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    I am looking forward to the next roster sale, but I do think this is an interesting topic so I wanted to add my 2 cents...
    I completely agree with the idea that if I view my hp management as a competitive advantage and/or skill that sets me apart from my competitors then it totally makes sense for me to be against a roster slot sale.  For those that want to go the economics route...I'll avoid the details and point you to game theory concepts where I am relatively better off vs others even when we collectively are worse off.  This game is a competition, so in this scenario I believe i "win" by not having the sale.
    Coincidentally, I feel one of my edges is my patience to wait for things like roster slot sales and then go all in, so I haven't paid full price on a slot in years.
    But new players don't "win".  I am trying to to keep new players from leaving the game because some are feeling it is pay to win.
    Sure, it benefits everyone (in my humble view), but my main drive is to keep newer players engaged.
  • Vhailorx
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    Umm, the game IS pay to win and always has been (although at this point, you have to pay a whole lot to win).

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    Why would I not want to obey the speed limit ?

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    It’s not about you going the speed limit. If I read the post correctly it’s about not getting over so other people moving faster can pass you (taking it into your own hands to enforce how other people chose to drive).

    Do you spend on the game at all?

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    Speeding is a part of highway traffic, it's never going to fully stop. By artificially contesting the passing lane you create a blockage in the flow of traffic and create artificial traffic jams which are far more dangerous than someone going slightly over the speed limit.

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    Honestly the players who are supply chain specialist lost that competive advatange when they allowed covers to be saved. Dilution was never an issue even in 3* 4* days for my roster and play pace. (Let’s be honest to info on how to advance has always been available to players, they just don’t want to listen)

    the game has absolutely gotten simpler and easier to play. The devs have removed many decisions points that locked players into sub optimal paths.

    from my personal perspective a better roadblock for over eager noobs is more chars and places form them to spend. The more options you give players. The more chances they can make meaningful mistakes and stall their play.

  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    Not to be "that guy," but kind of also to be "that guy," you can't sell Supports either...

  • crackninja
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    I do agree that the game has logistically become easier, but there are always ways to TRY to get an edge. It appears with SCL10 this may no longer be necessary for me, but I have over 1,000 heroic tokens just waiting to be opened in the event i need to get a character to 10 covers for shield training. Many would say that's a waste of resources I could be utilizing right now.

    My point is mainly that we all MPQ our own way and I was a surprised that the idea that a roster sale could be bad for someone is being completely dismissed/called illogical.

  • Phumade
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    I love the idea of a roster sale. Its a great way for people to tie up a resource that could be generating covers/shards points in other more current events. The optimal situation is hopefully some one splurges and buys 20-30 slots and ties up 30-40k of hp instantly.

    The more options middle tier players have = more places for them to get bogged down in the weeds and miss the big picture of what lets them compete in the most sustainable fashion.

  • Vhailorx
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    This might be short sighted thinking. If one intends to play for the long term, then the roster slots will eventually be a necessity, so buying at a reduced cost is desirable. Assuming one had the cp to buy 26 slots (enough for a full year), that is a savings of 5.2k-10.4k HP.

    So in order to "lose out" on the purchase, the opportunity cost of spending the 26-52k HP right now must exceed 5.2-10.2k HP in the short term (because high level players earn HP at a somewhat steady rate, so liquidity will return somewhat quickly even after spending HP down to 0).

    What can one do over 3-4 weeks with extra HP that can earn back more than 5.2-10.4k in HP-equivalent value? Extra PvP Shields? Token packs? H4h offers?

  • killahKlown
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    I am not hurting for HP or roster slots. According to OP, some of my competition is, if there is a sale they would not be hurting as much. What's so difficult to understand about me not wanting a slot sale to occur?

    Hilarious all of the people here telling me what I should want. I'm not trying to change your minds, why so determined to change mine? Think I have dev's ear or something?

  • broll
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    No, everyone is just afraid of the crazy clown. Also worried you might invite more of your kin. Everyone's afraid of another insane clown posse...

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    When is the next sale?  Are there specific periods when they do it?  Like certain holidays?
  • DAZ0273
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    Yes, the holiday of "Random Once in a While with no warning". 
  • HoundofShadow
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    They have 100% bonus for Logan loonies now: 2900+2900=5800HP.  :D
  • Akoni
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    Occasionally, I go back and read threads that I haven't read before and this is one of them. 

    Warbringa brought up the real world example of milk and the thoughts of one with more money than his neighbor. In addition, has anyone ever thought that sometimes a sale benefits the one selling the item? When milk goes on sale, it is not just the consumer that benefits. The store needs to make money in order to continue to exist or grow. Hosting a sale on milk benefits the store by making money quickly when it normally wouldn't.

    The same is true of roster slots. Devs can prosper from a roster slot sale if people who normally wouldn't buy begin buying them. They also benefit from the increase in purchases made by those who are stocking up. I own an extra freezer in my basement for such things. If there's a sale on frozen vegetables, I buy more and store them away. Do I need them now? No, but I have them for when I need them later. If there is a sale on roster slots, I will buy roster more roster slots. Do I need them now? No, but I have them for when I need them later.
  • HoundofShadow
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    I find the argument weird. Roster Slot sales give a 20% discount off their cost. 

    Using 1000HP per roster slot as an example, a player with 5000hp will be able to buy 5 roster slot. A 20% discount mean that he will be able to buy 1.25 more roster slot. If roster slot cost 2000HP instead, he can buy 1.125 more roster slot.

    Logan Loonies give a 100% bonus. So if they bought them, they will have an additional 2900hp. Even at 1000HP per slot, they can buy an additional 2.9 roster slot. At 2000HP per slot, he can buy 1.45 more roster slot.

    Wouldn't a 100% bonus be better at making players spend, rather than 20% off roster slot cost because players gain more from the former?

    The only time 20% roster slot is better is when the players spend on Stark Salary or Asgard Treasure.