5-star Carol Nerf?



  • TheRiddlerTheRiddler Posts: 209 Tile Toppler
    Reading through this, it is absolutely insane how many people were upset about this here, and how upset they were.  A lot of other players didn't even notice that it happened, or maybe knew but didn't care.  In certain circles this didn't even come up.  I had no idea it happened at all.

    I think the problem is that the "right" players weren't affected by it.

    I knew because a guy in my alliance had her as his only 5* champ (which is bad enough) and he complained plenty about it lol
  • tonypqtonypq Posts: 336 Mover and Shaker
    I remember how let down I was when she was first released. I always liked her 3 and 4* variations and had really high hopes when I heard she had a 5* coming out. I was fully expecting her to be really good. I believe her store was the first one that really got me into 5* land. Was her, Doom and Hela. 

    What's really unfortunate is I never I even got to have fun using her with BRB and Polaris, before she was nerfed heh. I never knew about that combo at the time and how her pre-nerf green was great in that team.

    I've wanted to like her so much and tried to have fun with many times, but she's just super meh to me. They really did a bad job on her red. The ability kind of looked cool in theory, until you actually play her and realize her repeaters always get matched or destroyed way too quickly. Seems for me in most cases the repeaters will get dropped right next to other red tiles and get auto matched before they had a chance to do anything lol. It doesn't do enough damage and the repeaters not being fortified makes her red so much worse. 

    Her yellow isn't bad really, damage and sending whichever of your 3 teammates air born is decent. The green is obviously very situational, especially after the nerf. If they would buff her red she could still be pretty fun and functional in my opinion. If the damage and strike tile numbers were significantly higher it would make her a bit better. Her red has always seemed very under tuned from the get go. Buffing the damage and making the repeaters fortified at say 3-5 covers would make her a lot more enjoyable. Probably will never happen though as I don't necessarily think she'll be considered a classic by D3 that will get rebalancing any time soon.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 7,064 Chairperson of the Boards
    Under Tuned is a nice tactful way to describe her powerset at launch. You can definitely see how the synergy loop was supposed to work, but everything took too long and did too little until that polaris combo landed.
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