Several major issues happening today - crafting, deck assigning, booster operning



  • LucasRolim
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    Good afternoon folks, i have the same problem here...

    When i started the first round of coalition event, an error occour and a the game crashes and the counter decressed 1 for my node, like I lost the fight without even starting it.

    I'm very sad because before the restart of event my current score has perfect, now i lost because a crash of game... I will attach one print for this error.

    I hope the staff fixes the bug soon and compensate us, because i feel injured. Thans to all>

  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Hey guys,
    I'm sorry about the issues surrounding the Break the Powerstone event over the weekend. On Saturday our team canceled the event, fixed the issue, then rescheduled it again.
    You may have noticed that we sent an inbox message informing you that the event has restarted and along with a compensation of 25 Mana Jewels for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your reports and your patience.

  • Skurwyknator
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    Hi Rebeca, first of all if you read through all the post you should know that after the restart the event was bugged as well and every player that entered the game right after mentioned message had 'something wen't wrong' error and lost the game without even playing. Secondly there was no compensation in my case, and I didn't seen anyone saying anything about additional Mana Jewels

  • Tremayne
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    @Oktagon_Support - please be aware that after the “fix” something was definitely still wrong with the app. I lost 2 charges when trying to start matches. So I recommend that you go over your procedures and re-examine what is wrong with them or what the team did wrong when executing them.

    I got compensation as you mentioned but I feel I was eligible for and additional compensation when the team fumbled once more.