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Hi Everyone,

"Hailing from another dimension, Quentin Beck has arrived to save the day! This powerful mage uses his mystical arsenal to keep citizens safe and monsters at bay.

He is the one and only Mysterio!"

Check out the brand new 4-Star Mysterio, and find out how you can recruit him onto your roster!

4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
 bluetilepng yellowtilepng

(Abilities listed at level 270)
13,995 Health
 85 | bluetilepng 74 | yellowtilepng 65 |  43 | blacktilepng 13 |  12 | greentilepng 11 |  3.5x

From Thin Air -  7  AP
On the horizon, rolling in on a tide of fog, you spot him! With the wind ever at his back, Mysterio fends off the specter of evil with ease. Turn Mysterio Invisible for 2 turns and create 2 Blue Trap tiles that deal 180 damage when matched or destroyed. If Mysterio is Invisible, these Trap tiles deal 271 damage.
  • Level 2: ...create 3 Blue Trap tiles that deal 324 damage...if Mysterio is Invisible, these Trap tiles deal 506 damage.
  • Level 3: ...deal 504 damage...if Mysterio is Invisible, these Trap tiles deal 813 damage.
  • Level 4: Turn Mysterio Invisible for 3 turns and create 4 Blue Trap tiles...
  • Level 5: Turn Mysterio Invisible for 4 turns and create 5 Blue Trap tiles that deal 720 damage...If Mysterio is Invisible, these Trap tiles deal 1138 damage.
For My Next Trick - bluetilepng Passive
The magnificent Mysterio floods the room with dazzling mists, disorienting his enemies as he plans his next move. At the start of his turn, if Mysterio has 8 or more Blue AP, convert 5 Blue AP to Yellow and deal 90 damage to the highest level enemy. If Mysterio still has 5 or more Blue AP after converting this AP, stun this target for 1 turns.
  • Level 2: ...Blue AP to Yellow and deal 180 damage...
  • Level 3: ...Blue AP to Yellow and deal 270 damage...
  • Level 4: ...after converting this AP, stun this target for 2 turns.
  • Level 5: ...Blue AP to Yellow and deal 396 damage...If Mysterio still has 4 or more Blue AP...
The Pledge - 6 yellowtilepng AP
Out of the mist, Mysterio appears! Here to save you from danger...right on time. Mysterio places a 4-turn Countdown tile. While this tile is on the board, making a Yellow match generates Purple AP instead. When this Countdown goes off, Mysterio steals a burst of 361 health from a random enemy and ally.
  • Level 2: ...Mysterio steals a burst of 505 health...
  • Level 3: ...Mysterio steals a burst of 650 health...
  • Level 4: ...Mysterio steals a burst of 957 health...
  • Level 5: ...Mysterio steals a burst of 1516 health...
Character Release Info

Recruit Mysterio!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Training - Heroes for Hire
  • Starts: 7/4/19, 07:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/11/19, 07:00am ET
  • Cost: 7,000 Hero Points
  • Contents: 
    • Invisible Woman (Classic) Green Cover
    • Elektra (Unkillable) Red Cover
    • 16x Elite Tokens
    • 6x Command Points
    • 20,000 Iso-8
Mysterio & Friends - Limited Vault
  • Starts: 7/7/19, 7:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/12/19, 2:00am ET
  • 80 Items: 
    • 1x Legendary Token
    • 3x Beginner Support Tokens
    • 1x Random Mysterio (Quentin Beck) Cover
    • 2x Random 4-Star Covers from the Call for Backup missions, with an option of the following characters:
      • Invisible Woman (Classic)
      • Elektra (Unkillable)
      • Peggy Carter (Captain America)
    • 21x 3-Star Covers
      • 3x Featured
      • 18x Random
    • 52x 2-Star Covers
      • 10x Featured
      • 42x Random

Event Schedule

Unstable Iso-8 - Story Event
  • Starts: 7/4/19, 07:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/8/19, 02:00am ET
  • Mysterio (Quentin Beck) in Placement Rewards
S.H.I.E.L.D. Training - New Character Event
  • Starts: 7/4/19, 07:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/11/19, 07:00am ET
  • Rewards tokens to Webbed Wonder, Random cover of Mysterio (Quentin Beck), and more
Webbed Wonder - Story Event
  • Starts: 7/7/19, 7:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/12/19, 2:00am ET
  • Mysterio (Quentin Beck) in Progression Rewards
  • Rewards tokens to the Mysterio & Friends vault
Smoke and Mirrors - Versus Tournament
  • Starts: 7/7/19, 8:00am ET
  • Ends: 7/10/19 3:00pm ET
  • Mysterio (Quentin Beck) in Progression Rewards
  • Rewards tokens to the Mysterio & Friends vault
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  • DyingLegend
    DyingLegend Posts: 1,185 Chairperson of the Boards
    I feel like all his damage numbers are missing an extra 0 at the end.....

    I mean, at least he looks cool. He will be right at home next to Talos.
  • JHawkInc
    JHawkInc Posts: 2,598 Chairperson of the Boards
    Traps and invisibility and AP color manipulation (shame he couldn't use that against an opponent), fits the base idea of what I've wanted for Mysterio, shame his numbers look so low. All flash and no substance may fit the character but doesn't mean it's a good design guide for a game.

    Also, it's a super bummer that this wasn't an opportunity for a 3*/5* dual release, one MCU and one classic comic look, we don't always get characters that are primed for such a release, and Mysterio was an obvious candidate you could see coming years away (since it was painfully obvious he was going to be released to tie into this film way back when the first solid rumors of him being cast for this film started popping up).

    It's a bummer to feel like you've been waiting years for a character only to be underwhelmed.
  • AlexR
    AlexR Posts: 427 Mover and Shaker
    I think he sounds interesting-- but yeah, his damage numbers look seriously low. Probably a side effect from his abilities being cheap and doing so many things.
    Still, his yellow can help turn yellow matches into purple instead-- we're missing a 4* that feeds purple, so that might be useful. His passive is interesting-- so, he turns blue AP into yellow and then his yellow turns yellow matches into purple AP...?
    (It's a bit sad though that now we have 4!! (C&D, Sandman, Kingpin and now Mysterio) 4* characters that can feed yellow and yet so few good active yellow users at the 4* tier. We need more 4* releases to bring some good active yellows, that would help especially the last three of that list a lot. Turning an insanely useful colour like blue into yellow is therefore not that appealing...)
    Unusual kit; who knows, maybe we're underestimating him. I'm interested how he'll play in practise.
  • tiomono
    tiomono Posts: 1,613 Chairperson of the Boards
    So a passive 2 turn stun and damage for having 9 blue. And he is gonna be invisible almost constantly with 6 yellow helping to accelerate purple which only costs 7 to keep him invisible for 4 turns. 

    Sounds like a fun obnoxious character even though his yellow is gonna steal some health from an ally. I wonder if the yellow damage counts towards bishop passives going off.
  • darkwatcherDEZ
    darkwatcherDEZ Posts: 107 Tile Toppler
    Seems to have the Howard the Duck ability with some AP generation. Suppose once invisible, the excess purple can come in handy for some 4*s. For example with 4* Star Lord using both purple and countdowns and cheap abilities. Likely offers nothing to those on 5* with respect to meta. Maybe to feed 5* Dare Devil for stun and tile cleanup with Kitty using some yellow? 
  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 6,082 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited July 2019
    His shield training should be realtively easier to complete with 3 older 4*s.  So of course he is weak.

    At first glance, purple is pretty meh, not actively bad, but noticeably understrength.  Blue is interesting as a passive and the best reason to use him.  But it fuels:

    His yellow, which seems straight up awful. Low numbers, burst of health, random target including allies, long countdown, odd AP manipulation power to fuel purple (collecting AP to cast a power to let you collect another color to make a third color is just too convoluted.  I will be shocked if it works well). ugh.
  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 2,722 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited July 2019
    Move over Emma and Talos. You now have company in the 'worst 4*' conversation.

    His purple is semi useful in that he goes invisible but it only last  4 turns at most. 4Pool's Purple costs the same and but puts out more traps for more damage per trap and 4Pool's other 2 powers are vastly better than Mysterio's.

    Blue is a hot mess with that 2* damage component and transferring away a useful color into a much less useful one (imagine in the future a shield training with him and 4* Wasp). Are we sure that damage is not per AP  ;)

    Yellow is garbage because unless he's damaged it does nothing for you (ie can't heal allies) and it's of course a burst. If the Yellow could have healed a targeted ally (ala Widows heal) then he and Bishop could have teamed up for some real shenanigans.

  • scottee
    scottee Posts: 1,607 Chairperson of the Boards
    Those damage numbers have to be wrong, right?

    He kinda seems interesting as a battery, but the conversions don't actually generate AP, they only shift what color it is. 

    The only usefulness I see would be with some Bishop blue shenanigans?
  • tiomono
    tiomono Posts: 1,613 Chairperson of the Boards
    Vhailorx said:
    His shield training should be realtively easier to complete with 3 older 4*s.  So of course he is weak.
    Rogue, Shuri, Dazzler, and Peter Porker, also had 3 older characters in their training. I would only call the pig weak of those 4.

    He looks like a fun supporting character to me. I think some interesting teams are much easier to find than talos. But I enjoyed 5* ock before his rework too. I tend to enjoy characters that are designed to annoy even if they are not top tier.
  • skittledaddy
    skittledaddy Posts: 937 Critical Contributor
    Feels like one of those annoying chars I target first to take control of the match but one I would never elect to play as.
    Like ProfX or 3Loki.

  • tiomono
    tiomono Posts: 1,613 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited July 2019
    KGB said:

    Yellow is garbage because unless he's damaged it does nothing for you (ie can't heal allies) and it's of course a burst. If the Yellow could have healed a targeted ally (ala Widows heal) then he and Bishop could have teamed up for some real shenanigans.

    Even without the heal it gives you up to 4 turns to accelerate purple gain. He is most definitely not top tier but he seems fun and accelerates himself well to stay invisible for the match while popping the occasional trap for some bonus damage.

    Now if enemies and allies could pop his traps like 3* daredevil then he would be much better. But doing something on matched and destroyed traps is better than just matched.

    Do we know if enemies can match his traps and damage themselves?
  • jredd
    jredd Posts: 1,387 Chairperson of the Boards
    yellow might be good if we could put the cd tile on a colour of our own choice causing yellow generate that colour.

    also, why is burst health included in some way with a lot of the new releases? enough already.
  • jamesh
    jamesh Posts: 1,600 Chairperson of the Boards
    Brigby said:
    4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
     bluetilepng yellowtilepng

    So I guess all those people claiming that Mysterio is a villain were wrong all along then?  He's obviously just misunderstood.

  • MirrorKnight
    MirrorKnight Posts: 72 Match Maker
    Wait wait wait... why is Mysterio's Mist ability not green?!
    Like I get blue is for stunts, but seriously, green is the main color of his color scheme and none of his powers are green?!?!
    That just can't be right.
    Also, as a character that's all about magic and illusions, wouldn't having abilities not conforming to standard color archetypes make perfect sense?

    Also, we already have 6 characters in this tier that are y/p/blu. Whereas we only have 3 characters at g/p/y.

    Please please please consider a quick revision.

  • spidyjedi84
    spidyjedi84 Posts: 514 Critical Contributor
    Stealing health from an enemy and an ally... I don't like the stealing health from an ally portion of that power. kind of why Gambit is never ranked high on my roster since his nerf..
  • MirrorKnight
    MirrorKnight Posts: 72 Match Maker
    Okay, the more I look at Misty here, the more interesting he gets.
    Firstly, For My Next Trick targets the highest level enemy. With a way to keep generating blue, you're likely to keep your biggest threat stun locked. At 5 levels sure you only get 2 turns and you need 9 AP to activate the stun, but it only actually costs 5 of it, and generates yellow.
    Secondly, if The Pledge is a true heal, he's going to have excellent longevity.

    Also, some noteworthy team possibilities:
    Bishop - generates blue, which gets converted to yellow. Misty's yellow can help make Bishop generate more blue, or Bishop's yellow can generate more blue.
    IM3 - Yellow begets blue, blue begets yellow.
    Vulture + C&D - a beautiful mix up of complimentary powers.
    Sandman - purple begets yellow, yellow begets purple

    A lot of potential for shenanigans
  • MrEd95
    MrEd95 Posts: 280 Mover and Shaker
    Do his trap tiles do damage if matched by the enemy as well? If so, he could be a bit better.
    I think he will definitely have use with the likes of bishop and vulture etc, but we will have to wait and see how he plays. I think he will be interesting to try and play around with and figure out