Daredevil217's 5* Character Ranking and Analysis 2.0 (Updated 06/20/2022)



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    Wanted to thank you for your efforts. You made my switch to CL10 seemless

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    With all of the "new" 5*s that are amazing (new is in quotes because I will go back to SC), I find I almost never use Apoc or Okoye anymore. SC is my definite go to, but I also use MT, Chasm and KK a lot. SC's only downfall in PVP is on defense but he can clear teams so fast that it makes up for getting hit a few times between shields.

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    Amazing job. Quite objective with a touch of humor. Looking forward to the next update :)

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    @Daredevil217 Let’s look into getting a great refresh. It’s the hero we need right now 😎

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    I know we talked about this a bit when 5* PvP boosts first showed up, but I just have no idea how you're going to do the list now. I don't think I'd even be able to do an unboosted ranking at this point -- I can't think that way anymore.

    I guess if you rank them all when boosted it's kind of the same thing? You could also just go back to the tiers we talked about forever ago (usable unboosted, only usable when boosted, never ever usable ever).

  • Glockoma
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    Good luck with the job search @Daredevil217 Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; I only brought it up because I loved the write-ups.

    I agree with @entrailbucket, tall order. Cheers man

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    @Daredevil217 said:
    I think I can do it now. Once supports enter the arena… oof. I could do “tiers” S tier, A tier, blah blah. But I always liked rankings. It takes me back to the days of the 4* character ranking threads which I LOVED back in the day. Makes for more debate/discussion.

    I also think a lot of the value is in the written narratives rather than the rankings themselves for folks.

    I might expand this yet again (sigh) and create a “key supports” section once the PVP rollout happens.

    Oh good call, I didn't think of that -- supports will absolutely change the calculus on this because of free AP generation. Active powers, especially active powers that are good but expensive, get a LOT better when you have the opportunity to start a match with 10AP of that color.

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    I came here hoping for an updated ranking list, but I’ll take a potential positive outlook on supports in PVP instead. That’s a great point that supports with AP boosts could give renewed viability to toons with more expensive powers.

    I initially only viewed the PVP supports change through the lens of being eternally stunlocked by Riri. That could still happen, but I’m a little more cautiously optimistic now. When you factor in supports that fortify special/countdown/repeater tiles, we could be heading into era that could allow for some fun and unexpected team compositions.

    This thread always serves and I look forward to the next update whenever life permits.

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    I’m currently looking for a new job

    Or, and I think this will be a popular option here, you could not look for a new job and instead do this full time.

    We'd send food parcels...

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    Word! Point me in the direction of Daredevil217’s MPQ Ranking Kickstarter and I’d contribute.

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    Thanks @Daredevil217 ! Looking forward to the write ups!! I always like to read yours.

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    Looking forward to it, DD217! Thanks as always for your effort, insight, and continued presence on these boards!

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    Can I get this thread unstickied from a moderator, and the new one up?

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