Thee Anniversary Experience...

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So with all of the new characters and new event...should we expect more of this, new change, to continue this year and the following year? Yes and no.
My experience with thee anniversary is nothing but a bore, limited character and new 5 Star that is okay, it’s heart breaking.
Double ISO and more chances of Howard is not something to celebrate as an anniversary hoorah! To keep me playing and paying.
The game seems to go downhill from here in my opinion, what do you believe? Huh? WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?!?


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    To brainstorm more ideas, 

    1) How do you think the Anniversary should be celebrated? 

    The celebration looks okay. Nothing fanciful and nothing horrible. Unless they change the way match three works, it's gonna be PvE and PvP with different flavours. They could introduce new type of tile, maybe?

    2) What kind of free stuff should the Devs give to all players?

    I don't know what kind of free stuff, besides tokens, should be given. Probably support tokens? 

    I actually like the statistics that the devs shared in the previous anniversaries. It tells us the most popular characters used, no of match needed to reach X points in PvP etc... I thought it's something interesting.

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    There is a blueprint of how it should be celebrated at 5year point. Combine the anniversary 1 with anniversary 3. 

    Quick, 20 player lightnig rounds for amazing awards (even a token for vault) plus a daily clash with Thanos for an LT. Do it for a week. People will get some good rewards and everybody would be happy. I don't think it would hurt the bottom line.

    New event we have now is fine in terms of rewards but is grindy and not really good for newer players. 
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    Anniversary is like Christmas as an adult for me. You have to go in with low expectations. Worst case scenario is you have some fruitcake and eggnog, have a nice lunch and then maybe get one of those summer sausage packages and a chocolate orange from your aunt and uncle that they bought from CVS or Walgreen's on Christmas morning because they forgot to put you on their Christmas list. What? I'm not bitter. Well I'm not. Those chocolate oranges are freaking addicting.

    Anyway, I got my Dino champed and was able to get five covers for Howard which is huuuuuge because it puts him at twelve covers. Cleaned out my first Anny vault and have already snagged a lot of the top prizes in the second one as well. Plus, I have my issues with Places of Power but I can't scoff at having a shot at getting eight legendaries and all of that delicious cp. Pretty solid overall.

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    This has been my favorite anniversary so far. Double iso (and for LONGER!), Taskmaster character release (and while I wish he weren't limited, the point made upthread about balance is well-taken), a new alliance event which, if your alliance has the muscle, is good for 1-2 LTs per day.

    It would have been nice to see support tokens updated/made more easily obtainable. It would have been nice to see more 5* feeders. Maybe one or both of those can still happen, although I suspect if they were going to, they would have by now.

    But I have a tangible marker of progress this anniversary that the previous anniversaries haven't given me: for the first time in my history with this game, every one of the 4* in the game is either a champion for me, or at their level max. There is zero iso pressure in the 4* tier for me for the first time ever. That right there makes this my favorite anniversary, and all the stuff in my first paragraph makes it BETTER.
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    I've only been around for this year and last year. But when I compare this Anniversary to last year's, this one is so much better-- longer double-iso and a whole new type of event (alliance PvE). And Places of Power doesn't just give out cp like candy if your alliance has the strength, it also gives out a good amount of Anniversary tokens that newer players can reach too!
    Because as a newer player myself last year, that was kinda my complaint back then-- the Anniversary didn't seem that special, because my smaller roster couldn't do anything with 4* or 5* releases, and they mostly gave out Anniversary tokens through pvp which you can't get much of as a new player. (PvE doesn't actually keep giving Anniversary tokens for some reason.) So it was mostly just "yay double-iso" and that's it.
    Now granted, I'm in 4* land now, so I can make much better use of the Anniversary vault because I can get the pvp tokens for more pulls and I actually had some HP for it too. But still, we got a new type of event alltogether that is pretty generous with rewards and has something on both lower and higher levels of play. And longer double-iso. I think this has been a pretty cool Anniversary.
    I think having an actual new thing that is also generous really is what makes the Anniversary shine for me this year; that makes it actually feel like a celebration with stuff you look forward to and can get excited about.
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    Someone asked a couple of months ago what our expectations were for the upcoming anniversary, in a thread here. I answered that I am easy to please and expect double ISO, a worthwhile vault, and some free crud.

    That's what we got, plus a new event that I am in favor of. I'm happy with it.
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    I've really enjoyed so far, but only complaint has been a lack of feeder updates. I was really hoping the devs would take the anniversary as an opportunity to just knock out the 5s that need feeders. Spread them out over the next two weeks and pull that band-aid.

    Still have about a week to go, but seriously doubt they'll just drop a bomb announcement for the 8 or so fives left. Maybe one for Kitty soon, and hoping for 5strange and JJ being they're in the fan favorite vault.
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    I've really enjoyed the anniversary. I champed Devil Dinosaur, have over half the vault redeemed. I got the 10-pack from the anniversary PVE Season progrssion, which got me the 3600 HP reward, which I used to buy another 10-Pack on the one-day offer price, otherwise everything else has been gifted/rewarded tokens.

    And the Fan Favorites Vault has been amazing, i got one JJ, one Strange and 2 OMLs out of it.

    As much as I like the concept of the new event I wasn't a big fan, and may have just been that our alliance had a hard time organizing for it. 
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    Love this anniversary. Ive cleared iut 2 vaults so far and am about 25 into my 3rd.
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    Definitely have been worse anniversary.  Definitely have also been better.  The raid rewards are crazy generous but also could have be a pain point for ally that couldn’t coordinate quickly enough as we were not given the full picture (intentionally) beforehand.  So, while generous, I imagine there are more than a few who at least lost out on a days worth if not more of the big rewards.  The lack of 20-man continuous LR is another one I can’t figure out.  Seems to be pretty widely enjoyed, have been used outside of Anniversary 1 so it’s not like the code isn’t there.  Overall it’s pretty much what I expected.  
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    don't know what you guys are talking about - we got double iso for a full season, i didn't even expect that.
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    Double ISO, rare character PVPs, pretty generous Anniversary vault with tokens available galore, 5 star release, 4 star limited release, and a very generous PVE (my alliance got 7 LTs and 160 CP).

    Fan Favorites got me 3 Strang5 covers.

    Ummm....  champed some 4s cause of double ISO...

    Ummm....  I mean, I think its pretty darn good.
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    JHawkInc said:
    I think this anniversary has been great.

    Double ISO isn't something to scoff at, as it's one of the most-requested extras. Christmas? "Can we get double-ISO?" New MCU movie? "Can we get double-ISO?" Talk Like A Pirate Day? "2x ISO please?"


    Ye scallywag!
    I think it's quite obvious that "Talk Like a Pirate Day" should yield  2X Arrrrrgh-ISO, not purple-ISO. 

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    The anniversary is quite good, much better than I predicted/expected (not to say it couldn't have be better).

    I do think the game is going downhill though.  The anniversary has renewed some hope that it might not be as bleak as I feared before it, but I'm still cautiously optimistic at best.
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    I've been really happy. I opened enough fan favorites to champ my JJ, who had been sitting with 3 extra covers, put some champ levels on my 5* strange, and got a yellow OML which will set me up to be able to champ him in like 7 more levels of xforce. 

    That's really better that I could have hoped for, but I also got enough covers on Valkyrie to give me a champ level on 5*thor, I will be able to champ howard soon, and I got a ton of ISO and cp that I am saving up for when cable hits LL.

    The only thing I could have asked for was better communication about how the new event worked, and (of course) the 20 man LR that would give anniversary tokens in progression, maybe some sort of champ rewards mechanic for acquiring supports. 
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    Been fine for me. Some free stuff, double ISO, and a new event that didn't break and was a nice change of pace.
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    Double ISO has been fantastic, I ended up going ISO plus for a while, got up to about 550,000. My policy for 5*s is I pour ISO into the one that's boosted for an event...Silver Surfer's boosted. So I got him from 250-435 (as high as I could get him).

    The remaining ISO went on Taskmaster after buying the bundle today.

    This anniversary has been really good. No punishing events (the miscommunication with Places of Power notwithstanding. It was no "You're supposed to lose." that's for damn sure). Good rewards. Good new characters. No accidents or mistakes where they forgot to turn on the double ISO. This has been really smooth and really fun!

    My only gripe is not pulling a single 5* from a Fan Fave token =(
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    Since it's the 5th year, they should let you pick one free 5 star of your choosing. 

    A man can dream...... 
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    Since it's the 5th year, they should let you pick one free 5 star of your choosing. 

    A man can dream...... 
    My 0/5/1 Okoye agrees with this. I'd also take eight straight Shuri covers from legendaries. I don't think that's too unreasonable of a request. Not like I'm asking for a date with Scarlett Johansson dressed in her Avengers gear.
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