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Yellowjacket (Darren Cross)
5-Star Rarity 
Affiliations: Villains
"After learning the science behind Hank Pym's astonishing shrinking suit, the ruthless tech mogul Darren Cross devoted his resources to creating a prototype suit with similar abilities. Cross envisioned this high-power cybernetic rig as a means to take modern warfare to a new level, personally overseeing its retrofitting and weaponization. Cross dons the imposing armor himself in hopes of achieving final victory as Yellowjacket!" 
(Abilities listed at level 255, followed by 450)
15613 Health / 62754 Health
 25 | 28 | 205 | 30 | 179 | 230 | 114 | 4.0x
 99 | 108 | 820 | 117 | 718 | 922 | 456 | 4.0x
Cross Your Heart - 6  AP
Yellowjacket concentrates the Pym Particles in his suit to stabilize himself and prepare for his next attack. Restores 1029 health and the next time Yellowjacket fires a power, he also deals an extra 1668 damage. (Max level 4137 health, 6706 damage)
  • Level 2: Restores 1132 health. Stores up 1835 damage. (Max level 4551 health, 7377 damage)
  • Level 3: Restores 1235 health. Stores up 2002 damage. (Max level 4964 health, 8047 damage)
  • Level 4: Restores 1441 health. Stores up 2335 damage. (Max level 5792 health, 9388 damage)
  • Level 5: Restores 1852 health. Stores up 3002 damage. (Max level 7447 health, 12071 damage)
That Shrinking Feeling - 6  AP
Yellowjacket shrinks down to avoid enemy attacks while concentrating his own power! Yellowjacket goes invisible for 2 turns.

(PASSIVE) While invisible, Yellowjacket's powers ignore Protect tiles and his matches and powers deal 191 more damage. If Yellowjacket makes a Black, Blue, or Green match while Invisible, he stays Invisible for an extra turn. (Max level 769 damage) (Note: These extra turns work on any granted Invisibility, or his own, but if the Invisibility is granted because of a Countdown tile or some other board effect, Yellowjacket will not add extra turns to that CD tile or board effect.)
  • Level 2: While invisible, Yellowjacket's matches and powers deal 306 more damage. (Max level 1230 damage)
  • Level 3: While invisible, Yellowjacket's matches and powers deal 458 more damage. (Max level 1846 damage)
  • Level 4: While invisible, Yellowjacket's matches and powers deal 764 more damage. (Max level 3076 damage)
  • Level 5: While invisible, Yellowjacket's matches and powers deal 1337 more damage. (Max level 5383 damage)
Sting Like A Bee - 8  AP
Yellowjacket sets his sights on the enemy, firing a series of energy blasts from his stingers. Fires 2 separate blasts of 977 damage. If Yellowjacket is Invisible, also destroy 3 enemy Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles. (Destroyed tiles do not deal damage or generate AP.) (Max level 2845 damage)
  • Level 2: Fires 2 blasts of 843 damage. (Max level 3386 damage)
  • Level 3: Fires 2 blasts of 977 damage. (Max level 3926 damage)
  • Level 4: If Invisible, destroys 4 enemy Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles.
  • Level 5: Fires 2 blasts of 1076 damage. (Max level 4324 damage)

Release Events:

Store Offerings

Heartless Yellowjacket Cover Store - January 14 - 24

  • Chance to get Yellowjacket (Darren Cross). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Darren Cross Limited Vault - January 21 - 25

  • 40 Items

    • 1x Sparks Will Fly Legendary Store Token

    • 1x 4-Star Elsa Bloodstone (Monster Hunter) cover

    • 3x Random 3-Star covers

    • 6x Heroic tokens

    • 4x 2500 Iso

    • 6x 1000 Iso

    • 5x 500 Iso

    • 14x Two stars

Sparks Will Fly Legendary Store - January 21 - 25

  • 15% chance to get Yellowjacket (Darren Cross), Storm (Ororo Munroe), Thor (Gladiator)

  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

Release Debut: 

Thick As Thieves - January 14 - 19

  • Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) In placement rewards

Introducing… Yellowjacket - January 14 - 21

  • Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) Shards

Featured Event:

Infinite Pursuit - January 18 - 22

  • Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) as a progression reward

Versus Tournaments:

Predator and Prey (Black Panther) - January 14 - 18

  • Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) as a placement reward

Cross the Line - January 17 - 20

  • Rewards tokens to the Heartless Yellowjacket cover store



  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 1,760 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 2021
    My 10 cover Thor is excited for the release store. It's a solid store for a change with no dud characters (I have Storm covered already)
    Yellowjacket looks like he'll a do a lot of damage (20K worth) if he's invisible, fires Black and then Green (assuming a 5/5/3 build) unless those damage boosts count per damage strike in which case it would be close to 40K. Even just doing invisible he's gonna be a handful with the bonus damage on 3 colors and prolonging for 1 more turn. He looks like he will be a ton better than Adam Warlock at being a damage dealer.
    Might not be meta but looks like he will be a ton of fun to use.
  • LavaManLee
    LavaManLee Posts: 755 Critical Contributor
    edited January 2021
    At first glance, if played carefully, he could be great in the 5* range.  However, I believethe AI will have no idea how much to save and in which order to fire powers so he may not be great on defense.  But the low cost of turning invisible definitely makes him look better than either Magneto or Adam Warlock.
  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 1,446 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hes got a pretty nice kit.
  • dingo
    dingo Posts: 46 Just Dropped In
    edited January 2021
    Does his Blue damage passive work with Okoye or Apoc??
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 7,388 Chairperson of the Boards
    Seems like a good set of powers, but it really does feel a missed opportunity to do something with swarm tiles lol. If he wasn't going to do it, who is?
  • wymtime
    wymtime Posts: 3,677 Chairperson of the Boards
    My feeling is a 3,5,5 with Apoc or Okoye.  Let him go invisible and start matching Blue, Green, Black to get boosted extra damage.  His green will also be really nice against mindless one or Ultron goons.  

    I feel his black is ok in a players hands.  I might reconsider to 5,5,3 on PVE with non special tile AI characters.  He feels very anti BRB with removing 4 protect tiles for 8 AP.  

    I think he looks really solid.
    STOPTHIS Posts: 781 Critical Contributor
    Not Hank Pym. :( One day you'll get your chance to shine.
    That said, this guy looks fun.
  • SaltnPeppa
    SaltnPeppa Posts: 193 Tile Toppler
    Those eyes in under the mask doesn't look like Corey Stoll's eyes, is that one of the devs?
  • MrPlow
    MrPlow Posts: 188 Tile Toppler
    edited January 2021
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember getting anything in progression for the featured 5* in their PVP in the past.  Copy & paste error perhaps?
  • Waddles_Pines
    Waddles_Pines Posts: 1,046 Chairperson of the Boards
    STOPTHIS said:
    Not Hank Pym. :( One day you'll get your chance to shine.
    That said, this guy looks fun.
    I'm hoping for the West Coast Avengers version... all...the... pockets/pouches :smiley:
  • Aweberman
    Aweberman Posts: 359 Mover and Shaker
    MrPlow said:
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember getting anything in progression for the featured 5* in their PVP in the past.  Copy & paste error perhaps?
    Actually, that is something they typically do (at least lately).
    STOPTHIS Posts: 781 Critical Contributor
    STOPTHIS said:
    Not Hank Pym. :( One day you'll get your chance to shine.
    That said, this guy looks fun.
    I'm hoping for the West Coast Avengers version... all...the... pockets/pouches :smiley:

    While Yellowjacket is my favorite look for Pym, the West Coast adventuring Pym had a lot to like. I've always hoped for a version of Hank that would incorporate a bunch of his identities, Dr. Pym included.

    TheXMan said:
    Shouldn't he have a yellow power?
    Maybe he can trade with Green Goblin.

    Some sort of yankee swap with YJ, GG, and BSSM.
  • Mr_F
    Mr_F Posts: 513 Critical Contributor
    This is just better version of my belowed Wasp. The only minus: lack of swarm tiles...

    Also... Dear God... I thought that nothing will beat Negasonic in category "MPQ introdunce character who's Comic Book importance is near zero"...
  • PiMacleod
    PiMacleod Posts: 1,481 Chairperson of the Boards
    looks interesting.  that store looks good too.  I'm in.
  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 1,753 Chairperson of the Boards
    His invisibility is the best on 5*. He has a nice toolkit for dealing damage on his own, without the multipliers.
    Really cheap powers but the player will try to scalate them pursuing black. I love it.
    His 2 anti britty power are awesome.
    And ever more, his vault will be quite appealing.
    More than solid, more than useful one.
  • Borstock
    Borstock Posts: 1,812 Chairperson of the Boards
    Invisible characters still get hit by iHulk.
    I don't see a great deal of synergy here. He's powerful on his own, but he doesn't boost others. So, he's not meta. He's no better than 5* Deadpool, imo.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 6,123 Chairperson of the Boards
    I like his powers: true heal, non-CD based Invisibility and anti-protect meta. He might not be anti-iHulk, but I imagine it could be fast climbing with him, especially when there's cascade.