Red Shift - Is Kitty "Broken" ?

Hope this is the correct forum to ask (I'm sure it will be moved if not)

I decided to start the "Red Shift" event early to try and get the 40 wins. Overnight I was attacked 15 time (14 of the teams were Gritty which is annoying)


With Kitty's purple "Circuit Breaker" power, it appears, removes Scarlet Witch's countdown tile AND then does 13,000 damage. 
Maybe I am wrong, but is it not supposed to remove the countdown tile, then place another "Circuit Breaker"  to remove the next countdown tile, not remove and do damage.

Basically, Kitty does 13,000 damage every move. That's gotta be broken, right?


  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,826 Chairperson of the Boards
    It spawns on one turn. Then on the next, it eats your countdown and explodes for damage. Should be doing damage every other Turn against SWitch with no other Special Tiles.
  • Palookaville
    Palookaville Posts: 83 Match Maker
    It takes the tile away and then explodes. I thought it took away the tile, and only exploded if there were no tiles on the board (not including the one taken away) 
  • jamesh
    jamesh Posts: 1,600 Chairperson of the Boards
    The explosion component of the power is not linked to the repeater moving, if that helps.  If at any point in Kitty's move is there no enemy special tiles, the repeater will explode.
    For example, if the repeater is on the board and I make a match-5 that takes out the last enemy special, it will explode at that point rather than waiting until the next turn.  Similarly, a support that removes enemy specials when you fire a power can trigger the explosion too.
  • St_Bernadus
    St_Bernadus Posts: 623 Critical Contributor
    It is working correctly but it is really really annoying to fight any 5-purple Kitties. Especially if you only have (say) a 1-purple Kitty.