Character rankings 6/14 edition: the results!



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    I also agree that a new survey should be done soon. Since the R60 patch and now all of the new characters it will be interesting to see who is top. I'm thinking XForce is top 5-10 now and worst should be Spider-Man since True Healing. DD makes it to where you have to avoid tiles which limits the board and Storm can do damage, but is squishy while Loki shakes things up, but again he is squishy.
    Have you missed the memo? Beast is the new worst 3*. He can also drag the fight with his healing, but he doesn't even have stun or protect tiles to be obnoxiously useless, like Spidey.
    I'd say, worst 3*s are in this order: Beast/Daredevil/Loki/Spider-Man/IM 40/Ragnarok/Doom/Mohawk/She-Hulk. Bordering with the mediocrest of them all, Psylocke and GSBW.

    I see people saying Beast is the worst, but I think he has worth to him with the buffs. He's situational to say the least since he is only good when he has blue. I don't have Beast high enough to have that much input in. IM 40 is just good as an AP battery since he's too expensive with the blue and red so I can't say anything about that, but I do remember when Mohawk came out that people were fine with her being a lazy 1* and I personally hate going against her because of hailstorm. With that being said, I can see her dropping since the environments left the game and TU came in play instead, but I'm not sure about being that low. I think she should be higher than She-Hulk.
  • Lazy Storm might be my worst, mainly because I can't come up with a single situation I'd choose her over someone else. The handful of things she does well, other people do better, and on top of that, when they nerfed Magneto, they basically made him a usable version of her.
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    Mischief, we need to get this done quickly. Only when sentry is voted first, then he *will* be nerf icon_e_smile.gif much like how rags and cmag were icon_razz.gif

    On a more serious note I am looking forward to this.
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    We could have people shuffle icons around, with notes where necessary. Here's the last ranking.
    icon_nickfury.pngicon_caroldanvers.pngicon_deadpool.pngicon_storm.pngicon_beast.pngicon_shehulk.pngicon_humantorch.pngicon_colossus_new.png -- Add these.

    icon_wolverine.png - 3 2 4
    icon_blackwidow.png - 2 3 1

    49 characters.
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    First pass.

    All multiple icons are in their star order. BWGS>OBW, and XForce>Patch.
  • For your first post, Nonce, A.Wolvie ranked higher than X-Force at the time icon_e_biggrin.gif So it's 3 > 2 > 4.
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    Would really like to see an updated list now that Colossus is out.

    You should do it soon before they release another character. At the rate they've been going it will be before I hit the submit button
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    Would really like to see an updated list now that Colossus is out.

    You should do it soon before they release another character. At the rate they've been going it will be before I hit the submit button

    Yeah, it does seem like they've been ramping up. Though from what I understand, they really just wanted to get out what is in the pipeline right now.

    It's been more painful for me as I've been trying to get my alliance up to 20 members, but I only had 27 slots when I started. After ditching ALL my 1* & 2*'s to make room for any 3* or 4* I've come across, here come Beast and Colossus.

    I hope the releases slow some now, so I can finally catch up.
  • It's getting harder to rank everyone.

    Silly Tier - Sentry can trivially win the game on round three against any team when boosted, so he's in a class by himself.
    61/79/13/11/70/12/3.0 - _8/11/__/__/_7/__ -10200 - Sentry (Dark Avengers)

    Top Tier. They'll hurt you, and tough to take down. Thor, X-Force, Hulk, Fury, and Panther are all dangerous on their own. Daken/Hood are the best supporting characters in the game, but need to support someone. Captain Marvel is a power generator, which can be highly dangerous.
    70/79/12/11/61/13/3.5 - 12/_8/__/__/14/__ -10200 - Thor (Modern)
    64/09/11/10/82/73/4.0 - _9/__/__/__/_8/11 -10960 - Wolverine (X-Force)
    12/70/13/11/79/61/3.0 - __/14/__/__/10/PA -11475 - The Hulk (Indestructible)
    82/10/73/64/11/09/3.5 - 12/__/10/12/__/__ - 9590 - Nick Fury (Director of SHIELD)
    11/12/61/70/13/79/4.0 - __/__/_5/PA/__/PA - 6800 - Daken (Classic)
    79/13/70/12/11/61/4.5 - 15/__/PA/__/__/_9 - 5100 - The Hood (Classic)
    79/13/70/12/11/61/3.5 - _9/__/_8/__/__/12 - 8500 - Black Panther (Man Without Fear)
    70/79/12/11/13/61/4.5 - PA/_7/__/__/__/_9 - 8500 - Captain Marvel (Modern)

    Middle tier. They'll hurt you. All these characters are strong and decent to play with, and work well on many teams.
    79/70/61/11/12/13/3.0 - 19/11/12/__/__/__ - 8500 - Captain America (Steve Rogers)
    61/70/13/12/79/11/4.0 - PA/14/__/__/_9/__ - 6800 - Wolverine (Patch)
    61/70/79/11/12/13/3.2 - _9/_8/10/__/__/__ - 6800 - Magneto (Classic)
    13/61/11/79/12/70/4.5 - __/_6/__/14/__/PA - 6800 - Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool)
    13/79/12/11/61/70/3.0 - __/_8/__/__/_5/10 - 5950 - Human Torch (Classic)
    79/13/70/61/12/11/3.0 - PA/__/PA/12/__/__ - 5950 - Falcon (Mighty Avengers)
    11/79/70/13/12/61/3.8 - __/_8/10/__/__/_6 - 6800 - Psylocke (Classic)
    11/61/12/13/70/79/4.0 - __/_8/__/__/_8/_7 - 6800 - The Punisher (Dark Reign)
    11/61/12/79/70/13/4.0 - __/14/__/11/19/__ - 5950 - Black Widow (Grey Suit)
    70/12/11/13/79/61/3.5 - _9/__/__/__/10/_9 - 5100 - Storm (Mohawk)

    Bottom tier. They might hurt you. Most have low damage, or abilities that are slow or tricky to use.
    70/13/79/12/61/11/3.5 - 11/__/_8/__/_9/__ - 6800 - Beast (Modern)
    11/61/70/79/12/13/3.5 - __/_7/_7/11/__/__ - 6800 - Daredevil (Classic)
    10/11/69/54/12/61/3.0 - __/__/_9/__/__/12 - 7176 - Doctor Doom (Classic)
    70/79/61/13/12/11/3.5 - 14/13/20/__/__/__ - 8500 - Iron Man (Model 40)
    11/10/12/69/54/61/3.0 - __/__/__/_5/__/11 - 5023 - Loki (Dark Reign)
    11/61/11/12/61/12/3.0 - __/_6/__/__/_6/__ - 8611 - Ragnarok (Dark Avengers)
    13/70/79/12/61/11/3.0 - __/_9/_9/__/12/__ -10200 - She-Hulk (Modern)
    82/11/73/09/64/09/3.0 - 14/__/13/__/_9/__ - 8220 - Invisible Woman (Classic)
    79/13/61/70/12/11/3.0 - 12/__/_5/PA/__/__ - 6800 - Spider-Man (Classic)
    10 of the top 11 have either 8500+ HP or regeneration on a turn by turn basis,

    Beyond that, only 3 characters have these same traits. She Hulk, Ragnorak and Iron Man IM40.

    She Hulk is, honestly, underrated. 9 red AP for 1600 AoE damage + tile destruction and shake up is not bad at all. Her problem is that her two other abilities are kind of garbage. non-true healing is worthless. The draining of AP is nice, but it is random and not reliable. Settlement is conditional and a lot of times doesn't do very much.

    Ragnorak is one of three characters in the 3 star range that has only 2 abilities. That gives him a lower level limit and is overshadowed by more, stronger red and green abilities. But he isn't that bad of a character.

    And IM40 has way too much build up and the cost of his abilities are way too extreme.

    What this tells me is that high health characters are dealing waaaaay too much damage. All of them probably need their damage cut in half. That would make the 'damage dealers' like Psylocke, Punisher, Human Torch and Magneto actually worth playing.

    The Hood is really the only exception to this tanky/healing meta we've gotten tangled up in. And that's because his blue ability is, objectively, the best ability in the whole damn game.

    D3 really needs to look at these characters and consider what needs to be done to make high health, high damage soaks like Sentry, Thor, Hulk, XForce, Black Panther and Captain Marvel not must plays in PVP.

    In most games, defense and offense were a balancing act. If you have high defense, your offense is lower and vice versa.

    In this game, defense and offense are one in the same. And its making it impossible to increase roster diversity.