
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Took my 4/0/2 Peggy to 110 on the first try with no boosts as a flyer, and saw how doable this Crash is. I lost, but doing about 2K with red for 9AP is fairly decent damage.

    Second try, I max-leveled her to 147 (holding down the level button is BORING), and took Wasp down easily, again with no boosts. Denied blue and black, collected red when it was on the board, red-bashed Janet a few times (now doing around 3K in damage), and got a black Gwenpool as a reward.
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