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    Dock ock is a great 4* totally versatile, interesting, funny and tactical, and can be a great help to amost every team with just 1/1/5.
    And he feeds electro too!
    Great work and design. 4* tier haters couldn't show up this time!
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    MPQ has two kinds of board shuffles -- there's the one that happens when there are no moves you can make, and there's 5* Dr Doom's yellow power.  The one that happens when there are no moves cannot cause a match or cascade.  Quake's green power and Doc Ock black both use that kind of reshuffle.  Dr Doom's yellow is a different reshuffle that can cause matches and cascades.  I think he's the only one who has that power.  Unfortunately, the game calls them both the same thing.

    Another (very) minor point... if you tap on each tentacle tile you can tell if it's friendly or enemy, but there's no visual indicator.  I don't know how much it's going to matter in non-Ock-essential events, but it'd be nice if they looked different.
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    Doc Ock takes Shang Chi nuclear warhead power and places it into a scalpel. You can really up the tile selection with both of their powers. As stated before, and I'm sure many had the same idea of combo Doc, Shang and Big Wheel. Imagine getting a15 point spin off BW into Doc Black with Shang making the matches.  
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    There's high damage! If you're able to keep costing that AP them Shuri can literally fortify the entire board. This means the opponents are perma-stunned and taking huge damage from her green. 

    HoundofShadow said:
    Here are some winfinite teams I've tested with Dr Ock:

    1. Shuri/Heimdall: all moves cost 3 aps. Dr Ock gives 6 aps in non-yellow and can create fortified match-3 that gives you another 6 aps. Shuri can provide some board shake.

    2. Shuri/4* Kingpin: Infinite aps conversion to any colour of your choice. Dr Ock's yellow cost 4 aps and Kingpin's purple's cost 5 aps. Dr Ock gives 6 non-yellow aps and Kingpin generates 8 yellow aps. Here's how the conversion looks like:

    8 yellow aps --> 12 purple aps via Dr Ock's yellow power.
    12 purple aps --> 16 yellow aps via Kingpin's purple power.
    16 yellow aps --> 24 purple aps.
    24 purple aps  --> 32 yellow aps
    32 yellow aps  --> 48 purple aps.
    48 purple aps  -->  72 yellow aps and so forth. 

    The only thing bad about this is there isn't any strong power. However, Heimdall is the best if you have him champed. The conversion would look like this instead:

    3 yellow aps --> 6 purple aps
    6 purple aps --> 16 yellow aps
    16 yellow aps --> 30 purple aps
    30 purple aps --> 80 yellow aps
    80 yellow aps --> 156 purple aps

    Since we can't hold more than 30 aps in any colour, the excess will go to Heimdall for him to fire his red or blue power.

    Shang Chi has been tested with Dr Ock by many players, so I won't touch on him.