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Agents Family currently ** FULL **

BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
edited January 8 in MPQ Alliances
The Agents family

Available positions 

Alliance                Positions                 Rewards

Agents_Of_PVE  Currently ** Full ** Top 100 all PVE events / Max Boss Events / T250 PVP

AoP 2                   Currently ** Full ** Top 100 New character events / Max Boss Events

Agent Academy   Currently ** Full **  Target max rewards in boss events and T250 all PVE events.

(The Academy is a great route into the Agent family T100 teams as we are happy to upgrade players that show their worth there)

(Line compulsory)

AoP is a T100 PVE focused alliance who collect all rewards in boss events and max the raid event. We don’t demand that grind push for top 100 in the non special events although we are usually T100 in those as well by default. We don’t pretend any different. We are capable of T100 in all events (and mostly we do) when we choose but we are mostly experienced players who now play more for fun and aim to collect all the important rewards.
We focus to target the main boss events and new character events, hitting all rewards. Max progression is expected and required of all as a minimum in boss events and in new character events we require a minimum of 1.25x max progression to ensure a very safe T100 finish.

Between main events we relax the requirements to hitting the lower command points progression so everyone can relax. None of us in AoP want to grind week in week out.
The last 8 boss events we finished all rewards with over 36 hours to spare, and in new character events we are always placed in T100 (getting the new character cover), so you can be confident of getting the important rewards, but not have to keep up that pace 24/7

We are a social bunch and need everyone in the main alliance on the Line app for good comms during main events, though if you don’t want to socialise in the chat, there is no need, we just want to be able to relay strategy and keep in touch. We have a separate line room for special events and we do ask you ensure you read that in the hours before an important event with no requirements to chat in the main room.

We require players with a decent mostly champed 4* roster or above. Daily play and making those simple requirements is all we ask. When life gets in the way, message a commander and let them know as we are easy going and just like to know if someone doesn’t score much in an event. We have a family of alliances that people can move into for a longer break.

PVP is up to you, and we are happy if players want to merc out in pvp and also in non main event PVE if we aren’t making T100 for those. We usually finish the season in T250

AoP 2 (Line not compulsory)

AoP 2 (Agents Of PVE 2 effectively) is a sister alliance for Agents_Of_PVE (refered to as AoP)
The expected roster here is one that enables a player to do max progression when required. 

As with the main alliance, AoP 2 is a PVE focused alliance. It’s main aims are to complete all boss and raid events and to finish in T100 for new character events. AoP 2 has started achieving T100 in normal events but this is not a fixed target.

Daily play is a must, and max progression is required for boss and raid events and new character events as a minimum. Outside these main events, as with AoP, there is a lower, relaxed minimum, with AoP2 setting the 4* cover as the required score for these events.

The Line app is preferred but not currently compulsory in AoP 2 as it’s useful for organising events. It also allows you to access the main Agents_Of_PVE chat room where there is a wealth of info and a lot of vets that are only too willing to pass on their knowledge of the game. This is a huge bonus if you install the app.

As with AoP, PVP play is non essential though again, many play it but the rewards from pvp play are purely a personal choice and again, mercing out will be permitted in PVP.

Agent Academy
(Line not compulsory)

This is our casual alliance for players in 3* land and very early 4* land or for those more senior 5* players seeking more casual play. The academy alliance gives you direct access (via line app if you want to install it) to help and guidance from the vets in Agents_Of_PVE and AoP2, and a chance to progress to join us in the main alliances once your roster is good enough. Again daily play is essential and the only requirement for the academy is that you reach the second cover progression rewards and make an effort, especially in team events. Priority will be given to our academy members for permanent spots and also temporary (merc spots) for boss, raid and new character spots in AoP and AoP 2 when they become available.

Agent Academy easily achieved max team progression in the last Apocalypse boss event due to commanders from the agent family stepping in to guide them. An outstanding achievement considering many in the academy are players with less than 3 months experience. This is what can be achieved from being part of the agent family. Edit, we expect the academy will probably max most boss events due to the strength of the squad they now have.


How to contact us

PM us via this forum or via Line with your details if you want to apply in advance for a spot in any of our alliances or if we have changed this post to spots available to apply for a vacant position in the relevant alliance.

The fastest way to contact us is through the line app although we will periodically check messages here as well.
Our line ID’s are next to our names below, and you can add us in Line and send us a message
If you contact us through line, we check that several times a day, so it’s much easier.

Recruitment contacts

Bug-eyed (Line: bugeyed1964)
Commander at Agents_Of_PVE

Rocketman1 (Line: rocketman12)       (You can PM him directly from comments below. He is David)
Commander at AoP2 

Ezy1984 (Line: pikey1984)
Commander at AoP2 

Unbarringzeus (Line: unbarringzeus)
Commander at Agent Academy


  • AardvarkPepperAardvarkPepper Posts: 216 Tile Toppler
    edited July 2018
    Applied, thanks.  I have no LINE but pay attention to alliance chat in-game.
  • FrankMadFrankMad Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Are you guys still looking?
  • nonobabynonobaby Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    Can I get in? please

  • nonobabynonobaby Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    I joined let us see how it works.
  • DavidDavid Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Now 4 spots left in AoP 2, and we are currently sitting in 103rd place! 
    Be quick! 
  • DavidDavid Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    2 spots open for AoP 2.
    We are set to private, so PM me here or on LINE app
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