Changes to Event Schedule and Events *Updated (10/18/17)

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Update 2: Hi Everyone. We have decided not to remove the card set restrictions for Hour of Revelation. We do still plan on incorporating more events with no card restrictions, but based on the player feedback, we'd like to take more time to determine which event would be a more appropriate avenue for that change.

To that effect, if any of you have suggestions as to what a good event would be to not have card restrictions, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Ideally, this event would have elements that appealed to both newer players and veterans alike. Thank you!
: Adjusted schedule to more accurately depict the correct time-frames. Please note that, dependent on the start times, some events may cross over to technically end on the following day.
Hi Everyone,

As many of you might have already noticed, we have recently changed the way we schedule events, as well as having made some adjustments to event settings. Please take a look below for further information:

Event Schedule
We have changed the structure of our event schedule, in order to provide players with more variety and options. Moving forward, players can expect to see 3 non-Coalition events running simultaneously during the weekdays; both Standard and Non-Standard events. (Trial of the Planes and Training Grounds are not factored into this number)

Here is a visual representation of the schedule, which depicts this week's events: 10/16 - 10/22

*Please note Return of the God-Pharaoh could potentially end earlier, due to depletion of boss health.

2-Day Events
Due to popular request, the following events will now run for only 2 days, instead of 3:
  • Fate is Rarely Fair
  • Emergency Ordinances
  • Hour of Revelation

Hour of Revelation

Following the goal of providing players with more event variety and options, we will now be removing the card set restrictions on Hour of Revelation. Starting in the 10/18 event, players will be able to use any card in their decks.

Return of the God-Pharaoh
We are currently discussing the consideration of adjusting various settings for this event; recharge time, max progression, etc. When we have definitive plans and time-frames laid out, we will update this post to reflect these changes. 


  • TheDragonHermit
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    Umm looking at that, there is a major pileup on monday while Saturday and Sunday are fairly sparce. This is great for coalitions focusing on RGP but maybe you could move ToA to start on friday?
  • Urzafigs
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    I have to second Daddystyx, the recharge time and the length of this event burns a lot of players out. Especially within the current coalition setup, which offers no way for players to opt out a week or two without bringing the whole team down or getting kicked for inactivity.  
  • Dropspot
    Dropspot Posts: 200 Tile Toppler
    I dislike HoR being legacy.

    PVE should be legacy not PVP. 

    This doesn't make any sense, sounds like desperate measures.
  • madwren
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    Dropspot said:
    I dislike HoR being legacy.

    Indeed. Now we get to have even more fun on the red node.  

    I feel particularly sorry for the people not reading the forums who are going to innocuously go into HoR and suddenly have Pigs dropped on their heads.

  • naphomci
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    Brigby said:
    Hi Everyone,

    [. . .]

    Return of the God-Pharaoh
    We are currently discussing the consideration of adjusting various settings for this event; recharge time, max progression, etc. When we have definitive plans and time-frames laid out, we will update this post to reflect these changes. 
    Oh merciful lord let the change happen to longer recharges....
  • NiftyC
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    First off, I’m really psyched that the team is listening and making some solid changes, especially to the HoR / RotGP overlap! Thank you for that. 

    I want to agree with Daddystyx, I think RotGP should be a LOT shorter. After 18 charges and three days, I think enough is enough. If it’s going to be this long, maybe there could be more nodes and interesting challenges, so you only repeat everything three times instead of six or seven.

    I also want to agree with Dropspot, having HoR be legacy doesn’t make sense to me and is a disappointing change. I really liked standard and thought it made the most sense for coalition events. Having HoR be legacy but events like ToA and FiRF be standard just feels arbitrary and annoying.

    Thanks again for listening and creating a compelling game!
  • Sirchombli
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    Well, never hitting objectives on red again. This is going to be interesting. Sorin will be happy, I guess. All hail pigliviarichkul
  • Firinmahlazer
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    For the love of God why is HOR legacy? Terrible terrible terrible choice!
  • ManiiNames
    ManiiNames Posts: 213 Tile Toppler
    Thank you for some new variety.
  • madwren
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    Ohboy said:
    Hor as legacy is a horrible direction to take.

    On the macro level, it makes no sense as it's the newest event and should be the first pick if you had to pick one event to be standard.

    On the micro level, you have 2 nodes that require your opponent summon creatures. This is just going to get worse with legacy.

    Just to be clear, I do applaud your decision for more events. Options are always good. Some people like firf. Some hate it. Now they can choose to sit it out and not feel like they lost out too much. 

    I'm in complete agreement with you. Well said.

    I am thrilled to see that they're opening up the number of events and providing people with more content. 

    I am not thrilled that most newer players will be at a severe disadvantage, or that there doesn't seem to be an announcement in game warning non-forum players that the event will spontaneously change. Because, let's face it, no one is going to bother to check the set restrictions when something has been the exact same for months.

  • tfg76
    tfg76 Posts: 258 Mover and Shaker
    So with this change, there are exactly 0 enjoyable competitive events left. Seems like a good time to leave.

    The only standard event of note is ToA, but with 3 days, it´s going to be about who´s willing to grind more rather than meeting the objectives. 

    HoR legacy destroys that event.

    ROGP, as always, is boring as hell and another grindfest. Maybe making ROGP legacy would have made that a bit of fun for a weekend or two, but no.
  • bk1234
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    My other question -- why is RotGP being extended by a day -- isn't the point to shorten events?

  • Sorin81
    Sorin81 Posts: 549 Critical Contributor
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    As said above, making HoR a legacy event is a horrible mistake. I don't recall an outcry for the event to be changed. This feels like another "take it out leave it" type decision reminiscent of the QB removal decision.
    This is something that will hurt those with limited legacy collections.
    Please don't make this mistake.
    PvP should be standard. Especially ones from the most current sets.                
  • Gilesclone
    Gilesclone Posts: 735 Critical Contributor
    This is just backwards. Make RotGP legacy (and shorter).  It will add badly needed variety.  Making HoR legacy just means a few people with broken decks get to lord it over everyone else.  

    Please don’t do this!
  • Dave808
    Dave808 Posts: 55 Match Maker
    I guess I don't really understand. Why all the hate for HoR legacy? Clearly I'm in the minority here but I think it's a great idea. I spent a lot of time and money collecting amazing legacy cards back in the day and not being able to use them in so many events is probably my biggest complaint about this game.
     If I had it my way anybody could use any cards and any decks in any event. Otherwise what's the point of spending any money in this game if you know ahead of time whatever great cards you buy or collect will just become obsolete and unusable in just a few months? That's why I have not spent a dime on this game in the last 6 months and I never will again. Can anybody explain to me why you all seem so against it? Asking honestly.