Brand New Supports Feature! (4/5/18)



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    @Brigby I was thinking overall MPQ quests. With the number of supports that may be added, limiting them to specific events may become too restrictive.
    Maybe quests become available are based on player rank?
    And, you can only work on one quest at a time...
    Kinda shooting from the hip here...

  • Punisher5784
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    Finally the new feature we've been waiting for!

    Of course the Villains get the shaft again! Where are all the villain supports? Dr. Doom needs Latveria!

    Question on the Increased Health from a Support. If my character lost damage from battle but I equip a support that increases my health, will it give me more health or just the max amount? For instance finish a battle with 5000 HP, I equip a Support that grants me an additional 5000 HP, do I start the battle with 10,000 HP or still 5000 but I can heal for max health plus the extra 5000?

    Also, can we get a filter for the roster battle selection screen? It's very cumbersome to click through over 100 characters. Supports are only going to add to the clunky UI.
  • Pongie
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    Will support characters ever be variants of actual characters in game? If so, will these be locked out from supporting themselves? eg. If there is a blackwidow or hawkeye support, then you cannot have them supporting a variant of themsevles. 

    If not, then whoever becomes a support character means they lose out the chance of becoming an actual in game character? Marvel has a ton in their catalog, but each have their own fan and if they are delegated to simply support characters then those fans will never see their favourites in their roster.
  • AngryGerman
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    So the only way to increase the support’s rank is by randomly drawing it. Can you tell us the break down of how often each rank should be drawn? And do you envision implementing an alternative method of increasing ranks eventually? 
  • rixmith
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    Love the idea for the flavor that it provides! I've wanted things like Headquarters, Vehicles and Weapons for years, but never thought I'd see them.

    But I agree that I'm likely to just put them on the characters I usually use all the time and it won't really unlock the value in the rest of my roster. Matches might give extra Red and Purple? You know who that's going on, and it isn't Deadpool!

    So one suggestion is to make the values of the support abilities dependent on the Star level of the character you are attaching it to, and to make the numbers better for lower tier characters. Ideally attaching a Support to a buffed 4* could make them competitive with adding the support to an unbuffed 5*. Then I'd have a reason to bring that 4* to PVE. Or give a 4* player a reason to bring their 3*'s into battle. Or simply have supports that are specific to character tiers. 

    It seems like there are so many great possibilities for this. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  • randomhero1090
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    veny said:
    Can we use supports in Titan DDQ?
    Yeah, Deadpool's Daily Quest counts as a Story event.
    If you are going to help my weak 4s compete for the LTs then I’m all in.  But I believe no boosts right now, right?
  • actuaryal
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    Any chance there will be a support character that enables auto-tapping?
  • Smart80
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    Practical question:

    When applied to a certain toon, how will we be able to find them again? Will these toons in roster have different color or something? Or possibly an extra option in drag down menu now reserved for different tiers.

    If the latter, please add affiliations to the menu too, cause it seems that’ll be usefull to choose which toon to apply certain supports with certain requirements..
  • Punisher5784
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    actuaryal said:
    Any chance there will be a support character that enables auto-tapping?

    Yes, one of the supports is Stan Lee's golf club, so you can tap it in.. just tap it in
  • carrion_pigeons
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    Wondering about rarity, and costs.  Waiting and waiting and waiting for a rank 6 support to randomly drop for months at a time sounds even more swingy than the first few 5*s were. Can you even imagine the dude who lucks into the rank 6 chimichanga as a fresh 3* player, and suddenly his 3* Deadpool is utterly OP?  That's going to get old fast, even limited to story mode. In eventual pvp, that'll cause riots. 
  • djrdjr
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    OMELGDFJ   This isChampion level news. I think I'll stick around. Thank you.
  • evade420
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    This looks awesome !
    Thanks D3 and demiurge for all the hard work!
  • Lystrata
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    Looks interesting. 

    Will the season reward tokens be rewarded throughout all placement levels, though? I can see this quickly becoming a 'rich getting richer' system, if they're only available to top 100 / top 250 season placements otherwise. 

    Or is it season progression based?
  • Punter1
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    I'm not overly excited about this so far, honestly. It feels like boosts but more permanent.

    Eh, I dunno. It doesn't feel like an exciting new feature but more like extra work and grind poured onto the existing work and grind.
    That's what they read like to me, somewhat like boosts and TU that for the most part can be set and ignored.  Both are handy in a pinch and during some matches, but during the majority of matches they're not useful.  A nice to have but my no means a game play essential.

    Can we get a full list of what they do at different ranks on the forums so that we can look here rather than in game as its a lot of info to remember for what looks like 14+ supports with 5 levels and some restrictions on use.  The display tiles give no clue as to what they do, which in game means clicking in and out of lots of screens for this useful info.

    It would be also good to hear how frequently they'll drop at the different rarity levels and whether opponent teams will have them equipped like TU.  
  • jamesh
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    Question: one of the screenshots shows the user having 5/14 Supports.  Does this indicate that there were 14 total Supports at the time the screenshot was taken, or that the user had bought 14 Support slots?  If you have to buy slots for Supports, how much do they cost?
  • Moon Roach
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    When a support is assigned to a character, is it assigned to all versions in my roster or just one?