***** Scarlet Witch (WandaVision) *****



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    Oh and actually @IceIX is her health a copy paste error from Colossus?
    Haha. That would explain why her health pool is so effing huge. 
  • BlixTheFrog
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    Ooooooh I like it.
  • BlixTheFrog
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    Also, 535 ?
  • Bad
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    Looks pretty solid.
    She counters hulkoye on each power, she shields since the start of battle and she weakens powers.
    Interesting way to obtain a color you need.
    She seems a bit slow but she can be quite devastating. My next 5* sharget for sure.
  • Tiger_Wong
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    4/4/5 looks good to me. 
  • Phumade
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    I am ready.  LFG!
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    Give her a Baby Vision support and make Ralph Bohner the next 4*.  Thanks in advance. 
  • Cannibalqueen
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    Yesss!!!! Wanda! 

    @Sekilicious - she might not change PVE meta for top competitors, but for more casual baby champ SCL 10 like me, she seems like going to have value tackling some of the Challenge Nodes.  I am thinking the 5* Carnage ones especially.  
    This announcement is exactly what I needed to be patient for their revamped New UI.  
  • wymtime
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    i feel a 5,3,5 build will be best.  9 blue is just expensive.

    I am interested in seeing her pair with Apocalypse yellow.  I am thinking of Apoc/Thor/SW with green as SW AP boost.  Let Thor accumulate AP and fire Apoc red and black.  My Apoc is level 486 so yellow does 11604 damage.  That would be an extra 580 damage per AP. 
    With 30 AP
    red damage bonus 102k damage
    black Damage bonus extra 144k damage

    wanda green will do around 31k damage per charge at 450
  • AdeptusRevolt
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    From the discussion on Discord with Pumpkin_Patch:

    1) Some errata: Her max health is 59890. The match damage numbers are correct but the colors are out of order. It's Purple/Blue/Green/Black/Yellow/Red. Bonus damage on Debilitating Hex at level 5 is 60%

    2) She includes herself. Usually the wording for not including her is "other allies"
    3) Team damage gives the tile 3 charges (or however many characters are hit. The damage reduction won't apply until the next hit that turn though)

    [Mystical Feedback] capped at 80% reduction at each level. At level 5 you just need 2 charges to max the reduction.

    For something like Apocalypse's Red, damage gets reduced as each hit happens

    6) Charge Tile appearance-  it's just a number stored on the tile. Normally you wouldn't even see it because the charges build up on enemy turn and unleash on your turn, but to see the enemy wanda's charges you tap on the tile. or you can see your own if she's stunned.
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    Imma need that art page. You know the one. All the images from the various powers on a cool background, sometimes gets posted on Twitter or Facebook but not on the Forums (which is stupid; we should have an archive here so they're easy to find).

    She looks fantastic, and I need to see more.
  • Anon
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    I have a question about "Welcome To my Reality". Say I choose the color Red, Is this ability then shifted to Red for the entirety of the match or can I switch to a different color later on?
  • HoundofShadow
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    Her Chaos Magic increases allies' powers by 150%, compared to 550 Okoye's capped 85, 680 damage. If a character's power deals at least 58,000 damage, it would overtake Okoye's boost. Also it converts 2 teamup tiles into colour of your choice. That's anti-Okoye and anti-Onslaught. If you are willing to spend +3 purple ap, you can fire it at the start of the game. Let Thor feed her, perhaps?  :D

    Take C&D's black power and add Mr Fantastic's old yellow power and that gives you something similar to Debilitating Hex. I wonder if this stacks with her Chaos Magic. If it does, it's +205% damage for allies' powers to that target. If the target is downed, does the CD do nothing? I wonder if this CD will be buggy.

    Mystical Feedback can be irritating slowing down matches. Against iHulkoye, 5/4/4 should be fine because it's capped at 80% anyway. 

    5/4/4 is my go to build.

  • Davidk777
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    The way it reads, it should be the whole match.
  • Pantera236
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    The way I'm reading it will be red from then on, cause it becomes the passive part, so no more 3 ap power
  • Omegased
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    She sounds really fun, AND really powerful. so excited to see her in play.

    I'm thinking 4/4/5, will give you the best coverage of her powers (as they all sound pretty decent.)
  • HoundofShadow
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    Unless it's worded like OMD's green passive power, if not, you can cast it only once per match.