R124 Release Notes (4/10/17)



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    With no new character this cycle, we're definitely getting several for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie release. Yondu, Mantis, and Nebula are all possible 4* characters, but I imagine we'll be getting some additional variants for the core team. Do you think we'll be getting some 5* / 3* releases? I could see Star-Lord getting this treatment, even if three Star-Lords feels like too many. But heck, they'll want a 3* version so that new players can get and cover him, given that he's now a flagship character. I can also see a 4* Rocket and Baby Groot (with a similar dynamic to Cloak & Dagger, possibly), and a 4* Gamora.
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    Brigby said:
    • When first entering the Roster Select screen, if the player has two versions of the same character (or one is being lent to the player for that mission) the game selects the character that has the highest level. If a different character is selected, that selection is remembered until the player enters a different mission.

    Well, I'm really happy to see this one at least. During the GSBW PvP, it kept defaulting me to my lower covered dupe and it made me a walking cupcake at random intervals - plus I'd get pink and wonder why it was only letting me select 2 tiles instead of 6... ugh.

    Also nice to see them skipping a cycle on 4*. Finally a break!

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    Brigby said:

    Thank you for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest!

    Oh, thank goodness it's finally going to be over! I wonder if Demiurge are going to give the servers a Viking burial to farewell the game?
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    I'm... kinda disappointed they didn't address any of the actual gameplay bugs that have been around lately. Just to name a few that come to mind immediately: countdown tile damage, various wave node bugs, multi-part powers triggering multiple passives, passives not triggering properly during cascades.

    Some of those have been around weeks, other for months now, even. Can you please provide some fixes next time around?
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    mexus said:
    Any ETA for this update?
    It's already out, check Google Play/iTunes/Amazon/wherever you get your updates.
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    Polares said:

    MPQ 124!o

    Thank you for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest!

    I don't know if this is a hint or what, but this now looks more like an insult/provocation than anything else. People is super mad with all the recent changes (vaulting, stores, nerfs, bugs, etc.), and this looks like Devs/Publisher is basically laughing at us.

    Really unfortunate.

    you, too, should laugh.
    because of that money that stays in your pocket to be spent on better things than mpq.
    playing underwater mini golf at 3am, for example.
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    GrimSkald said:

    Brigby confirmed on another thread that there is no character release this cycle, which is honestly fine.  Of course, that also means that the release after that will almost certainly be a 5*, but that will be 3-4 weeks from Monday (with another two weeks before the tokens change,) so that, IMHO, is also fine.

    Looking forward to the chance to save up some Iso again. :)

    For me, I'm looking forward to re-seeding my 2* Farm.  I drained it out recently and have several 2* in need of an ISO infusion back to Champ status.  Plus my Hawkguy is one cover from champing... and then I'll want to start saving for the next 4*, but whatever the reason, the break in release pace is welcomed.
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    Solving nothing + breaking things = progress. Only good things can happen now.
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    I feel like we should have seen a teaser for the next release by now...
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    I feel like we should have seen a teaser for the next release by now...

    Especially with a new GotG event coming in less than a week... (which was teased on MPQs Facebook and twitter) 

    @Brigby, any news on this?