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    DAZ0273 said:
    As for Prof X - somebody mentioned his power being like Lockjaw but it seems to be more like Green Goblin's purple as it isn't board majority dependent and each colour has a different effect.

    As for the colours, I get they line up with the X-Men in questions powers...except blue. Sure 4* Cyclops does have a blue power but it doesn't operate in the way this power does - would it have maybe been better to have Iceman and a stun?
    I thought the same, that's essentially taking Fury or FA Cap and dividing it by Goblin to arrive at this power. 

    That Cyclops power is how his red works, minus the Team Up Bank conditional. So it is a thing he can do, just not strictly accurate. 
    Yeah, just the other colours are strictly accurate which makes it stand out.
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    Oh apart from Rogue but green = aoe
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    Thick as Thieves - Event Store
    For Professor X (Classic)'s introduction to Marvel Puzzle Quest, we're going to be trying something new this time around. We will be extending the duration of the Thick as Thieves event store, because for the first time ever players can now use Hero Points, instead of Command Points, to earn a brand new 5-Star from this store.

    I was hoping for a legendary store to pair with this also, but the way this is worded doesn't make me feel optimistic. It could have called it out as an "or" or "in addition to", but it very much implies this is the replacement method. 

    Which honestly is fine with me as far as the new character is concerned, because as others have rightly said the real excitement on release stores is usually who the new character is partnered with in the store as much as covering the new character. I'm disappointed to not have a shot at a few classics but meh on not having a shot at X since I can catch him in LTs soon.

    Making X an essential 5* so quickly though is inexcusable when partnered with 1:250 odds. If you're going to do that, at LEAST make it a 250 item vault so the odds can go down as people pull, people can see what else they are getting, and you don't run the very real risk of 250 pulls without any 5* at all.

    Shame on you, devs.
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    Since they don't have X's stats pinned down yet, if they insist on keeping Jubilees purple it should also create charged tiles and on match 4 & 5's instead of destroying that extra tile he should create a couple charged tiles instead and that'll give him some synergy with Storm and Gambit.

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    So I want to make a objective comment on the new release for a 5*.  
    First let’s applaud the dev’s for trying something new in the hopes more players can get the new 5* cover.  If it works or not it is the attempt.

    2nd habit the 5* in the vault and being able to get the 5* with HP is good.  More players should get Professor X with at least 2 cover.  In the boss event if there is a limited vault with Professor X in there as well it will better for a lot of players

    3rd having Professor X be essential in the next PVE is bad.  You are forcing players to spend HP just to enter PVE in their respective slice and each player who has Professor X will have very few covers.  This is a poor experience for players.  

    Overall if players can get the new 5* from HP or CP that will be really good.  Biggest opportunity is to let new 5* go into packs so more players can pull their CP hoard before making him essential so they can have more opportunities to get the cover

    the last piece I will add is if you want more players to earn the new 5* just give 1 cover for the alliance completing the boss event.  Even if you make an extra tier most alliance will be able to hit that reward and get the new 5*.  Combine that with a vault with HP and a limited legendary store will give player a lot of options and be a better player experience 
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    People going into meltdown mode because they might not be able to complete 5* essential for ONE PvE.  :o

    If every player is not going spend HP to get Prof X, then most players are going to be on a fairly even ground. Even if some players are lucky to get Prof X, it's not a guarantee that they are competitive. 

    If they do this for every new 5* release, then you have a case. 

    PvE is serious business. 
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    People going into meltdown mode because they might not be able to complete 5* essential for ONE PvE.  :o

    If every player is not going spend HP to get Prof X, then most players are going to be on a fairly even ground. Even if some players are lucky to get Prof X, it's not a guarantee that they are competitive. 

    If they do this for every new 5* release, then you have a case. 

    PvE is serious business. 
    That’s a lot of missed out tokens and CP by missing the 5* essential node. 
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    Being a Korean War veteran, Chuck would be anywhere between 85-100 years young. He's looking great for an older guy! Thank you for your service, Professor.
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    It's a 3 day event (Unstable iso8).  I'm not going to defend this move by any stretch - I think it sucks - but missing 3 event tokens and 9 CP (from the 5E) isn't the worst thing.

    It's the way it's designed and planned to try to make you need to (likely) spend HP to play it that is angering me.

    When Archangel launched, I was missing him for at least his first essential, and at least part of his second.  Did I get mad?  Maybe a little, but RNG was to blame, not an intentional design choice. So I chalked it up to bad luck and moved on with my game.

    I suppose it's worth remembering that the game is so stuffed with characters that missing a couple 4* covers and/or an LT (assuming you normally T5 and can't this time) will have almost 0 impact on your roster.  83 4's, 37 5's.....  

    But the principle of this move is deeply troubling.
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    Does Okoye boost the blue passive?
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    So, a store has been added with 5* Hulk, 5* Strange and 5* X for 25 cp as per usual. This will definitely make a ton of players, including myself, very happy. 
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    Some questions on PX's blue passive: how is the damage packet calculated? For example, a normal match 4 is made by whoever's icon is on the tiles and they also get the ap/damage from all tiles on that row. That is the damage dealt and it's variable.

    For PX, is all of this damage thrown out the window and it's just a static amount now? Is the damage listed in his powers added to his normal match 4 damage packet? Is it separate and therefore boosted by Okoye?

    Also how is the other destroyed tile dealt with? Mixed in all of that damage? I assume we get the ap from that tile destruction?

    It's really confusing and also rather important to understand how possibly his best power works.

    Thank you!
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    Wow X gon give it to em.

    Charles has potential to shake up the meta a good bit.

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    tiomono said:
    Tony_Foot said:
    I spend it on vaults when I know what I’m getting. I used to empty the 41 vaults a lot and anniversary vaults. Basically anything where I can see what I’m getting. I don’t buy daily deals or rng deals like this one. I play with my son and I don’t want him to see that form of gambling as an acceptable way to play games. Everyone else can continue buying as makes them happy. I’m happy for my son to save his money and waste it on a skin, I’m not happy for him to buy a token with a 1 in 250 chance of x.
    So would you feel different if if they changed regular store tokens into vaults with a million items? You see everything you could possibly get so it's very transparent but the chances to get what you really want are small. To me that's how the normal tokens work, only I actually have a shot at bonus heros too.
    Normal tokens most certainly do NOT work that way.  In a vault, once a cover has been picked, that cover cannot be picked again (unless vault is reset).  Thus, once I have picked a 2* Moonstone , for example, that same 2* Moonstone cannot be chosen again.  This increases the odds of my next pick to get the item I really want.

    In tokens, there is no "removal" of a cover from a pool.  In theory, I could get 178 2* Moonstones in a row.  My odds of getting what I want never, ever, ever improves.

    Tokens vs Vault are vastly different as far as odds go.  Whether they are worth it or not may be personal preference, but from a statistics theory at least with vaults, you eventually can get enough resources to get what you want.  With tokens, the odds are always the same.
    Yeah my brain was not thinking of the removal of unwanted items. Still personally worth it for bonus hero chances to me though.
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