3,000 days is a long time to play this game



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    Are people really that optimistic about the dev handing out Classic/Latest tokens like candies? At most I see them give two a week.

    If we were to look at the story events that give LTs:

    DDQ: every 5 days 
    Shield Training: once per month 
    PvEs: T1&T5 placement rewards every 3 or 4 days

    The cream of the top gets 2 LTs  (T1 placement) + 1 LTs (T1 alliance placement) gets only 3 every 3 days.

    Also they moved 18 CP from 75 wins to 50 wins in pvps at the beginning of shards rollout, and then reversed their decision.

    When SCL 10 first rolled out, top players and many players were complaining about the amount of time taken to clear scl 10. For top players, their clear time increased by about 10 minutes. After some time, the dev decided to reduce the number of clear/grind in scl 10 from 4+3 to 3+2. So, now, top players can clear pves within 20 minutes. What's stopping these players from demanding that SCL 11 has similar clear time? 

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    I partly suggest generous rewards in hopes of swaying the few at D3 that listen to our comments.  
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    Based on their past actions, it's virtually impossible for that to happen if we are talking about such permanent changes without any tradeoff. 

    They would rather sell you 6 to 10 Classic Tokens in cash bundles, rather than let players earn 1 Classic tokens in DDQ daily for "free".  

    It's the same with favourite shards that many players are requesting for. They want to earn favourite shards, rather than specific characters shards. Currently, we can earn 30 3* favourite shards and 20 4* favourite shards a day. However, they are periodically selling cash bundles consisting of 1200 4* favourite shards and 900 3* favourite shards.

    The more likely scenario is that players earn between two to four Classic tokens a month.

    One more matter is that we are going to face resistance from top players who want those Classic tokens to be turned into CPs instead. Classic tokens are as useful as iso-8 to those top players. If those Classic tokens are turned into CPs, we are back to square one again.

    There's a type of strange request where some players want to be forced by the dev to do things they won't do. Namely, use characters they won't even think of using and to open Classic tokens. Despite the fact they have the free will to do either/both one of them, they would rather the dev force them to do it.

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    Any player can think "now I have time and I'm kinda bored so I'm gonna pick the weirdest characters I have and I will see if I have some fun". It's a perfectly fine decision.
    However now it appears a new content that forces the player to pick a weird character in order to win a reward, kind of like puzzle gauntlet does sometimes.
    In any way it's the same situation: the first one is something the player does inside his freedom and the only possible reward is satisfaction, or not.
    The second one is something the player needs to do in order to achieve progression: what usually games are offering. The second one is not purposedly losing time for nothing more than pure entertainment, is something devs have planned and they think it will be fun because they (ideally)have put resources in that content. The second one gives officially a purpose for having roster that character.

    And concerning rewards, we can ask for having the moon, and the devs ultimately will give us a lunar stone. It's something they will consider, as always. 
    Also if they want to accept top players pressure or not.

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    Day 2687... I blame the army for my missed days.
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    1430 for me. I don't pay much attention to the days so it always surprises me when I check. I can't imagine what it's like for you old geezers at 3k.  :D
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    Día 690 para mi, lejos de llegar a los 3.000!