Release Notes 5.2.0

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What’s New

New Collection: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt has arrived!
Get your hands on over 180 new cards, 3 new Planeswalkers, 1 new event, and more! Now in Magic: Puzzle Quest!

New Collection: Puzzle Masters (PMA), has arrived!
A brand new and exclusive collection only in Magic: Puzzle Quest! 

New Mechanics 

  • Innistrad: Midnight Hunt  (MID)


  • Coven is the Magic: Puzzle Quest version of the same named condition that relates to the amount of creatures with different powers on the battlefield. 

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, Coven is a named condition that verifies if the player controls 2 or more creatures with different powers. Coven reads:

“This ability is active as long as you control 2 or more creatures with different powers.”


Day and Night

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, Day and Night mechanics are split into sub mechanics that relate to the paper version of the Day and Night token and its adjacent mechanics.

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest the Day and Night token is adapted as a double sided token support that reads:

“As it becomes day, transform all Nightbound cards and Planeswalkers.”

“As it becomes night, transform all Daybound cards and Planeswalkers. When a card with Daybound is cast: Transform it.”

  • The Daybound and Nightbound mechanics are new evergreen icons that sign that a creature is bound to a side of the Day and Night support.

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, the Daybound and Nightbound hints read:

“At the end of each player’s turn: If a player casts no spells during their own turn, it becomes night next turn.”

“At the end of each player’s turn: If a player casts at least two cards during their own turn, it becomes day next turn.”

                                                                        Daybound                       Nightbound

  • Some cards from the paper version had interactions with the Day and Night token even though they didn’t have the original Daybound and Nightbound mechanics. This was adapted as a new trigger and evergreen icon named Dayshift.

  • In Magic: Puzzle Quest, the Dayshift hint reads:

“When this card enters the battlefield: If it’s neither day nor night - it becomes day.
When day becomes night or night becomes day: Perform the following effects —”


Imminent Death

  • A new icon evergreen is introduced with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID), called Imminent Death. It indicates that a creature is about to lose a reinforcement or be destroyed. The Imminent Death hint reads:

“This creature loses a reinforcement at the end of the turn. If it can’t, destroy it.”

Imminent Death


  • In Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID), an evergreen icon will be created for the Zombie tokens with Decayed. In Magic: Puzzle Quest, since all creatures attack every turn and no creatures block by default (except for creatures with specific evergreens), Decayed will be adapted differently.

  • Decayed is an evergreen icon that reads:

“This creature Can’t Attack. At the beginning of the combat on your turn, you may have this creature lose Can’t Attack. If you do, it gains Imminent Death.”



  • The Disturb mechanic was adapted as a new mechanic that allows players to cast cards from their graveyard (respecting the Disturb cost’s colors). Cards with Disturb in the graveyard will gain mana when players match their colors’ respective gems and, when the cost is met, they’ll be cast from the graveyard transformed. When a transformed Disturb card dies, it is exiled. Its evergreen reads:

Disturb [Color]
“If this is the first card with Disturb [Color] in your graveyard, it gains 3 mana whenever you make a [Color] match. When this card is cast from your graveyard, transform it.”



  • The keyword Bloodletting is being introduced as a new named condition. It cares about the opponent having lost life during a given turn. Also, the keyword Casting a Spell is being introduced as a new named trigger for when the player casts a Spell card.

  • The Bloodletting hint reads:

        “This ability is active as long as your opponent has lost life this turn.”
  • The Casting a Spell hint reads:

       “Perform the following effect(s) whenever you cast a Spell card.”

  • Puzzle Master (PMA)


  • Corrupt is the Black version of Improved Gems. It can only affect Black gems and, if it's unable to affect them (either due to the lack of Black gems on the board or because of another condition), Corrupt will convert gems to Black in order to improve them.

  • Corrupted gem either gives mana to cards with Buried or makes the player lose life if they don’t own cards with Buried on their graveyard.

  • Corrupted hint reads:

“When a player Corrupts a gem, the last card without Buried in their graveyard gains Buried X, where X is equal to that card's base mana cost. When a player destroys a Corrupted gem, it gives 3 mana to the last card with Buried in their graveyard that can gain mana. If one or more Corrupted gems can't give mana this way, that player loses 3 life for each time it has failed. Corrupted gems count as Improved gems.”



  • Unearth is a mechanic directly related to Buried, which can bring creatures from the graveyard directly to the battlefield. It plays similar to Flashback and Escape.

  • When a card with Unearthed is cast from a graveyard, it gains haste and is reinforced a number of times equal to the number of instances of that card in its owner’s graveyard.

  • Unearth hint reads:

“If this card is cast from your graveyard, it gains haste and is unearthed with X reinforcements, where X is the number of cards with the same name in your graveyard. Then, exile those cards. At the end of your turn or when this creature dies, if it was Unearthed, exile it.”

 Unearth                           Unearthed 

Planeswalker Passive - MID


  • Arlinn and Wrenn have a passive ability named Harmony that represents both Wrenn’s symbiotic relationship with Seven and Arlinn’s dream of harmony between species.

  • Mechanically speaking, Arlinn’s version is similar to the Daybound/Nightbound effects, transforming her whenever the period of the day shifts.

  • Wrenn and Seven, however, have a strong passive to compensate for being a monocolored Planeswalker. Wrenn and Seven’s passive reads:

“When you convert gems for the first time during your turn: Convert 2 gems to Green.”


Planeswalker Passive - PMA

Master of Death

  • PMA Planeswalkers may now come with a passive ability. Liliana, Master of Death’s passive ability is named Master of Death.

  • Master of Death is a passive with the goal of increasing interaction with the graveyard. It triggers special effects whenever a creature with Buried controlled by the player dies.

  • Master of Death reads:

“When a creature you control with Buried dies: It gains half of its mana.”

Master of Death

New Planeswalker:

  •  Innistrad: Midnight Hunt  (MID)

Wrenn and Seven

“Seven. Those are the number of times that the Planeswalker Wrenn has symbiotically bonded with a treefolk. The reason why, unfortunately, is unknown. For survival? Harmony? Power? This dryad is as puzzling as her current treefolk pair, Seven.”

Max Level Stats


(Green) Support Card - Emblem (3) Token
Mana Field: Draw a card. 
When you draw a card: If you have 6 cards in your hand — Convert 2 gems to Green. This effect can trigger up to 3 time (s) per turn.

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

”For the lost and forgotten, I’ll keep watch”. Teferi stayed true to his oath to the Gatewatch when he came to aid the plane of Innistrad. The nights are longer and the werewolf threat is nigh. Nevertheless, Teferi will slow even time itself to bring a little more light in this moment of darkness.

Max Level Stats


Borrowed Time
(White/Blue) Support Card - Dayshift (4) Token
Dayshift — If it's Day — Your White creatures get +1/+0 and gain Lifelink. Your Blue creatures get +0/+1 and gain Hexproof.
Otherwise: If it's Night — Disable all opposing Creature and Support until the beginning of your next turn.

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope and Arlinn, the Moon’s Fury

“Arlinn Kord’s dream of a harmony between humans and werewolves strives further away as Innistrad’s nights grow longer and werewolves grow feraler. To protect the humans, Arlinn goes on a quest to restore the day and night balance - not just as a Planeswalker, but as a human. As a werewolf. As the pack’s hope.”

Max Level Stats


Moon's Fury

(Red/Green) Creature - Werewolf (5/5), Imminent Death, Haste, Token
When this creature enters the battlefield: It gets +X/+X until end of turn. X is the sum of all your other creatures' power.  When this creature dies: If it's Night — It becomes Day.
(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

Puzzle Master (PMA)

Liliana, Master of Death

“Many fear the cold and cringing clutches of death. Liliana is no different - she knows how powerful and frightening death can be, and she uses it. As a weapon, as a tool, as a means to an end. Liliana will not be surrendered by death: she’ll master it.”

Max Level Stats



Creature - Zombie (2/2) Token

Endless Ranks of the Dead

(Black) Support Card - Leyline (6) Token

 Mana Field: Create 2 Zombie tokens. 

When you cast a Creature card from your graveyard: Reinforce that creature. Then, it gains the Zombie subtype. 

At the beginning of your turn: Create X Zombie tokens. X is half the number of Zombie cards you control, including their reinforcements, rounded down.

(See Planeswalker Progression HERE)

New Event

The Harvesttide

  • Event Type: PvP, Coalition

  • No Entrance Fee

  • Deck Restrictions: Standard

  • Rewards: Progression, Rank 

  • Number of nodes: 2, each with different event support spawned for the player;

  • All Planeswalkers’ colors are allowed

  • Initial Charges: 1 | Max Charges: 4

  • Recharge Time: 8h

  • Event Duration: 46h

  • New Feature


  • Opponent’s Exile and Graveyard view.

  • Changes:

Mechanic Icon Alteration

    The Transform mechanic shows, in Magic: Puzzle Quest, an icon that indicates the front or back side of a card with Transform. These icons currently resemble a sun and a moon, similar to the SOI symbols on the cards.
    These icons will be visually changed into the abstract double sided cards’ symbols that have been shown on cards since ZNR, to avoid confusing players with the Dayshift, Daybound, and Nightbound icons.

      Passive Ability - Chandra, Ignited

      • PMA Planeswalkers may now come with a passive ability. Chandra, Ignited is being reworked to support a passive ability, which will be called Ignited.

      • Ignited is a passive ability with the goal of helping players to access their spell resources easily while they’re focusing on gem destruction. Ignited reads:

      “When you destroy one of your Activated gems: Fetch the first Spell card from your library. This effect can trigger up to 1 time(s) per turn

      Mox Cards 

      • All Puzzle Masters releases will contain its own Mox card. In this release, we'll have the Mox Jet (Black) for Liliana, Master of Death.

      • From now on, all the Mox cards will have a specific color, according to the Planeswalker color from that PMA release. That’s why we're changing Mox Ruby (from the previous PMA content) to be a Red-colored card instead of Colorless.

      Standard format

      • Legacy and Standard format will change with the release of MID set.

        • Legacy Format: BFZ, OGW, SOI, EMN, KLD, AER, AKH, HOU, ZVE, XLN, RIX, DOM, M19, ODY, TOR, JUD, GNR, RNA, WAR, M20, ELD, THB, DVK, IKO, M21

        •  Standard Format: ORI, PMA, ZNR, KHM, STX, AFR, MID


      • Terror in the Shadows has had its rewards reworked:

        • New rewards:


          • Update Rewards of Colors of Magic

            • Reward Booster Packs have changed for all Tiers as follows:

              • 20 Score Ribbon: KHM to STX 

              • 100 Score Ribbon: STX to AFR

          • A Timeless Voyage event changes:

            • Reward Booster Packs have changed for all Tiers from M21 to AFR

            • Kept as a Standard Event

          • Booster Pack Price Changes:

            • Legacy Packs (Regular Price):

              • Regular Pack: 60 Mana Crystals 

              • Super Pack: from 180 Mana Crystals to 170 Mana Crystals 

              • Premium Pack: from 300 to 280

            • Origins Packs  VIP (Regular Price):

              • Regular Pack: 50 Mana Crystals

              • Super Pack: from 160 Mana Crystals to 140 Mana Crystals 

              • Premium Pack: from 300 to 280

            • Standard Packs VIP (Regular Price):

              • Regular Pack: 50 Mana Crystals

              • Super Pack: from 170 Mana Crystals to 150 Mana Crystals 

              • Premium Pack: from 290 to 250

            • Legacy Packs VIP (Regular Price):

              • Regular Pack: 50 Mana Crystals

              • Super Pack: from 170 Mana Crystals to 140 Mana Crystals 

              • Premium Pack: from 290 to 230

          • Fixes:

          • Fixed the issue where the Rare Creature card Sigrid, God-favored (KHM) didn't lose the protections when the god left the enemy's field.
          • Fixed an issue with the Common Creature card Lampad of Death's Vigil (THB), which was not being triggered when it dies.
          • Fixed issue with deck build closing at the start of the hour.
          • Fixed the issue with the Rare Creature card  Old-Growth Troll (KHM) that was giving mana to the wrong player when it causes a match on its death trigger.
          • Fixed issue where the Rare Spell card Alter Reality (TOR) was not triggering any effect.
          • Fixed the issue with the Support card Omens of the End giving full mana only with Legendary creatures.
          • Fixed the issue where the Masterpiece Creature card Void Maw (KHM) doesn't trigger for the Nightmare Harvest ability of Ashiok, Nightmare Muse Planeswalker.
          • Fixed an issue with the Uncommon Creature card Shessra, Death’s Whisper (AFR) triggering lose life without drawing cards.
          • Fixed the issue where the Uncommon Creature card Chaos Channeler (AFR) was rolling D20 without drawing cards.
          • Fixed an issue with Uncommon Spell card You Meet in a Tavern (AFR), where the opponent was fetching only 1 card instead of 2.
          • Fixed an issue where the spells disabled by the Mythic Creature card Xanathar, Guild Kingpin (AFR) was appearing as enabled on the opponent’s hand.
          • Fixed an issue with the  Mythic Creature card  Xanathar, Guild Kingpin (AFR) that did not affect Adventure spells.
          • Fixed the issue where the Battle Log did not differ deal damage from lose life. 
          • Fixed the issue where the Rare Creature card Werewolf Pack Leader (AFR) was converting gems without draw.

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