Invisible Woman (Classic) 4* - Rebalance & New Costume



  • Jinx
    Jinx Posts: 188 Tile Toppler

    Thanks for showing her stats, Entrailbucket. Actually, I think I’ll use her for and AP dump with Wong/Magick since my other blue/green users (Grocket/BRB) are already on other teams. Blue will put down nice strikes and green will be decent if you’ve already fired blue.

  • jp1
    jp1 Posts: 1,069 Chairperson of the Boards

    @ThaRoadWarrior said:
    The costume is great, because it fixes her super weird base art (the neck really). 4* Iceman is another one who could probably get a usage uptic just by not having his base art look so creepy.

    Agreed. Best upgrade to a toons artwork that I can remember. She was awful before.

  • Glockoma
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    Been having fun with IW/Colossus/Dr. Strange. I can keep the team pretty much invisible the whole time while taking very little damage. The damage output from the team is solid.

    It just goes back to the fact that she’s only there for invisibility; the other skills aren’t even a focus and provide zero synergy. YMMV