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    Applied, thanks.  I have no LINE but pay attention to alliance chat in-game.
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    Are you guys still looking?
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    Can I get in? please

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    I joined let us see how it works.
  • texaswook
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    Hi I'm wondering if you still have openings, I'm typically top 250 in PVP (when I focus on it I can hit top 50 and have a handful of top 10s). 
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    Hi. Just wondering if you have a vacancy in AoP Academy. I'm looking to leave my current alliance. I'm hoping to join an alliance witth a more fervent desire to progress in alliance events.
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    Hiya, I'm finishing top 25-50 right now, very active.  Been at it a week, jumped right in:
  • David
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    AoP Chillax looking to recruit 2 spots.
    Complete boss events as an alliance.
    Standard events relaxed/no stress requirements.
    New release character PVE.... merc scores for T100 placement within or outside of AoP Group.
    Promotion if wanted to our higher alliance if ambitious!
    Ideal roster..., fully champed 3*s working on 4*.
    AoP is set to public or p.m me here.

  • David
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    AoP 2 now full
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    How do you receive messages in MPQ? You can’t send messages outside of an alliance? Can someone tell me how? I’ve been play for almost 2yrs and haven’t found it. Although I haven’t tried looking too much since I rarely message outside my alliance. Thanks for any help. 
  • itsuka7
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    Aop 3 vacancy has been filled
  • David
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    Hello all...
    Recruiting for spots in AoP. 
    AoP 2 x1
    AoP 3 x1
    AoP Chillax x1
    AoP 2 very very safe T100 PVE alliance, finishing T50 for New Character events placing 60th ish for Standard events. LINE communication recommended but not essential if good in game chat.
    AoP 3 strives to get T50 PVE finishes for both Standard and New Character events, which is achieved most events. LINE communication essential. 
    The opportunity to merc PVP scores into a T100 alliance is available with both, however AoP have no requirements for PVP.
    Both AoP 2 and 3 complete alliance Boss events within the first 36 hours and full participation in these are expected.
    AoP Chillax requires daily play and full boss participation. If you do decide to post a good score for any event, the option to merc into a T100 alliance (even if not within AoP) will be found for you.
    If interested in any of the above places please contact:-
    rocketman1 @ rocketman12 on LINE or pm me here
    Itsuka @ itsuka789 on LINE
    Kurisu86 @ CLef86 on LINE 
    Thanks for reading.... Happy MPQing! 
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    AoP 3 has a vacancy. We are a PVE focused team that strives for t50 in PVE, and gets it about 80% of the time. You can find out more in the post above. There are no pvp requirements. To be able to make our new character event requirements, you need all 2*, 3* and almost all 4*, plus preferably a handful of 5*. If you are unsure whether you have enough we can discuss it. 

    We require the Line app for communication, but active participation in the chat is not required, just reading the announcements.

    If you are interested, contact itsuka7, Line ID: itsuka789.
    alternatively, you can pm me on this forum, though that will be slower.

    if we are set to public, you can also walk in to discuss options.

    *position filled*