When to go for the 5* land / Next 4* champions



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    Dormammu said:
    It sounds like Cable details, according to Brigby, will be here next week. But from what I've already heard from people who were watching closely during the gameplay footage in the Anniversary video he's shaping up to be pretty good. Cheap abilities with at least one big nuke that works somewhat like Valkyrie's red.
    According to the footage, all 3 powers (blue, green and yellow) cost 7 ap each. About the nuke, he downs Moon Knight that has 8.7k HP. Yet, this is very little info, it doesn't tell much.
    But don't let that derail you from Okoye. Cable won't enter tokens for a while. He won't even be released for another three weeks and won't enter tokens until a couple of weeks after that. Then you'll have (roughly) 18 more weeks before he leaves. That's a lot of time to rebuild the hoard.
    You're absolutely right!
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    Well, I got 249 Latest pulls (220 + 725 CP) and will open them tomorrow. I have a trip during the weekend and probably won't have enough time.

    This is a very optimistic question: Should I try to get as many Okoye covers as I can or stop when I hit 13 enough to champ? What would you do?

    I like the idea of saving some tokens to the future, in case I'm lucky enough to get those before spending everything.
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    How much Iso to champ a 5*?  I'm nearing full coverage for 1-2 characters and I want to know how much I need to save.  Thanks.
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    gmtosca said:
    How much Iso to champ a 5*?  I'm nearing full coverage for 1-2 characters and I want to know how much I need to save.  Thanks.

    575 000 ISO approximately.
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    edited October 2018
    I opened a total of 261 Latest tokens and got this:
    4*:  227 (86,97%)
    5*:  34   (13,03%)

    Bonus Heroes:
    4*:  9
    5*:  0 (not even one :/ )

    Ended up with:
    Okoye: 5/3/4 (+1 saved black)
    Loki: 1/5/5 (+1 saved green)
    Wasp: 3/5/1

    I tracked everything here, colors, bonus heroes and saved cover after applying everything.

    Well, about saved covers, have 57 extra 4*s, that's 24% of 236 covers (considering BH). Thanks to this feature, I'll be able to champ those 4* without any pressure. I consider this is a high number and if it wasn't by this feature, would lost several of them.

    I'm really happy that I have Okoye with 5 black, but it would be really nice to not get that dupe and be able to champ her. Sadly, got 6 Loki green covers and only 1 purple, don't think he'll be leveled anytime soon. I'll keep hoarding and reconsider if it's worth chasing 2 more covers when before he leaves the latest.

    Updated my roster today. As for the 4*, this is the current scenario:

    13: Elektra, Invisible Woman, Lockjaw, Miles, Mockingbird, Sam Wilson, Spider-Woman, Valkyrie, Wolverine, X-23
    12: IW Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Gwenpool, Iron Fist, Hulkbuster, Kingpin, Moon Knight, Professor X, Star-Lord, MEHulk, Punisher, Winter Soldier, Eddie Brock, Agent Venom
    11: America Chavez, Quake, Drax, Kraven, Nick fury, Nova, Peggy Carter
    10: Ghost, Kate Bishop, War Machine
    9: TAHulk, Carnage, Jubilee, Shuri, IW Spider-Man, Wiccan
    8 or less: Mr. Fantastic, Dazzler, Spider-Gwen, Emma, BPanther, Nebula

    I'm so unlucky that I got only 1 Punisher blue and 7 black/green covers. Don't know if worth changing 5 extra covers for another blue. No Iron Fist green cover too. But I was lucky to get 5 Moon Knight covers and now he has 12 (He's one of my favorites comic characters)

    I have 4MM ISO, I'll still have 3.5MM after taking Okoye to 435. So, I'll champ Valkyrie and Mockingbird. Anyone else with 13 covers deserves ISO for now? Maybe XF Wolverine to pair with XF Deadpool?
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    UPDATE: Opened 33 classic tokens and got 8 5*s! That's almost a 25% rate! Despite didn't get any BH again, I was lucky enough to get a red Okoye, so now she has 13 covers, just waiting to be champed.