Shield Rank 125+



  • jackstar0
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    Not sure why people think I should keep giving the company $10/mo.

    My game is going fine without doing that, since they cut off some of the other paths to progress (in PvP), so I'm just chilling and hitting DDQ and late brackets for PvE.

    Might play some LRs.

    WRT the level cap: it needs to be uncapped. No reason for a cap. It's a feature they added that was (I believe) universally applauded, so why not continue to support it? Show the players that give positive feedback that you hear them, too. Ignoring all the good and bad feedback just seems like bad business.
  • fmftint
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    I've been 125 for a week now,  I miss the xp counter and  the anticipation of your next iso bomb.

  • rixmith
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    I just hit 123 today. So I am verrrrrrry interested to get more insight on this!
  • Lucifier
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    soon i will hit shield rank 70, please increase the cap.
    what 70, ok I will shut up.
  • Orion
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    rixmith said:
    I just hit 123 today. So I am verrrrrrry interested to get more insight on this!
    Same here. Only 2 more ISO bonuses and then the dark, empty wasteland of being capped.
  • Talus9952
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    Yep, it sucks to be capped.
  • RemoDestroyer
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    edited October 2017
    I just hit level 125 yesterday. I could live with the cap if once you reached the cap the iso cost of leveling characters is significantly reduced.

    Or maybe not. I was hitting the next shield rank about every 7 to 11 days. That is a huge amount of iso to all of a sudden stop getting.
  • Nepenthe
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    Hit 125 yesterday.  Add me to the growing list.
  • whitecat31
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    edited November 2017
    It's been two weeks since anybody asked.  (at least in this thread)  and Brigby responded over a month ago (sept 27th)  saying he would get back to us. So any word? @brigby
  • LFChikarason
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    He commented in another thread about the same deal last Wednesday.

    Here's hoping for something by next season!

  • ThePunishers
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    This is so awesome!!!  Thanks @Brigby for both looking into it for us but also for getting back to us.  The player base (and us vets/whales) are very excited about this!