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Hi everyone!

Much like what Brigby did within our MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues forums, I wanted to bring together a compiled list of the various issues that players have reported within the Bugs & Technical Issue thread. This will be a continuously modified list, with no specific update time. In order to keep details organized, this thread will also be locked.

This post is NOT an area for players to report bugs. This is merely a status list of existing ones that have already been reported. If you would like to report a new issue, please start a thread, and Brigby and I will address it when we can. Thank you for understanding.

Additionally, the list will consist of only bugs and not that of intended effects in game that are misunderstood as bugs. If there comes a time when the forum is flooded by these kinds of reports (Or there is enough vocal support for it), I'll look into creating an additional thread for this topic.

If there is a bug that was responded to but not added to the list, feel free to PM me so that I can review it again and determine if it should be added or not.

[iOS Specific] Alliance Chat Text Appears Invisible when Typing with Dark Mode
Discussion Thread: Alliance chat doesn’t display text when you type
Status: Fix Scheduled in R196

Archangel's Angle of Attack Power Fails to Activate When Enemies are Sent Airborne for Only One Turn
Discussion Thread: Northstar Up North - Archangel Angle of Attack interaction [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Gloves Off Power is able to Target Airborne Vulture
Discussion Thread: Rogue's Gloves Off power able to target airborne Vulture [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Tile Info Box Doesn't Close
Discussion Thread: Specials Summary Screen Stuck Open [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Flashing Swoops when Making a Match in Steam
Discussion Thread: Flashing in the same spot every time a tile match is made (R186)
Status: Investigating

Black Panther (Civil War) targeting bug
Discussion Thread: Black Panther (Civil War) targeting bug. [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Steam Alliance Chat (Text Box Issues)
Discussion Thread: Chat Input Messed up On Steam Since Update [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Medusa's Entanglement Tile Creates 4 Attack Tiles Instead of 2
Discussion Thread: Medusa's Entanglement creating 4 attack tiles [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Alliance Chat Bug on Amazon Devices
Discussion Thread: In Game Chat Broken - R185 on Amazon [Fixed]
Status: Fixed in R186

Bounty Hunter Animation Plays Twice
Discussion Thread:Valkyrie [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Bishop can have 10 or More Blue AP before Power Becomes Energy Conversion
Discussion Thread: Bishop's "General Reserves" power can generate far more than 14 blue AP [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

From Thin Air Trap Tile Doesn't Deal Damage When Destroyed
Discussion Thread: Mysterio Purple [Devs Aware]
Status: Fix Scheduled in R182

Death's Best Friend Power Description - Missing Text
Discussion Thread: Hela - Death's Best Friend: Font Size [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Loading Times Are Long
Discussion Thread: R175 -- speed issues?
Status: Resolved

Hulkling Support Replaces CD Tile without Triggering Effect
Discussion Thread: Hulkling issue [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Cosmic Chaos Event Wave Node Requiring 4 Clears Before Timer Starts
Discussion Thread: Cosmic Chaos wave node in sub 1 requires 4 clears for timer
Status: Devs Aware

Practiced Offense not Triggering off GSBW's Pistol [Investigating]
Discussion Thread: Practiced Offense not Triggering off GSBW's Pistol [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Turn to Smoke Triggers Before Downing Teisatsu
Discussion Thread: Turn to Smoke activated while Teisatsu alive [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Missing Superior Octopus Skin During Animation
Discussion Thread: Superior Octopus Tentacles passive incomplete art
Status: Investigating

Spy Minion’s Silent Strike Ability Not Triggering Flames of the Faltine
Discussion Thread: Surely not an actual 3* Dr Strange bug?
Status: Investigating

Doc Ock Tentacle Tiles Remain After He Is Downed
Discussion Thread: Doc Ock Tentacle Tiles Remain After He Is Downed.
Status: Investigating

[PC] Doctor Octopus (Classic) Phase Descriptions Cut Off
Discussion Thread: Doc Ock's Phase 2 text font issue
Status: Investigating

5* Doctor Octopus is Not Immune to Certain Stun Effects While a Tentacle Tile is on the Board
Discussion Thread: Doc Ock can be stunned by Court Death
Status: Fixed in R167 

Prowler Converting Extra Tiles
Discussion Thread: Prowler converting too many tiles
Status: Investigating

Soul Stone Synergy Perk Information Discrepancy
Discussion Thread: Important aspect of Soul Stone synergy perk not properly displayed in game
Status: Investigating

Notifications Won't Turn Off On Android
Discussion Thread: Notifications won't turn off
Status: Investigating

Valkyrie's Bounty Targeting "Nobody"
Discussion Thread: Valkyrie's Bounty targeting "Nobody" in Wave Nodes
Status: Investigating

Tiles Not Stolen By Abilities Containing Board Movement
Discussion Threads:
Daken strikes stolen by Hair Meddle
Prowler not stealing tiles on a match-4+
Status: Investigating

Stun Effect is Applied to Original Target Instead of Intercepting Character
Discussion Thread: Jump-In-Front behavior - Thing vs Bishop [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Taek-Web-Do Damage is not Increased when Spider-Man (Back in Black) is Made Invisible
Discussion Thread: Spider-Man (Back in Black) + Agent Venom weirdness [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Lucky (Pizza Dog) and Other Damage-Reducing Supports Do Not Properly Reduce Damage
Discussion Thread: Damage reduction from Lucky support not applied to team-up powers [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Meet Rocket and Groot Event Points are Reduced Prematurely 
Discussion Thread: Meet RnG sub 2 timers [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Covers in Pending Rewards used on Championed character instead of duplicate, Unchampioned character
Discussion Thread: Covers on the vine being Trained illogically [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Game Randomly Pausing
Discussion Thread: Pausing
Status: Investigating

Okoye Passive Not Applying To Team-Ups
Discussion Thread: Okoye doesn't add damage to friendly Team-Up powers
Status: Investigating

Spider-Man (Infinity War) Quick Reflexes Not Triggering Off Enemy Team Ups
Discussion Thread: Iron Spider damage reduction not reacting to enemy TU's
Status: Investigating

The Hulk (The Main Event) Countdown Tiles Don't Disappear After 'Devoured' By Venom
Discussion Thread: ME Hulk's Crowd Go Wild countdowns do not disappear when Hulk is Devoured.
Status: Investigating

French Text Cut Off In Boss Events

Discussion Thread: [french] boss events - new mission
Status: Fixed in R185

War Machine 'Gattling Gun' Not Boosted By Okoye
Discussion Thread: War Machine green
Status: Investigating

Iron Man (Mark XLVI) 'House Party Protocol' Bug

Discussion Thread: possible bug with IM46 yellow tiles being fortified
Status: Fixed in R163

Characters In Upcoming Waves Still Displaying Before Wave Completes

Discussion Thread: Wave node display issue still in effect after R160 update
Status: Investigating

Vulture 'Hybrid Tech Slicer' Not Activating When Airborne

Discussion Thread: Vulture Blue Passive not always working
Status: Investigating

Shuri's Vibranium Virtuoso Passive Not Triggering On Fortified Team-Up Tile

Discussion Thread: Shuri - Vibranium Virtuoso bug?
Status: Investigating

Captain America (Infinity War)'s Red Power does not Switch Properly in Wave Missions. 
Discussion Thread: IW 5* Captain America Odd Rope a Dope/Coup De Grace Behavior In Wave Missions
Status: Investigating

Loki (God of Mischief)'s Trap Tile is Removed When Downing an Enemy Jessica Jones (Alias Investigations)
Discussion Thread: Possible Interaction between 5* Loki and Jessica Jones?
Status: Investigating

Gamora (Awesome Mix Vol. 2)'s The Deadliest Woman... (Black) Power is Triggering While Professor X Has an Invisibility Tile on the Board. 
Discussion Thread: Gamora Deadliest Woman 
Status: Investigating

Gambit (Classic)'s Red Team Up is not Functioning as Intended
Discussion Thread: Gambit red team up broken

Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men)'s Health is not Being Properly Boosted in Versus Events
Discussion Thread: Emma health bugged
Status: Resolved

Hawkeye (Hawkguy) No Good News (Black) Does Not Activate When Matching Repeater Tiles
Discussion Thread: No Good News - Not triggering on Repeater tiles [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Two Opposing Rogue (Classic) Characters Both Using the Power Siphon Effect Still Gain AP Normally
Discussion Thread: Competing Rogues siphoning same colour can still gain AP [Investigating]
Status: Investigating

Gamora (Awesome Mix Vol. 2) Deadly Strike (Red) not Dealing Damage to Target in Wave Missions
Discussion Thread: 4* Gamora Red Functioning Erroneously In Wave Missions [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Missing Power Sound Effects
Discussion Thread: Possible sound issues on iOS [Devs Aware]
Status: Resolved in R170
Resolved Thread: R170 Release Notes (1/21/19)

Luke Cage (Power Man)'s Buncha Fiddle-Faddle Ignores Fortified Tiles
Discussion Thread: Buncha Fiddle-Faddle ignores fortified enemy tiles for damage choice [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Peggy Carter (Captain America)'s Do as Peggy Says Stuns the Entire Enemy Team When They Are Invisible  
Discussion: Peggy blue vs team invis = entire team stun [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force) Countdown for What? (Purple) Does Not Deal Damage While Deadpool is Stunned
Status: Investigating

Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2)'s Yaka Assault (Blue) Passive Ability Does Not Target Stunned Enemies When Dealing Damage to the Enemy. 
Discussion Thread: Yondu's Centurion Archer vs. Stunned opponents [Devs Aware]
Status: Fixed

The Hulk (Bruce Banner)'s The Other Guy (Purple) Does Not Receive Level Boosts from Events When Transformed
Discussion Thread: Hulk Rage (at not being boosted correctly) [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Hazard Tiles Are Considered Enemy Special Tiles for Abilities Which Target or Trigger with Enemy Special Tiles on the Board.
Discussion Thread: Hazard tiles are valid targets for powers that target enemy Special tiles. [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Enemy Passives Erroneously Firing In Wave Missions (merged) [Devs Aware]Discussion Thread: Enemy Passives Erroneously Firing In Wave Missions (merged) [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating

Friends That Have MPQ Connected to Facebook Fail to Display When Viewing the +3 For Friends pop-up in the Claim Rewards Screen.
Discussion Thread: "Sorry, your Facebook Friends aren't playing." Um...yes, they are. [Devs Aware]
Status: Investigating
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