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    Finally got this dude champed and I got to say this character stumped me.

    I was focusing on triggering his passive destruction and his passive row destruction is a killer-edged sword instead of a double-edged sword. Many a times, his passive row destruction made matches for enemies as well. He got killed quickly due to match damage from champed 5*.

    So, I focused on his green power instead and spammed his green power 7 times in a row. It didn't help much because he made matches only 2 out of 7 times.

    There's nothing special about his red, besides being a cheap conditional 1-turn stun.

    I think he would probably work well in Johnny Storm Puzzle Ops. Theoretically, I was thinking maybe Sersi/Storm could help him. 
    Pretty much, yeah. With his green being basically non-functional and his red being whatever, he's unfortunately kinda bottom of the barrel. You will never bring him for his actives.
    I would still very much like to try him once against America or Polaris, just to see how his passive fares against them. But his passive making accidental matches for the opponent sounds awful; wasn't aware that could happen. :(
    Logically speaking, Melinda May is probably the best partner for him if his passive triggers. Melinda was released during my hiatus, so I don't have her well covered and can't try it properly. Still, on paper it seems reasonable. He takes a hit large enough for his passive to trigger, she heals him.
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    Okay, so. Returning to this thread much earlier than I thought I would-- I pulled a ton of Puck covers and moved him up in the queue because he's now about to give me a Colossus cover.

    All issues we discussed are still the same. However, I now had opportunity to try out this from last page:

    @AlexR said:
    (...) Puck/4* Black Panther/Magik is the best I can come up with right now to make him do something useful in a team.

    This is actually workable. Magik is probably Puck's best partner-- for one, his black is cheap, helps Magik in making some protect tiles and firing it makes Magik add more protect tiles/fortify them. This in turn also means that it's much much easier to get the condition on Puck's red.
    (Magik has the better red for sure, but having access to a cheap stun that disables annoying passives for a turn can be situationally helpful.) And it also means that his green isn't completely useless-- sure, it's still broken and unlikely to do anything itself, but firing it will proc Magik. And you get a slight board shuffle that might make tiles more accessable.

    Then Black Panther comes in and uses those protect tiles as ammunition. It's certainly not the fastest team (at least it's pretty safe since you're sitting behind a wall of fortified protect tiles) - but also not atrociously slow. Once you're exploding protect tiles left and right, the damage's piling up quickly.
    And if a hit is big enough to get through the protect tiles, Puck can tank & fires his revenge AoE back. He should be tanking at least black+green here, if not red as well (depending on levels).

    I think that's probably as good as it's gonna get for him: all his abilities may contribute something here. Considering how lackluster his red and the active part of his black are otherwise (to say nothing of his broken green), how few options he has to make a noticeable impact on a battle, that's pretty solid imo.