Your Pull Results: Deadpool: Spirit of Vengeance now in Latest Legends!



  • Captain_Carlman
    Captain_Carlman Posts: 208 Tile Toppler
    Got three LL tokens from random champ rewards, spent all three to get two 5* DP black covers and a SamDak green.  Probably the best "run" I've had haha
  • Michael1957
    Michael1957 Posts: 630 Critical Contributor
    8 pulls , one Heimdall one Samurai. That’s a decent start, both now 7/13
  • DrDevilDinosaur
    DrDevilDinosaur Posts: 436 Mover and Shaker
    Well, I'm currently at 25 pulls from this selection for LL and 0 5*s. Definitely my worst drought to date.
  • AXP_isme
    AXP_isme Posts: 809 Critical Contributor
    edited November 2020
    Took me 52 LTs before I managed to pull a DP. Got 5 OMDs and 2 Heimdalls along the way so I wasn't far off the target pull rate overall.
  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 5,864 Chairperson of the Boards
    With recent discussion of Heimdall and OMD's relative value, I was feeling a bit over-eager to try out these characters in a more meaningful setting. so I decided to break my own rule and spend a few LTs chasing heimdall now at the 'risk' of getting more OMD covers.  And things went pretty well all things considered:
    32 pulls, 7x 5* covers (~22%):
    3x for heimdall (now at 1/4/4 with shards for 2 more covers);
    2x for OMD (now 1/1/2); and
    2x for 5DP (now 1/1/1). 
    So I am relatively close to champing Heimdall, and will just have to decide which LT pool to use for those last 2 covers. I am unlikely to get OMD into a functional state, but should be close enough that shargeting him is manageable.  5DP's final state will depend on the value of the next 5* and whether I am motivated to chase him/her.  Hopefully I won't get burned next week by the release of a super-meta 5*. 
  • Michael1957
    Michael1957 Posts: 630 Critical Contributor
    edited November 2020
    I’ve gotten 2 DP ( black and red ) seems most useful . With a power booster his stare does a lot of damage , I’m guessing best build is 5-3-5.  16 total pulls so far , 4 total covers with other 2 one each 
  • PiMacleod
    PiMacleod Posts: 1,664 Chairperson of the Boards
    Since having him champed, I'm happy having SamDak's red at 3.  It seems to me that if I'm facing a known special tile spammer, that I'm not really bringing SamDak to that fight.  Usually you bring Kitty, and/or Polaris, and/or BRB, and/or you get the picture... SamDak isn't the ideal person, despite (at level 5 red) reducing the power of those tiles by 25%.  It still costs 8 red to use the power to get rid of the 4 tiles.

    Meanwhile, if his green is at 5, he does great damage, although it IS for 9 AP, but every subsequent casting of it is essentially 6, since it destroys and generates 3 green AP.  That damage takes it directly from the top of their HP, and is unhealable too -- which is great utility against those that have any healing ability (Okoye and Heimdall come to mind, not to mention those commonly seen in challenge nodes, like GED, Daken, OML, etc).  And on top of that, at lvl 450, if his green is at 5, he regens 9k HP each turn (if you have 3 green AP in reserve).

    And the black at 5?  That passive damage is very nice, and only requires 2 specials of any type (besides his black repeaters)... it fires very often, and is oh-so-compatible with Kitty/Okoye/Apoc boosting.

    That's just my synopsis.  Maybe if the red hit harder for it's 8 AP, I'd consider it... or maybe if it was only 6....  but oh well.  I've still used it before, but only against a Daken who had a couple strikes out and was sitting on 5 blue AP.  That's about the best use I've had for it... and even then, my 3-cover version of it did the trick enough.