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Hi everyone!

Much like what Brigby did within our MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues forums, I wanted to bring together a compiled list of the various issues that players have reported within the Bugs & Technical Issue thread. This will be a continuously modified list, with no specific update time. In order to keep details organized, this thread will also be locked.

This post is NOT an area for players to report bugs. This is merely a status list of existing ones that have already been reported. If you would like to report a new issue, please start a thread, and Brigby and I will address it when we can. Thank you for understanding.

Additionally, the list will consist of only bugs and not that of intended effects in game that are misunderstood as bugs. If there comes a time when the forum is flooded by these kinds of reports (Or there is enough vocal support for it), I'll look into creating an additional thread for this topic.

If there is a bug that was responded to but not added to the list, feel free to PM me so that I can review it again and determine if it should be added or not.

Lockjaw (Royal Bulldog)'s Royal Escort Power does not appear to calculate the strongest color as expected. 
Discussion Thread: Lockjaw Royal Escort
Status: Investigating

Super-Skrull (Classic)'s Force Multiplier (Green) power does not destroy a 3 x 3 block of tiles if the an edge tile is targeted. 
Discussion Thread: Super-Skrull's "Force Multiplier" sometimes destroys less than a 3x3 block of tiles
Status: Investigating

Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)'s Wilson's Gambit (Black) power does not display the notification stating there are no countdown tiles available when there are no countdown tiles on the board. 
Discussion Thread: 4* Kingpin: "no countdown available" message not popping up
Status: Investigating
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