Several major issues happening today - crafting, deck assigning, booster operning

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What's going on guys?
The game is having lot of issues today, I can't rearrange my deck in BfA, the crafting is totally messed up, I don't know which card I'm receiving in booster packs, and the list probably goes on...



  • naabaldan
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    Same here: Booster don't open and i can't verify whether i received a card or not from the bfa event reward booster..., in game tickets are not possible to save because the app terminates after saving and than at every logging in. The app must be newly installed

  • FindingHeart8
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    Same here: also have the glitch except I already reinstalled. Game soft crashes after opening pack, no notice on if I did or did not get cards but pack is gone regardless

  • HanziMare
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    Not just that. I can only pick cards from RoI, Ixalan, HoD, Legacy and Origins, and i easily lost battle in Break the Powerstone against opponent who had cards from other decks. Same issue with booster opening, for some i noticed my rune changes, so it does open but not show and then soft crash.

  • Titan
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    Same here. And several teammates reported the same

  • Scottyp_123
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    I'm having similar problems. Try to open a booster and the game soft locks. Try to open the deck editor and the game soft locks.

  • e3vil
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    I and my fellows are having the same problems. In the training grounds, when it should be standard I could only play with Ori, RoI, Ixa, HoD and old Dominaria as well. But at least one of my opponents had a regular standard deck with an infinite loop to kill me. Not funny at all...

  • Julie71
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    @Oktagon_Support this also effects the current coalition event.

  • ertaii
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    The current coalition is totally messed up, we have to play with limited legacy decks against standard decks...

  • Tremayne
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    Booster packs opening have been messed up all day. I seem to get orbs, but the game soft locks every time.

  • Skurwyknator
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    This issue also heavily affects Daxos vs Kalemne as we can't ajust event deck, we can only use default decks...

  • Epitymbidia
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    On top of all of the things mentioned above it's also not possible to edit your decks for the 2nd phase of the current Duel Decks event. The screen is basically empty when you access the deck editor.

    I just realized that it's also not possible to leave the deck editor...

  • Sentheian
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    1st place prizes for everyone!

  • JTK421
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    Same, however, I can confirm if you open a pack you get the cards. I did manage to finish a round of Planechasing and after trying to open the BRO pack I had a new card.
    However, Geth didn’t show up in the vault for purchase.
    Update: Everything working fine now

  • Raistlin0309
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    At least it's not just me. Spent over an hour trying to optimize my phone and the app before I found out it wasn't me 😅


  • ertaii
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    What did you just do !? All scores are back to zero but no one can launch a new latch. They get a Something went wrong error message and have to exit. They lose the match...

  • Tremayne
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    @JTK421 - you reported everything is fine. Yes, some things work now.

    However I have just lost 1 (possibly 2) charges, because SWW when I tried to start a match. So I say everything is not fine!

  • Skurwyknator
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    One of the aftermaths of this situation is that none of my cards have 'new' mark on them anymore, I'm not happy with that, it was only way to determine which cards was pulled today during the issue

    EDIT: and of course I lost one charge in coalition due to SWW error...

  • Barnabes
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    Nice, now they restarted the event I had a perfect score in and the first time I try to log into a match it refuses to start and forces me to waste a charge. Guess I’ll just pass on this weekend.

  • HomeRn
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    Getting loads of SWW messages today as well, thankfully I've been only in training grounds testing out deck ideas. Literally cannot even play a match in TG! Not to mention deck builder is currently sketchy and I've been having some difficulty with opening boosters as well like above posts. Something's broken for sure!

  • Armaran
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    Same for me, I guess. Repeated errors when a coalition event match is about to start. After fifty or so retries, when I try to abort to try something else instead, I get another error, telling me that thers's no game to abandon. Then I have to kill the app and it starts all over... Also locks up in error loop after editing the coalition event deck.